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Avatar n tn This is going to sound dumb, but I don't have a pregnancy wheel calculator on me at the moment. I will try to get my hands on one and do your calculation. In the meantime you could call your doctor's nurse or your hospital's labor and delivery. All they need to do is put your due date on the wheel and go backwards. (They will know how to do this). You can also guestimate by subtracting 11 weeks from today's date. Sorry not to be more helpful--I'll try to get back to you!
Avatar f tn Then on the 5th of may only 5 days after, i took a pregnancy test and it says im 2-3 weeks pregnant. i know this sounds very silly im just very worried and because my periods are not very accurate either, so i dont know when i ovulated. im usually a week or 2 late anyway. anyone help me!?!?! is it more likely my boyfriends or the random guy?!?!
Avatar n tn count 280 days from the 29th to get your due date, conception is usually two weeks after your last period.
Avatar m tn Like I said, a woman can have appendicitis and have a surgery to remove the appendix all unknowing she is in the early stages of pregnancy, and this doesn't disturb the pregnancy. Your girlfriend's surgery does not sound like they did anything to her uterus at all, or they would not have gone in from the outside but would have gone upwards into the cervix. But why would they have done that, since they knew the problem was a bleeding ovary? They would not.
Avatar n tn Now, with my third pregnancy, I once again have two different due dates--eleven days apart (the ultrasound done around 20 weeks being the later date). How can there be such a discrepency when my periods have always been quite regualar? My doctor is having a hard time dating my pregnancy because I never get very big (My babies have been close to 8 pounds). He says he wouldn't be surprised if I go over the latest due date even.
Avatar f tn The day after I took a plan b pill, but on New Years Eve I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I'm really concerned. I believe it's my boyfriend's but I'm also scared there's a possibility it might not be. Please help.
Avatar m tn ____________ Has the estimated due date changed during the pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Okay sorry soooo I take that back. On my pregnancy calculator app that I have if they are giving you a due date of Dec. 13th this is what it shows... First day of last menstrual cycle: March 7, 2016 The average cycle length: 28 days Estimated Fertility Window: March 17, 2016 - March 27,2016 Estimated Conception Date: March 22,2016 Estimated Gestational Age: 24 weeks, 2 days. Hopefully this helps you out!
Avatar f tn If it was just given to you from counting on a calendar or little wheel, it can be less accurate, especially if your menstrual cycles are irregular.
Avatar n tn Such as, was your due date given to you by a doctor looking at an ultrasound? Or looking at a calendar or little wheel? And how early in the pregnancy did you get this due date? And has the due date changed in the pregnancy? Also, I assume the sex March 31 was unprotected? Did you stop having sex with your ex on March 20 and never get back with him after that?
Avatar n tn was july 21st, then july 25th...Doctors and nurses on that lil pregnancy wheel says conception would take place Oct 29th. Whose most likely to be the dad?? I am 20 weeks and 6 days as of today, March 9th 2008....please help me understand this!??
Avatar f tn If the due date came just from the calendar or a little wheel, or if it was given to you later in the pregnancy, there is a margin for error on the calculation of estimated conception date.
Avatar f tn Did you get the due date from an ultrasound or just from counting forward from the first day of your last period on a calendar or little cardboard wheel? How early in the pregnancy were you when you had the ultrasound that gave you the due date (if you did get the due date that way)?
Avatar f tn Well, I am not sure what good anyone's reassurance on the Internet will do if you aren't reassured by your actual doctor looking at your medical records, but it does sound like you conceived well before May 30. The calculator I use says May 18, but that is more accurate if your estimated due date came from an early ultrasound. When you went to the hospital on June 6, did your ob-gyn order an ultrasound?
Avatar f tn Here is what the conception calculator says for a due date of September 12. If you got the due date from an early ultrasound, the first guy is not the father. First day of last menstrual period: December 6 Probable date of ovulation: December 20 Possible dates of conception: December 16 to 24 Due date: September 12 (40 weeks) How did you get your due date?
