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Avatar f tn Yes I drank nothing but soda with my first pregnancy about 3cans a day and my son did fine no harm to him and he is now 4/and healthier then ever..
Avatar n tn Just limit it to 200 mg of caffeine per day and youll be fine. I drank coke with all 3 of my babies the entire pregnancy and all are fine. Make sure youre not just drinking soda though. Drink lots of water too.
Avatar n tn Because that would be a lot better, than coffee for both you and the baby. Ofcause the pregnancy in it self is exhausting for your body. Also you could look into herbal tea, I found a great tea which is actually made for pregnant women and it helps a lot. Just google pregnancy herbal tea.!
Avatar f tn I know your supposed to stay away from caffeine during pregnancy, but will it hurt if you drink a little bit of caffeine a day like a small cup? Also what about frappe's?
Avatar f tn I believe you can have like 200mg a day. I have one can of coke and that does me good. This is my second pregnancy and I did the same with my first.
Avatar f tn I drink mountain few all day every day, I get severe headaches and flu like symptoms without caffeine, my doc has told me that as long as I try drinking water in the morning when I wake up and a bottle with 2 meals, and a healthy drink like v8 juice with my 3rd meal every day i'm ok and it would do more harm than help to quit completely
Avatar f tn I drink soda all the time I know I'm not supposed to but I still do. I'm 24 weeks and everything is fine with my pregnancy so far they haven't found anything wrong! I do always have my water jug with me though so I'm not just drinking soda!
Avatar f tn What's so bad about drinking caffeine during pregnancy I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I stoped drinking soda and COFFE my two favorite drinks I crave both of them so much I do have some occasionally but not daily I just want to now what's so bad about it
Avatar f tn Is it true that caffeine is not allowed in pregnancy ??? I drink daily a cup of nescafe in the morning and now im 7 weeks pregnant... Do i have to stop it ??
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm pregnant with my 3rd child, so this is definitely not my first rodeo, but I find that I am more tired with this pregnancy than I was with my other 2 and i am super early on only (7 weeks). Prior to the pregnancy I was a very loyal and dedicated coffee, and monster drinker. I love my caffeine. I cut wayyyyyyy down but how much caffeine is a safe and ok amount to drink?
Avatar n tn Its ok to have some I'm on my three pregnancy and I drink alittle caffeine. I drink coke at night, it seems to help with the nausea ans heartburn. So just do what feels right with you and your doctor.
Avatar f tn You're fine. I drank a soda everyday my last pregnancy and this one too.
Avatar f tn I craved Dr pepper the first few months in my pregnancy and its okay just don't over do it.
Avatar f tn The doctors told me 8 ounces is the most he recommends a day, but make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day as well. I've been drinking pop, but also lots of water to help flush it all out.
Avatar f tn You can drink caffeine drinks during pregnancy but it's better not to because it increases the chances of having a miscarriage. The recommended amount is a cup of coffee per day.
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy to do this. I just steer clear of mountain dew cause it has higher caffeine and i only have one or sometimes two regular sized cups of coffee a day.
Avatar f tn org/pregnancy-health/caffeine-during-pregnancy/ I would research what caffeine does to your baby I haven't had any caffeine since I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks most root beers and orange sodas have no caffeine but there is some of them that do even caffeine free drinks I would limit due to the excess amounts of sugars and sodium
Avatar f tn I became really addicted to caffeine after having my son three years ago. He was/is a horrible sleeper and used caffeine as a way to stay awake. I know it is not good for me and have tried to stop. Anyway, my doctor told me to limit my consumption, but that I didn't need to eliminate it completely. He said that the headaches from not drinking any would be worse than limiting it. I have cut it down to one Dr. Pepper a day since I found out I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn Having twins and just found out that baby b jas tachyarythmia anf atrial flutter of the heart......was hospitalized for two weeks and now have to take heart meds rest of pregnancy......caffiene is the main factor of the issues ....knowing what I know now I would never drink caffiene while prego.....even in moderation.
Avatar n tn I had super bag migraines with my first pregnancy and had either coffee or soda to help cope through the entire thing since there is no migraine med safe during pregnancy. No issues at all.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to drink diest soda or drinks w caffeine in them during pregnancy? Will it effect the baby is any way?
Avatar f tn I cut out caffeine completely when I first found out I was pregnant. But my doctor said one caffeine drink a day is ok and my mom and all my friends drank caffeine during pregnancy. I don't have it daily but I get those random frappucino cravings too. Just get a small size or a kid size or even a decaf flavor. I eat very healthy & take my prenatals.
Avatar f tn What could drinking caffeine during your pregnancy do to baby I usually drink a cup in the morning probably 6 oz. But occasionally I drink pepsi or Coca-Cola later like if someone takes me out to dinner I get weird cravings for it.
8464451 tn?1409887576 Sugar and fat and caffeine are all bad for you. Even the sodium levels are high on sodas. I still drink them though, but just like once a week or every other week. Sometimes I just want carbonation lol But that's another thing if you suffer from acid reflux, soda can make it worse by keeping your stomach open and letting out acids.
Avatar n tn Honestly i drink soda all day long and my baby is very healthy. I try and drink non caffeine drinks sometimes but its mostly coke bc i crave it all the time!
Avatar f tn Dews a day and I went over due with a 8lb 5 oz baby and she was perfectly healthy ...(now none of these are souly based on caffeine but some things I have found during research ) sometimes its said to cause per term labor, hyper activeness when child is older, low birth weight , but like I said none of them were found to souly come from caffeine...
Avatar f tn It makes me concerned now about the amount of caffeine I intake. Take out the space between american and pregnancy. http://www.american
Avatar f tn I hate coffee so thats not a prob for me. Id say try drinking pop with no caffeine. I drank a coke the other day and through it all up.