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5089787 tn?1363458275 When I was pregnant with my daughter I was 15 and didn't know much about pregnancy and being a mom so I would go to library book sales and get any books on pregnancy and parenting they help pass time and I learned a lot I would have otherwise never known. I am now 18 and my daughter will be 3 in june!
7677085 tn?1395377675 Which pregnancy guide (or guides) have you read that you would recommend missy top other pregnant women?
Avatar f tn Those pregnancy books make me crazy and I stayed away from them with my first pregnancy and now this one...
Avatar n tn We are going to Borders today and I wanted to know some good books we could get about pregnancy, birth, ect. that would be helpful. She is now 16 weeks pregnant. Thanks.
Avatar f tn and MANY MANY other books from my first pregnancy with my daughter - but most of them have very little about twins. My mom is a Doula and she sent me several books. But I was more or less wondering about books specifically about twins. I will check out the two tbeards suggested - thanks! I read that some books can make you have more worries than necessary. I dont need a book for that, the internet is good at that!
Avatar f tn Up the duff by Kaz Cooke is a great lighthearted read, doesnt scare you with the 'what ifs' like many other books do. And you get a bit of a giggle out of it. Its one to go through week by week.
Avatar f tn Good morning guys. I've been looking for books and good websites on TTC more geared to women my age. I've found some great info for those already pregnant but nothing fantastic for people who are trying. Have any of you found a good book you can recommend? Have a peaceful day ladies!
4411499 tn?1356055365 I have that book. Bought it the second i found out i was preggers. its a great pregnancy guide in my opinion.
1117137 tn?1345231505 i meant to specify in my question pregnancy and baby-related books, but any read suggestion is welcome! some days reading may be all we feel up to doing, eh?
1527977 tn?1320546228 do any of you know where can i get free pregnancy books? ill really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn De sears is amazing he wrote pregnancy books first year books disciplining uour child books brw astfeeding books I think I read them all :)
Avatar n tn I think the unknown us the scariest part of pregnancy, which is why I choose to read a few books. The pregnancy Bible is seriously the best book ever written. It gave me info on what would happen in almost every scenario abs really made me feel more comfortable with what was happening to my body and my baby. Totally recommended for the new moms out there.
Avatar f tn We have just found out that I'm finally pregnant, after trying to conceive for two years. Can you recommend good pregnancy books for me? It would be great if you could recommend books for dad to be, too.
Avatar f tn I wanna get a couple of pregnancy books to read, like an educational one, and funny one. But when I went to buy one I couldn't find any worth buying. Any books yal read that was educational or funny that you'd recommend??
10249912 tn?1409006411 Hello ladies, Have any of you read any great pregnancy books that you would like to recommend? Please share if you have! I'm 17 weeks and I feel like I should start reading some books to better prepare me.
10249912 tn?1409006411 Hello ladies, Have any of you read any great pregnancy books that you would like to recommend? Please share if you have! I'm 17 weeks and I feel like I should start reading some books to better prepare me.
3106038 tn?1346816769 I've been having an itch to read, anyone know any good pregnancy or baby books? I don't really want any that just list all the problems, I know that stuff is good to know, but I want to feel excited by reading these books not worried.
Avatar f tn Im 5 weeks right now and this is my first pregnancy. Any good books that would help me out? I'm kind of a worry wart. I guess i just want to be prepared and help my body prepare. Thanks!
Avatar f tn The Mayo Clinics Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is awesome. I also enjoyed The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. It's full of info and also had me laughing out loud on several occasions.
Avatar f tn Any good pregnancy books out there? My 2 girls are 7 and 3. I feel like I need a little refresher! Good luck to all you mommas!
Avatar f tn I am a huge lover of information and was wondering what books you all like to read to stay informed and up to date on your pregnancy. My favorite book to read is "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" share your favorite!
Avatar f tn Your Pregnancy Week by Week, and also A Child is Born, are both fabulous books.