Avatar f tn If you use a reverse due date calculator to figure conception backward from your due date of January 12, April 21 comes up as the day you most likely conceived.
Avatar f tn Had sex throughout the month of April with my husband bt had sex with my ex on the 26th of April also saw my period on the 18th of April and lasted for 5days which is normal. Now am I had a pregnancy test on 8th of May and was confirmed pregnant. Worried because I don't know who the father could be. Pls help.
Avatar f tn the doctors start counting pregnancy from the first day of your last on april 9th you were 2 weeks pregnant! So it'll be the guy you had sex with the beginning of april!! Hope i helped!!!! Goodluck sweetie!
Avatar f tn If you concieved August 16, your due date would be May 8, 2008. Here is the Pregnancy wheel for you to calculate.
Avatar f tn No, ovulation sends signals to the body that if no pregnancy has happened in two weeks, the NEXT period should begin, but the last period you had has nothing to do with when ovulation will come again. In other words, we tend to think of a period as the leading event, and x days later we ovulate. But the leading event is ovulation and 14 days later we have a period. Then it could be any length of time before ovulating again.
Avatar f tn I was told when I went in for my ultrasound that I had just got pregnant and that I was really early in pregnancy and they couldn't see a baby on the ultrasound yet, this was August 11th, they said the ultrasound was around 4 weeks pregnant. When I look at the conception calculator, both my due date and LMP show that I would have gotten pregnant on the last week of July. Does this sound about right? If this is correct, then my current boyfriend would be the father.
Avatar f tn That’s by my last period my appointment is on the 23rd
525485 tn?1314364901 Have you had a u/s yet? If no, the dr. is just using a wheel and for some reason I have found them to be off alittle. Once you have your u/s your dr. will go off of that! But really a few days doesnt matter to the Dr.'s. I know it does for us.
Avatar f tn Hello , I’m jimeka & I had protected sex June 17th 3 times in one night all with condom on June 29th I went to the health department & got tested of course they gave me a pregnancy test which was negative. I had a following period the next day June 30th which is my normal time to have a period I usually last at least 6/7 days but I’m not sure if this time I did or not . I’m thinking maybe 4/5 days .
Avatar m tn Hi! According to my pregnancy wheel calculator, by either of the due dates you were given, you should not have conceived before November 25. The timing IS pretty close, although from what you say about the encounter, its unlikely that your ex is the guy. The true way to find out for certain is a DNA test. These are easily available, and your doctor should have information on how to get one done. The biggest problem with the tests is their cost--they often run around $1000.
Avatar f tn It wouldn't even be easy to get a positive that early on a blood test. How early were you in the pregnancy when you got that due date, and was it from an ultrasound? An ultrasound would be pretty reliable for computing conception up to at least tenth week, but if you got the due date by the doctor using a little wheel, or by ultrasound after your first trimester, it is not going to be as useful for pinpointing conception.
Avatar f tn Ovulation September 12 (remember, egg only is viable 24-36 hours after ovulation) Slept with guy B on September 13; no condom, ejaculated in you Slept with ex-fiance on September 15; used condom Ultrasound October 16; 6w6d gestational age From 6w6d GA plugged into conception calculator: Due date June 5 It sounds like quite a strong chance the guy B is the dad. Not quite enough to rule out your ex-fiance, since the dates are only two days apart.
Avatar f tn How did you get the due date, in other words, did the doctor use a little wheel or a calendar, or was it from an ultrasound? If it was from an ultrasound, how far along did they say you were at the time, what number of weeks and days?
Avatar f tn The answer to the question of "how far off will it be?" depends on how early in the pregnancy the ultrasounds were. At about 6 weeks GA, there is very little margin for error, because all embryos start as one cell and the cells divide at a known rate, for a while. But after a while, some embryos diverge from the average, some grow slightly faster than average and some more slowly than average.