Pregnancy after nuvaring use

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400713 tn?1201412145 If you weren't on birth control and had sex, then it's possible you are pregnant. The only way you will know for certain is to use a pregnancy test kit.
Avatar n tn Hello, You should use a back up protection for the first week after insertion of Nuva ring. Chances of pregnancy are less in your case. If you are apprehensive regarding the status of pregnancy then you can test for it., Most home pregnancy tests that check urine beta-HCG are sensitive to 20-25 mIU/ml of HCG. The test can be positive anywhere from about 2-3 days prior to a missed menses to 4-5 days after, but usually it should be done 7-10 days past your missed period.
Avatar m tn If the ring was left in for more than four weeks, then it becomes less effective and you may need a pregnancy test .You may need to use condoms or not have sex for the first seven days after the new ring is inserted. It is best to visit a gynecologist and get your doubts clarified since you have not been using it as prescribed. Do write to me again with more queries. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn my doctor told me I was suppose to wait 7 days before the nuvaring can take effect after I inserted the nuvaring on the 4th day of my period.. I had sex with my boyfriend on two of the days before the 7 days were up.. but we did the pull out method. I have an ovulation calender on my phone and it said that I would ovulate a couple days after the 7th day was up.. do I have anything to worry about still if I didnt ovulate during the time I had sex?
Avatar n tn Hello. I inserted Nuvaring on the first day of my period three days ago and after some very light spotting for the next 1.5 days it stopped completely. I used condoms all the times that I had sex last month and I took a pregnancy test this morning which was negative. But is it something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn I'm 19 years old and have been on the nuvaring for 2 years now. I always use it as directed but lately I have been feeling a little off. My boyfriend and I don't use condoms and sometimes he doesn't pull out. My ring comes out sometimes but I always put it right back in within an hour. A few weeks ago after intercourse I noticed some bleeding which lasted for 3 days after. I never get spotting in between periods so I thought it was really weird.
Avatar n tn But sometimes ovulation may return prior to menstrual periods after delivery and having unprotected intercourse may result in pregnancy. So use condoms during intercourse so as to avoid pregnancy. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Hi there, For having continued protection against pregnancy a woman must insert a new ring one week after the last one was removed, even if her menstrual period has not stopped. How soon you are protected against pregnancy depends on when you started the ring like if you place the ring on the first day of your period, you’re protected immediately and if you started the ring at any other time, you need to use condoms for at least 7 days for maximum contraception protection.
Avatar n tn During my period when the NuvaRing is out, am I protected against pregnancy still by the hormones produced when it was in? Or am I only protected during those 3 weeks? 2. I've read that you can wash the NuvaRing off and put it back in if it falls out during sex so long as it wasn't out for more than 3 hours. My boyfriend and I CAN feel it during sex and I find it to be very uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Continue following all directions for the NuvaRing. If you miss a period, take a sensitive pregnancy test using a first morning urine, and following all the directions. If it is negative, repeat again in several days to a week. If still negative, you could repeat it again in several more days. If positive, let your doctor know right away. The worst thing to do is to panic, take out the NuvaRing and have unprotected sex. This is often how birth control "failures" happen.
Avatar f tn I am starting to feel sick being on the NuvaRing. I have been on it for almost a year with perfect use. I want to take it out, but I had unprotected sex on Wednesday night. I don't want to get pregnant, but I heard that sperm can live in a woman's body for up to a week! Should I wait a week from the last time I had sex to take it out? Or am I good to take the ring out tomorrow morning? Any advice would be great because at this point I just want it OUT! Thank you!
Avatar n tn But al i can say is when you go to the restroom make sure to wipe well, maybe get some of those Summer Eve feminine wipes (they help with odor) Otherwise i'd say Tampons help withthe discharge or use pads. It goes away after about 2-3 days after my period. So i'd say give it time.
Avatar n tn Many people have experienced pains and light bleeding while having intercourse and using nuvaring. It seems to affect everyone differently, but it's very likely the nuvaring is the source of your problems. I would suggest trying a different form of birth control, as this one is obviously not for you.
