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Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar f tn Also they say a lot of stress and worrying about pregnancy is not good. Thats why so many ppl have unexpected pregnancy they weren't making it a job. It will happen just be patient and have faith. I'm trying to but its so hard and I know. So her lately me and dh have just been doing other things to get out mind off of it!! Also got a ? though... Okay I'm on cd 12 should me and dh bd for the next 3 nights to up my chances?????
Avatar n tn Im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!! My pregnancy isnt going so well though(not geritol related) but hopefully yours will be better!!
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
Avatar n tn I heard that CM increases with pregnancy.....I don't remember getting this with my son in my early pregnancy, but then again that was 10 years ago. I was pregnant in the spring and miscarried, but I am pretty sure I had extra CM at first. Who knows....good luck, maybe this is it for both of us. Let me know your results.
Avatar f tn then youll count 4 weeks 1 day 2 day and so on until you get to 4 weeks 6 days then then next day will be 5 weeks. Google due date calculator and they will show you pictures and itll help you understand better! by the way congrats on your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn i transfered 3 embies&suppose there r 3 to freeze in lab but they were growing slower so they said will wait till reach good size then freeze but for my 3 transfered they were good at exact time of transfer,my transfer was last thursday 24/4 &still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar f tn The color Is RED (as i read pregnancy spotting is brownish, pink colored), Server/mild cramps (normal), No other pregnancy symptoms.. so far i looked for some pictures of spotting and what i found wasn't looked like mine period At All. Can pregnancy spotting start just after 6-7 days?
Avatar f tn Then compare the baby pictures of your boyfriend to photos of your daughter. (Comparing pictures to pictures is the best way to do this, not photos of him to her in person wiggling around and in color.) You'll probably see a match and that might also help calm him down.
Avatar f tn I had a one night stand on may 5th or 6th and he did not go inside me II've been dating my previous bf for 2 years and never gotten pregnant unprotected, I got a early ultrasound and blood test to see how far along I was at the time it was fairly early and they only say a gestational sac and said my due date is march 15 I did take a pregnancy test and it was a faint line in july, but just very nervous and still don't know if the docs could be off a full month just very scared and need some help
Avatar f tn You should have a 20 week ultrasound coming up and your OB will use that information to better predict your due date so don't spend too much time contemplating it.
Avatar n tn I had an u/s done 13 days ago to date my pregnancy....I was due for my period on 12/27 but it never showed.....I did not get a + pg test until 1/9( it was the 1st day it came up faint + b/c I tested the day before that with 1st am urine and it was negative) the U/S they dated the baby based on 7wks I figured my conception was around 12/ question is how they calculated my due date....
Avatar f tn Or do I just go to the ultrasound myself, and then leave pictures of it on the table / where he can see... and then just wait. I've added the note he wrote when we were in the hospital the day I had Levi... Just so you guys can see the man he WAS. It won't let me attach a second picture. So I'll upload them just like, in the normal album. I'm content with moving, and moving on with my life without him because I hate the person he's become. But I have to think about this baby...
Avatar f tn I had sex with my ex on the 3rd and 6th of january then started seeing someone else on the 9th and we had sex every single night after the 9th. Coming febuary i missed my period i took a pregnancy test on feb 9th and it was posotive, went to the doctor to get an early ultrasound. On feb 21st it says i was exactly 7wk and that my conception dates were the 15, 16 17 of January. I was just wondering that was the only early ultrasound i had.
Avatar f tn My BF is fair skinned to say the least. My dates have always measured right throughout my pregnancy and my son was in fact born 1 1/2 weeks late by induction. Am I being a nervous nelly or is there a remote possibility basd on dating that my ex is the father and we need a DNA test?
Avatar f tn March 10 I Had Sex with A Ex , I Had No Symptoms of Pregnancy But Everyone Around Me Had My Symptoms I Thought my Friend Was Prego We Both Took Pregnancy Test March 22 & Came Back Positive My Question is When Did I Conceive ?
Avatar f tn And my boyfriend seems to have all my pregnancy symptoms this will be our first child together. Also her ultrasound pictures she looks like my boyfriend.
1812231 tn?1319437972 i did a calculator to see how far i could possibly be.. if that WAS a period .. and it came to 3 weeks and 1 day... but if that wasnt AF that i would be around 7 weeks.
Avatar n tn When i asked her she said it is possible that the due date and ultrasounds can be off by 10 days and that implantation happened right way thats why she tested positive so quickly. I saw the ultrasound pictures and the due date is 9/30/12 and LMP was 12/25/11. and i recall her saying her cycles are irregular but never longer then 32 days. so the ultrasounds can be incorrect I am having doubts that the baby is mine. And my mother agrees that the baby is not mine. Please help. I am very confused!
Avatar n tn You might indeed be suffering from guilty mind psychology. Get some baby pictures of your present partner and compare them to baby pictures of your child at the same age (6 months is good, or whatever you can get of your husband then). You might see that there is an exact resemblance. Never try comparing an adult to a baby, compare them at the same age.
Avatar f tn It sounds like the black dot in the middle of the sac is the baby =) Levels rise differently in early pregnancy and 5000 at 6 weeks is a really great number! It is possible that your dates are off by like 3 days or so and @ the 6 week mark 3 days can make a ton of difference in development. I had my first u/s at 6w5d (estimated) and my baby looked like a tiny little blob but you could see the heart beating away.
Avatar f tn Probable date of ovulation: January 5 Possible dates of conception: January 1 to 9 Due date: September 28 (40 weeks)
Avatar m tn Was it from an ultrasound, and how early in the pregnancy? The dates of the positive pregnancy tests and the dates she has been given certainly do not rule you out as the dad. But it would help to know how early her estimated due dates were given and how she got them.
Avatar f tn How early in the pregnancy did your girlfriend have the sonogram? (In other words, how many weeks from the first day of her last period did they say she was? That would be marked on the ultrasound report as something like 8 w 3d GA.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and they needd to take XRAYS but i couldnt sign the waiver saying there was no chance of pregnancy so they took a blood test and a urine ( the urine sample had already been collected for other reasons also) so about half an hour later they said the urine was negative but the blood was positive. my friend says you can never get a false positive? that means im pregnant right?
Avatar m tn If your doctor took your reported first day of last period as the start of your pregnancy time period (which is how doctors count out pregnancy), you would have been told a due date of August 2, as you were told. That's just the mechanical count like you would do on a calendar or little wheel, starting on the first day of the last period. But you would not have been told by the doctor that you were in your eighth week on December 11.
Avatar f tn No I do not know why I was given the +/-6 days. It was at a pregnancy center. I have not seen an OB yet. It was also a trans vaginal ultrasound.
Avatar f tn (You would not be able to sort out the difference between February 7 and February 10, but you can rule out February entirely if the baby was conceived in January.) The calculator gives the following based on your last menstrual period. Did you get an estimated due date from the doctor at that early ultrasound?
Avatar f tn This happened to me with my first baby, i was about 12 weeks along by what she read and she was actually way off by 3 weeks