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Avatar f tn For example, if your IUI was two weeks ago, I would say you are 4 weeks pg. Two weeks from now when it has been 4 weeks since your IUI, I would say you are 6wks pg. If your IUI was on cd14 it should come out to the same as going by your LMP. How are things going for you?? Been feeling good?
Avatar f tn Thank you ver much mysty ! I am nervous about the US, hopefully it will be good.
Avatar f tn Based on my last period the pregnancy calculator says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Can't I be less weeks pregnant? My last period was Oct 12. Please help me understand how long I may be?
Avatar f tn My last appointment was at 34 weeks and my next is the fifth of this month but like I stated on other comments I found out at 21 weeks was 180, then three weeks later (@25 weeks) was 194, then loss three pounds in two weeks 191 (@27 weeks), then in two weeks lost a pound 190 (@29 weeks) meant to statein the ccomment I have maintain 190 at every appointment up to this last one I had at 34 weeks pretty sure I will be 190 still at next appointment on the fifth I will be 36 weeks and a few days at i
Avatar f tn That was a week and 4 days ago, now i'm bloated, sleepy, not wanting to eat and without eatting I still managed to gain 2 lbs , haven't had a good BM in 2 weeks. Plus my back and vagina hurt. I thought that maybe I should take a test, so I did last night. And was negative, however I think was to early take one.
10947 tn?1281407852 Hi, We're pleased to announce the first of what will be a series of tools MedHelp will be providing over the coming weeks. For our Pregnancy communities we have created two new tools: an Ovulation Calendar which will estimate when you are most likely to ovulate and our Pregnancy Due Date Calendar that estimates your most likely due date.
10947 tn?1281407852 Hi, We're pleased to announce the first of what will be a series of tools MedHelp will be providing over the coming weeks. For our Pregnancy communities we have created two new tools: an Ovulation Calendar which will estimate when you are most likely to ovulate and our Pregnancy Due Date Calendar that estimates your most likely due date.
Avatar f tn I don't believe in things like that. They're myths. I was for sure having a girl at 19 weeks and I'm about to be 25 weeks and I'm still having a girl.
Avatar f tn Well think back when the 1st day of your last period was. Find a ovulation calculator online put it in and it should give you an estimated date.
Avatar f tn if u go on google and find a pregnancy calculator which was very accurate for me , type in the 1st day of ur last period, how many days ur cycle is and it should tell u a due day and how far along u really are :) congrats ....
Avatar n tn This is going to sound dumb, but I don't have a pregnancy wheel calculator on me at the moment. I will try to get my hands on one and do your calculation. In the meantime you could call your doctor's nurse or your hospital's labor and delivery. All they need to do is put your due date on the wheel and go backwards. (They will know how to do this). You can also guestimate by subtracting 11 weeks from today's date. Sorry not to be more helpful--I'll try to get back to you!
Avatar f tn Since you had an ultrasound in your fifth week that indicated December 20 as the conception date, I would say it is your ex.
Avatar f tn my due date in on dec 01... its hard to know cause i had contact in the same week////.... but anyway it helps... thnak you again...
Avatar f tn The reason the GA (gestational age) count begins on the first day of your last period (or the assumed first day of your last period if you don't know) is because in the days when there were no ultrasounds, the best way they had to time the pregnancy was to start with the big, obvious signal of the first day of bleeding of the woman's last period.
Avatar m tn But there is no way to precisely date the beginning of a pregnancy from an ultrasound from the 22nd or 24th week of pregnancy. By now, the margin for error in dating would be a couple of weeks plus or minus. All those later ultrasounds can tell you, given the differences in growth rates in babies, she could have conceived any time in late June through late July. Did she get an early ultrasound, such as in her 7th or 8th week?
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks and two days pregnant but the calculator but for the last couple of days I have been bleeding and having small clots I was wondering if this could be a miscarriage? And what are signs because my first two pregnancy where fine no blood and with this one I have blood and no pregnancy symptoms I had two csections.
Avatar f tn A lot depends on when the ultrasound was. An ultrasound at 7 weeks pregnant (i.e., about 5 weeks after conception) will measure the embryo crown to rump, and the estimates at that stage are pretty accurate. When I did IVF, we knew exactly when the egg became an embryo, and when the ultrasonographer measured at 5 weeks 1 day after the embryo began, she said "I get 7 weeks 1 day.
Avatar f tn I said what I did because you had a period, and periods generally mean the woman is not pregnant, and those home tests are only 45% accurate (in the worst case) at telling you how far along you are. Here is from the Clearblue website, as you can see it basically tells you that you can't rely on the results. ____ "The Weeks Estimator result is determined by the level of hCG in your urine.
Avatar n tn hye i am 27 year old lady. when me & my husband do sex , a white ,sticky liquid discharge comes out of my vagina . i want to become a mother. but i dont know why its not happening. i had my last period on 2 january & we had sex on 7 of january. now my period date is near & in my lower abdomen i am having mild pain as it happens everytime before period. does it mean that i cant be pregnant this time also.
Avatar f tn and the guy i slept wit on july 8 did eject in so confused and lonely...i hope my pregnancy goes by fast im due april 10.12...
Avatar n tn The poster could go there and find practically EVERYTHING she'll need to supply for a baby, and take a calculator. This way, she can get a basic AVERAGE cost of baby stuff in ONE STOP. But she does not need to buy anything there if she so chooses.
Avatar f tn Hi, are your cycles irregular? You said the doctor said you were 7 weeks (was that 7 weeks 0 days?), and that you should have been 8 weeks 3 days counting from your last period, so does that mean your period was 10 days earlier than the doctor gave you by computing from the embryo's size? If your cycles are irregular that gap of time would not be too surprising, but if your periods are always every 28 days on the dot, it would be a little surprising.
Avatar f tn , two months later I became pregnant. We only had sex twice the month I became pregnant and here I am 14 weeks pregnant! Don't put pressure on yourself, just let nature take it's course!
Avatar n tn I never realized how many people bleed in early pregnancy. The nurse called and my beta was 97. She said that was fine for 4 weeks, but it needs to have doubled by tomorrow. So here's hoping and praying that this bean sticks!
Avatar n tn (I do understand the pre stuff) June 12th my sonogram proved I was 7 weeks or more pregnant If it was with my ex (one night stand) I shouldve been 5 weeks or a little less on June 12th I'm hoping that it is my boyfriend because I don't wanna know that my one night stand ruined my life! Should I trust the sonogram that early and know its my bf or should I continue to panic because its too close to tell. 'Someone please help me Please serious answers.
Avatar m tn But everybody always has those two extra weeks in there counting your.period for some odd reason. Which means your really only 3 weeks pregnant but they say 5 counting your period.
Avatar f tn /, my pregnancy calculator says im 2week and 2days yet I took a test yesterday and came out negative. Could it be that im pregnant but still to early for a home test to read ? Sorry its my first pregnancy so idk much.