Pregnancy calendar after ivf

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1287560 tn?1272216521 and what our next steps will be considering the mc, my age, my reproductive system, our finantial situation(having been left some money from dad) and other factors.
1287560 tn?1272216521 After miscarrying after our first attempt at ivf, I was wondering is there anyone out there that found getting pregnant quite easy or rather conceived with not much effort. My miscarriage was at 6-7 weeks and I had no d&c, just bled for about 5-6 days in total, no pain and when I had my ultrasound the nurse said my womb and uterus were all clear and v healthy looking.
Avatar n tn I have not had my period since the procedure but am wondering if Prometrium or something like that would help rebuild my lining in order to do IVF. I have read all of the risks associated with pregnancy after ablation so please do no lecture me on this subject. If anyone has any ideas or have heard of anything or if you are in the same situation, please post!!!
Avatar f tn I got pregnant naturally 2 more times, an other miscarriage then a successful pregnancy that started almost 2 years later after the IVF. I believe that the IVF unblocked something in me allowing me to get pregnant on my own, not sure what though!
Avatar f tn my wife had done ivf on 8th june. we did beta hcg it came 7.16 after three days it came 10.84 can u suggest what we do know.
Avatar f tn Yea i was told u dnt count the first month and its 9 after im on my 4th baby and i didnt ask till this pregnancy lol i was late on that one
Avatar n tn Check an ovulation calendar, i have one n mine was dead on. I checked for u n it says from the 9th thru the 15 n ur most fertile day is the 12th. U can google ovulation calendar n it will tell u when u should be. I have ovarian cyst n im 16 weeks now.
Avatar f tn Try IVF I am also 44 years old I did three rounds of IVF and the last one I had lost faith and here I am six weeks pregnant
501045 tn?1331083136 I would love to see an IVF tracker. I have had many feeling and been on different kinds of meds and would love to be able to track my info here and share it with my friends. Many people have IVF concerns and it would be great to have trackers to express the cycle.
Avatar f tn I have allergic rhinitis. I sneeze a lot and have a runny nose every morning. Does this affect my pregnancy after IVF?
642191 tn?1226784192 Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve been away from the forum for a little bit after our m/c, but I’m back in the saddle and have just completed our 5th IVF cycle. I was wondering if anyone else was in the middle of their 2ww? I just had 2 embryo’s transferred back on Jan. 2nd. My blood test is scheduled for Jan. 13th….6 more LONG days! This is my 5th cycle with IVF. The first 3 failed. Our 4th cycle resulted in our very first pregnancy, but m/c at 5.5 weeks.