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160254 tn?1271000078 I have done this with my son for the past two years, it really gets the out of town family invovled. - they have a GREAT pregnancy calendar. - great affordable birth announcements, that you can get the envelopes first and have them ready before the baby arrives. I used these with my son and will do with this one. - the most affordable cloth diaper I have seen. They have a sample package that I have ordered.
Avatar f tn Roughly guessing what you'd want in the first year of life, I used the baby's first year cost calculator on and it would be ~$16,516 for the first year or so, ~$7,264 would be one time expenses or at least for that year. Just a little picture of how much it would take and is that feasible? I wish you the best of luck and sending hugs your way!
Avatar n tn I guess probably it was just too early!! Tomorrow is supposed to be implantation day (according the conception calculator) what should I look for apart from spotting - would I feel anthing? I was also wondering, after you have ovulated, what should the cervical mucus look like. I keep checking, just to make sure Im not ovulating now - its white and thick(creamy).
491928 tn?1266181333 I have a hard time talking about alot of things to do with my pregnancy with family because they all didnt expect it I guess.....No one is mad or anything , but I think they all had hopes I would have gone to college & been married first.....but they all know how much my fiance & I love eachother & that were doing everything we can possibly do to get ready for the baby so they are great about it..........I guess its just more so akward..........
Avatar n tn I also have my bible, the Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy, which I read throughout my first pregnancy and now with this one. It has a week by week guide as to how big the baby is (average of course) and then each month there is a chart with symptoms and when to call the doctor. Aleks: How are you feeling? Are you taking it easy and eating a lot? How is your belly looking now? You are 8 weeks 1 day now and I popped out at 9 weeks so curious if you did too but a little earlier with trips.