1027094 tn?1327433332 I got pregnant on nuvaring, but it was right after I had a miscarriage, so they said that was probably why. it is supposed to be just as effective as the pill, but people do get pregnant on the pill as well! I was told the time of day does'nt really matter as long as it is the right day, but it probably would be even better if it waa around the same time. take a pregnancy test and find out for sure!
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar f tn i was just wondering if it is OK to take out early before the end of 3 weeks (as directed), and never use nuvaring again? i had unprotected sex on day 8. if i take nuvaring out now, on day 9, will i get pregnant from the day before? i do not plan on having sex until i am completely normal again. so can i get pregnant if i take it out early, a day after sex? thank you in advance, im having terrible reactions and dont know whats the right thing to do here.
Avatar f tn Since you surpassed the time frame, you did risk pregnancy and should test. Two to three weeks after the last time you had sex should give you a positive test if you are pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ok, I've been on the Nuvaring for almost a year after I had my second son. This is my first time ever using birth control. My husband and I of course are very sexually active. HaHa! We never use condoms. Well, a couple of weeks ago I'm thinking about 3-4 weeks ago we were having sex and it really hurt. Anyways, I've been having brown discharge/spotting and I don't even need to wear a condom. It's barely there when I wipe myself when I'm using the bathroom.
Avatar n tn I haven't had sex since I took it out for good. AND every single time, the whole duration of my Nuvaring use, we used male condoms. Can I take this weeks bleeding as a definite sign that I am not pregnant and start fresh?
Avatar n tn Hello, You should use a back up protection for the first week after insertion of Nuva ring. Chances of pregnancy are less in your case. If you are apprehensive regarding the status of pregnancy then you can test for it., Most home pregnancy tests that check urine beta-HCG are sensitive to 20-25 mIU/ml of HCG. The test can be positive anywhere from about 2-3 days prior to a missed menses to 4-5 days after, but usually it should be done 7-10 days past your missed period.
Avatar m tn It's also good to know if you DO decide to become sexually active soon, that NuvaRing (as with most birth controls) takes around a month of perfect use to fully be effective, so if you decide to engage in sexual activity make sure you use a condom from before penetration occurs until after you're done.
Avatar n tn If you look for failure rates of different contraceptive methods, you will see a table that shows what percentage of couples got pregnant while using a method, and there's a section for perfect use and normal use (how people normally use it, which includes when they screw it up). For people using the withdrawal method, in which they have intercourse but don't ejaculate inside, the failure rate is 4% per year.
7535508 tn?1391723905 So I got my nexplanon removed march 4th, I went and got the nuvaring. Needless to say I forgot it in my car for a few days had intercourse with hubby then remembered I had not put in my nuvaring... dumb me I know!!! Now for almost a week ive been having pregnancy symptoms.. like double the intensity I had with both my children. Ive been readin online and it says to effectivly switch from implant to nuvaring it needs to be in for 7 days before implant removal.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to experience nipple soreness and spotting after discontinued use of the Nuva Ring? I stopped using it about three weeks ago and have had some spot bleeding and sore nipples. My boyfriend had a vasectomy 3 months ago, though he never had his sperm tested to be sure that his surgery was successful. I am concerned I may be pregnant.
Avatar f tn I started birth control for the first time (nuvaring) October 13th which is a Sunday. The hormones made my period last till November 3rd.. I took nuvaring out on October 25th because I just didnt like this form of birth control I scheduled an appt with my doctor and she gave me birth control pills am told me to start them Sunday the same day I happened to have ended my period. I took the pill Sunday and Monday. However Monday night I had unprotected sex and he came inside of me.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy and after the first one I didnt use any birth control. What are some decent birth controls I can research for after my pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I ended up having him when I was 20. Now this pregnancy was not planned I got pregnant just short of 5 months after having my son, but we love this baby boy just as much as the first. I am 21 now and will be having my second baby boy in 30 days via csection and I don't think I'm too young to have children at all my children are what I live for and I couldn't be happier.