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Avatar f tn I think it is possible that the baby might be the other guy's...calculating your conception date from your due date gives you a range of July 15 to July 23, 2011 (you can google for a "reverse due date calculator"). But those can be off by at least a week, so the July 8th guy could be the father. If your ex also fell anywhere in that range or a week or so on either end, he could be too.
Avatar n tn Hi! My question is how can we differentiate pregnancy and pms symptoms?Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar f tn You can also confirm this through "reverse pregnancy calculator". You put in her due date, and it gives you the likely conception date. Early ultrasounds are very accurate - it's unlikely this one was 10 days off.
Avatar f tn so new due date is 01-13-10 so confused?
Avatar f tn Using a reverse calculator with your due date, you got pregnant around Dec. 16. Very healthy sperm can last longer than 5 days. If you only had sex those two times, it was probably guy #2 on Dec. 8. The test you took at the end of Dec. was probably a day or two too early to detect it. Anyway, if you want to calculate this yourself you can google "Conception calculator by due date" and you'll get a website that allows you to plug in your due date.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar m tn using reverse calculator this falls right about on the date we had sex but as she's 6 more than 6 weeks along I wonder if I'm the father. She has said there are other possible men. I am wondering how likely it is that this is mine and when and if we can do some kind of paternaty test.
Avatar f tn Unless your due date is off by a couple weeks, Guy #2 is not the father. Google "reverse conception calculator" and put your due date in. Sex between Oct. 12 and 17 is most likely, leaving guy two a couple weeks behind that. How did you arrive at your due date? Did you have a sonogram that confirms it, or are you going off something else?
Avatar f tn The reverse conception calculator by due date says you ovulated on Dec. 26, so it's most likely guy #2.
Avatar m tn Using a reverse due date calculator, you would have conceived around December 16th. Your pregnancy would be dated by your LMP, which would have been approximately two weeks prior to that.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply. But my question is more along the lines of whether it is even possible for 3 US's that gave 12 wk, 20 wk, 29wks all agreeing within a week of one another to be out by almost a month.
Avatar m tn I came to a similar time of conception that you did. I used a reverse due date calculator on this site... Her family liked me and I respected them and would suspect that if there was a question that she or one of her parents would have contacted me about the scenario.
Avatar f tn If you use a reverse due date calculator to figure conception backward from your due date of January 12, April 21 comes up as the day you most likely conceived.
Avatar m tn on the 2nd of November 2013. Reverse pregnancy calculator states that conception date is the 31st of October. Did a non invasive prenatal paternity test with "man B" which came up as him being the biological father to the probability of 99.9%. I find this hard to believe as we used a condom. Yes he did pull the condom off and go back inside me, but there would not have been enough sperm to get me pregnant as he finished inside the condom.
Avatar f tn March 10 I Had Sex with A Ex , I Had No Symptoms of Pregnancy But Everyone Around Me Had My Symptoms I Thought my Friend Was Prego We Both Took Pregnancy Test March 22 & Came Back Positive My Question is When Did I Conceive ?
Avatar m tn We used the pull out method only and were together for a year without pregnancy. I was with another man, my boyfriend now, the 24th of August AND a lot more that week up until now. My last period began around August 14th. My periods are highly irregular. I was in the hospital for an unrelated issue on September 4th and before they gave me medicine I had a negative pregnancy test, unsure if this was blood or urine because both were collected.
Avatar f tn I am currently pregnant, the pregnancy was not planned. I have had two scans but am still confused with who is likely to be father of my baby. I previously was having a casual relationship with "Guy A" but met "Guy B" decided to have a serious relationship with him, then found out I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn Thanx everyone I feel a little better, I just have to wait it out to be 100% sure I assume and let them get bigger and see about an actual due date.
Avatar f tn regnancy DatesDue Date:07/28/2015 Today's Date:12/11/20147 Weeks 2 Days Sex for getting pregnant:From: 10/31/2014To: 11/05/2014 Ovulation: OD11/05/2014 2 Weeks 0 Days Implantation:11/14/2014 3 Weeks 2 Days Expected Next Period:11/19/2014 4 Weeks 0 Days Fetal Heart Beat Seen:12/06/2014 6 Weeks 3 Days - See more at:
Avatar f tn One the first signs of pregnancy is missing your period. So you more than likely got pregnant in March..seeing as how your due in November...
Avatar f tn do a reverse look up using your due date and it will tell you when you conceived.
Avatar f tn the sperm from the 12th(your ex) could have lived up to the 10/17 the online calculator I used to reverse calculate from the 7/10 edd says you ovulated round 10/18 there is a chance its from this intercourse I would suggest a second ultrasound or DNA test
Avatar m tn I'm sorry about your findings, I had similar (pregnancy-related). I know how worrisome it can be and how it makes the palpitations scarier. In light of normal Holter monitors, my doctor encouraged normal physical activity and exercise but said NO WEIGHTLIFTING, nothing that made me "grunt". It sounds like you have many questions regarding your health, understandably so. I know I did.
5713173 tn?1373367383 Its stressing me out to the point where I am not able to enjoy my pregnancy and I know thats not safe for my baby. I had sex with my bestfriend on april 27th 2013 and a one night stand on may 21st, 2013. I am really hoping the baby is from april 27th but I am not sure. I dont know my last missed period. I had an ultrasound on June 27th 2013 and it showed I was 7 weeks 4 days and the baby measured 1.24 cm. My due date is feb 9, 2014. can someone PLEASE HELP ME.
Avatar f tn Does it get worse after pregnancy? 3-Does it affect your vision? balance? 4-How likely are you to present with most of the symptoms of fibro or do many only present with a few?
Avatar n tn If you are having sex, then yes, there is always a chance of pregnancy. Every woman is different so it's impossible to say whether a short period means you're pregnant. You're going to have to take a pregnancy test if you want a definitive answer. Good luck. I hope you get the results that you want.
Avatar f tn Dana--I don't think the symptoms would seem as bad to me had I not just lost a the symptoms are a constant reminder...ya know? But I am horrible at remembering to take them.
Avatar n tn i am extremely sorry you had to go through this. there is nothing they can do to reverse have to wait for it to leave you. once you get your AF back, if it is irregular, they can treat you for that....DON'T LET THEM GIVE YOU MORE BC. tell them you want progesterone to help regulate AF. i found a good detox tea works wonders. eat healthy stay fit and excersize. depo is stored in fat and thats why it stays as long as it does....all the weight gain from depo has depo in it!!!