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1577058 tn?1320245817 I had about 2 menstral cycles between all the discovering the pregnancy and the end of the pregnancy. After my numbers reached zero, my dr put me on a high dose of folic acid to replace what the shot did. She also sent me for a HSG test to check my tubes. The test showed adhesions on one side, but the dye did exit the tubes. I ended up getting pregnant that same cycle. I am not a bit over 25 weeks along with a beautiful baby girl. There is hope at the end of the tunnel.
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant last Thursday, and according to the calendar I'm due the 30th of August..... What should I expect during this visit?
151668 tn?1239924705 I love this pregnancy calendar because it has pictures of baby development: http://www.pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Then, thinking about it, I'm mentioned that I am actually about two weeks late now. I told her no possibility of pregnancy, but looking at the timeline, i DID have intercourse on 8/20 before my break. Since I DID get my period last month, just a few days late, but haven't gotten it this month, is it possible I am pregnant and having some sort of ectopic complication?
Avatar f tn This was my first pregnancy and didn't know what to expect. The next day of that post on June 29 I miscarried. I feel much better now though but I still do burst out crying now and then when I am alone. I miss the feeling and I feel I missed out. So many of my friends are having babies and seeing those little ones makes me miss mine. Even afterwards my doctor nor obygn were of any help.
Avatar n tn Are there any risks to this (Sorry its been a while since I have been pregnant) *at what point will I know the pregnancy is ok, and I am not at risk for miscarriage? Thank you for any answers/help you can give!
Avatar n tn Hi! My question is how can we differentiate pregnancy and pms symptoms?Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar f tn The fact that it took us 9 months freaks me out too, not sure why, I guess because we're also young and I kind of expected it to be quick because my other pregnancy was seamless and perfect! LOL We expect too much of nature I think, it should happen for you soon sc1!! I think I am going to opt for the prenantal vitamin from here on in. It does have the 1 mg of folic acid in it already anyway and all the B vitamins you need too.
Avatar n tn Having a period means you are shedding the lining of your uterus. So I would say, it's not normal nor possible. Some bleeding can be considered within normal limits and so can some types of cramps. If you feel like this is a REAL period, and the bleeding and cramping are plentiful, I would suggest contacting your OB for a check. How far along are you?
Avatar n tn So, yes I'm 37 pregnant with my first baby bit second pregnancy (miscarried my first when o was 21). Hopefully things will get better for the both of us.
Avatar n tn I'm on my eight'th pregnancy right now with only 2 live children. The rest were miscarriges including one ectopic tubal pregnancy. I expierenced the same symtoms. With my ectopic ordeal I knew I was miscarring at 6 weeks but I was in denial because I've been trying to get pregnant for about a year and was hoping that my cramping and brown spotting would disapear.
Avatar n tn It has a great pregnancy calendar. Thank goodness for the internet, there is so much info out there with tons of tips and tricks for having a healthy pregnancy.
Avatar m tn She states she thinks so and that she hasn't had a period for two months. I asserted she take a pregnancy test immediately. There was lots of unusual dialogue on her part but after a while of frustrating dialogue on my part I managed to get her to at least tell me that she took a pregnancy test at my request. She states she took one and the results were negative but she refused to text me a picture of the pregnancy stick. I ignored her from then on.
Avatar n tn I think it's always best to expect the unexpected. With my oldest, after the first two pregnancy tests that came out negative I had a late night of drinking way too much wine, just to find out the next day that I was in fact pregnant (or prego as my lovely husband calls it).
Avatar n tn some peoples bodies take longer to prodie the pregnancy hormone. how long are your cycles? i do obsess too so i might be able to help. i did not show positive untill 6 weeks with the baby i miscarried. if you know when you ovulated that would help too!
Avatar n tn I am 25 married only for a year and not really mentally prepared for a pregnancy, but my period is a week late and I just did a pregnancy test which can out negative.I have no other symptoms like nausea ets. but dono what to expect!! Its the holiday season and all labs are closed and I dont kwno how to handle this curosity!! Thanks for the usefull comments as they make me feel there are more people out there in my situation.
123759 tn?1226934204 I have had several false pregnancy tests. I feel queasy, slight discomfort in my boobs, and menstual type cramps for about 1 1/2 weeks. I have also noticed that I am breaking out on my back like I did when I was pregnant with my son. When I was pregnant before the test showed up postive before I was late. It is not like me to be late. However I am having the cramps that keep sending me to the bathroom thinking that AF has come again.
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
1839808 tn?1320327973 as usual, and i have regular period. It happens in every line of 2 in the calendar. i have never had sex since january, then when my boyfriend arrived, we had unprotected sex in the october 2nd, 5th, 7th, and without any signs of impending period. in the morning of 9th of october, i had this light period like bleeding, and i expect my period to have it on the next 20th something of october. and normally on my period, first day would be my heaviest day of bleeding, i can soak up to 2-3 pads.
Avatar n tn I work for an OB/GYN so I am very familiar with pregnancy and what to expect. What's normal and what's not so normal. But although I have that advantage, it still seems new now that I'm the one trying to get pregnant. Today I went to eat lunch with my cousin and I almost cancelled. I was so dizzy, nauseated, and just didn't feel right. And when I went to the bathroom tonight I noticed some mucus when I wiped. Mucus can be a sign of pregnancy.
598319 tn?1282105740 Today is Tuesday, September 30 and we got our true-blue positive home pregnancy test! Yesterday we tested and the line was so faint neither of us knew what to think about it... but today there is no denying! We are both in absolute shock. We thought we were in for the long haul with TTC - just thought we'd give it a shot with some natural approaches before calling in the big fertility guns.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar n tn i am currently ttc and am 6 days late for my period i have taken pregnancy tests x2 both bfn. i was told by friends i should wait at least 2 weeks after i miss my period to take the test is this correct? a family member just tested positive after 1 day late. i am so confused and disappointed at this point.
Avatar n tn I also took a pregnancy test earlier and it was neg. but they say the body doesnt produce the pregnancy hormone until after implantation so I was thinking that's why its neg. Not sure, I will wait till this bleeding is done then test a couple days after that I think. Anyways, tell me what happens with you. Would love to know and I will keep u updated...
Avatar n tn ) marking down every day on the calendar lol..this pregnancy had been do hard till this day I'm over it! N you ladies how much more you have to meet your Lil one??? Wish you all the best...
Avatar f tn My fiance has 4 day left in her pregnancy And she has tried a few thing to try get him moving but have not yet work dose anyone have anymore tips please thank you
Avatar f tn So I'm apparently beginning my third trimester on this coming Sunday, according to a pregnancy calendar.. I know that I'm close to 6 months, but the "What to Expect..." book says that month 6 is from weeks 28-[whichever i don't remember when it ends] So they are insisting it starts at the beginning of your 28th week... But on the pregnancy calendar on it says that I will be starting trimester 3 at 27 weeks (next Sunday).
Avatar n tn My pharmacist had told me to expect to be 7-10 days late and take a pregnancy test if I were more than 3 weeks late so don't be alarmed if you don't start when you're expecting to. Hope it all works out for you.