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Avatar f tn again http://www.babymed.
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar f tn Based on my last period the pregnancy calculator says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Can't I be less weeks pregnant? My last period was Oct 12. Please help me understand how long I may be?
Avatar m tn I have myspace and do lots of different things with that. I found this really fun pregnancy ticker. It changes everyday and tells you about your baby to be with a count down to EDD, fun! If you don't have myspace or whatever you can also add it to your search site...I use google and it pulls it up when you go there. : ) check it out! Have fun and hope you all are well!
177988 tn?1266798899 My MySpace URL: myspace.
199177 tn?1490498534 So I finally gave in and made a myspace ,so if there is anyone on here that wants to be friends let me know. I will PM ya my info. Of course I have to know you from the site LOL.
173145 tn?1301700850 Hey there everyone i have a myspace and a few of you i talk to regularly on here and it would be nice to get to know all of you more. this is mine feel free to take a look and add me if you want.
173145 tn?1301700850 Hey there everyone i have a myspace and a few of you i talk to regularly on here and it would be nice to get to know all of you more. this is mine feel free to take a look and add me if you want.
Avatar f tn Use an ovulation calculator and the date of your last period.
1227139 tn?1462334630 Although I find it kind of silly to have the Ovulation Calculator in the Pregnancy community since if you are trying to calculate your ovulation, you certainly aren't pregnant, and If you are pregnant you wouldn't need to calculate your ovulation since you won't be ovulating. Shouldn't this tool be in a TTC community or something like that?? Why would I join the pregnancy community if I am not yet pregnant?
Avatar n tn ok... just myspace me then. type martikadragoon since it bleeps the email. it's myspace/ then the screen name.
222234 tn?1216340035 how to erase your account from myspace, i don't want to be there, and don't want more people to see my baby's picture. please tell me how to erase every thing.thank you!
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Avatar f tn Well think back when the 1st day of your last period was. Find a ovulation calculator online put it in and it should give you an estimated date.
Avatar n tn So i used the pregnancy calculator right and with my peiord being a 28-34 day cycle it indicated that i was pregnant. With that been said last wednesday my period should have came?
Avatar n tn //www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn I'm going to assume you didn't use a condom. There is a very good chance that your ex is the father of your baby.
1820608 tn?1317229265 It's definitely possible. Ovulation though on a calender or calculator is nothing more than a guess at best and you could ovulate sooner or later than it shows. To show it accurately you need to chart your BBT or use OPK's. Are you trying to get pregnant?
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Avatar f tn i have myspace!! wanna be friends add me... myspace.
Avatar f tn So I did a due date calculator thing because I was bored. I am lost it says my first trimester begin on June 22 but I didn't have sex until June 29th and July 6th and my doctor told me my due date was the same as what the calculator gave me which was March 29th. I don't understand how my first trimester could of begin on the 22 if I didnt have sex until the days I listed. Sorry first time pregnancy 18 years old lol. Some one help explain?
365571 tn?1219597746 MedHelp, of course! Then by myspace at Myspace is set to private, send me a friends request to be able to acess it. I love myspace cause I love pictures!