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Avatar f tn i was wondering how to get rid of acne on my chest & back? i didn't have it last year then this year it started.
10028419 tn?1416845304 Just keep your face clean I use this stuff called stridex it'd helping my back and chest and it'd making my face a little better...
Avatar f tn Never ever had bad acne anywhere but my chin or forehead.. Now im broke out even on my back and chest... Pregnant glow my bum!
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy. I had it much worse during my first though. I break out on my face and chest mostly, sometimes on my back. I've just been wwashing my face and stuff especially at night. Its not as bad as the first time, but still makes me not want to go out in public.
Avatar f tn Acne is caused by elevated levels of androgens (male hormones like testosterone). This is why it often occurs during puberty, pregnancy and the menopause. Ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy containing oestrogen. Oestrogen blocks the effects of androgens on the skin. Also ask for a topical retinoid gel such as Differin (adapalene). Eloise.
Avatar n tn Iv always suffered with acne but always managed to keep it under control if I eat healthy and use benzoyl peroxide etc but since I turned about 8 weeks pregnant nothing stops the breakouts. My chin and chest are covered in whiteheads and cystic acne. Any tips how to keep it under control and will it stop once I go into my 2nd trimester? Any other acne sufferers going through the same dilema?
Avatar f tn I had pregnancy acne as well, I used oxy wipes & the were a little helpful. The only thing that really made a big improvment was washing my face everyday & not wearing any makeup...
Avatar n tn I think the acne comes with pregnancy because I have acne all over my face and before my pregnancy acne was never a problem. but just think of it as being worth it once your baby is I'm your arms!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else started to get acne in the last few weeks of pregnancy? I'm 35+6 and my face has just erupted overnight! I feel disgusting..
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks pregnant and a first time mom. Since I've been pregnant my face, chest and neck have been breaking out really bad. Is this due to hormones changing with the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn all over my face cheeks and chest...Is there anything can I do to remove it or reduce it other than medications or acne cream because my doctor did not advise me to apply any acne cream during this trimister..but it bothers me alot..
Avatar f tn like i would have times when my face and neck and chest would be full of acne that wouldnt go away! Then it would randomly clear up and come back again! Im 36 weeks and since i entered the third trimester my face has been clear! Hopefully theres a light at the end of the tunnel for you guys too!
Avatar f tn Just wondering if I can use clean and clear acne control kit while pregnant?? Skin looks horrible bumps all down my neck ,my chest and back oatmeal soup isn't working ?
Avatar f tn Did any of you girls get acne during your pregnancy? My face is starting to break out.
10678677 tn?1413257866 I've always had a little on my face but this whole pregnancy I've just been breaking out everywhere. My face, chest, and back. I normally use the Nutrogena face wash and cream and it keeps it under control but nothing seems to work anymore.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies suffer from acne since youve been pregnant? I have a new pimple showing up on my chin everyday!
1891853 tn?1344652042 I have no acne this pregnancy but I do have "pregnancy mask" where my face is so flakey that I feel like a sheading snake! No matter how much water I drink or hydrating mask or even moisteriser my face is pealing and red! It's really bad and horribly noticeable! Exfoliating burns and makeup makes it worse! From liquid to bare minerals smh its pretty awful!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what I can do for these acne break outs? This is my first pregnancy and I'm breaking out on my chest, back, neck, face. I hate it! I feel like I'm 15 all over again. Any advice please help!
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I've been told that the hormones take a toll on your face with acne! I wanted to know if any of you ladies are having/had this problem and was there anything you did to somewhat treat it? Omg ill try anything!
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks now and have been dealing with acne on my chin, neck, back, and chest. It's making me crazy. What can I do?
Avatar f tn I think it's 50/50 have any moms not had acne with a prior boy but acne now with a girl? I think each woman reacts different to the sex too cause I've heard of women who have gotten really bad morning sickness being preg with a girl then some moms not sick preg with a girl. And then the same for boys. Or at least it seems that way...
Avatar f tn I had some terrible breakouts this preg so I bought oxy and used it for part of first trimester--about 2-3 x wk. It really helped--once clear & I switched back to my regular cleanser--cetaphil. Now I'm using 3 step Clinique which I received as a gift for Christmas. So far so good! Using it on my face, neck, & chest because my neck & chest broke out horribly towards the end of my first preg.
Avatar n tn I'm 11 weeks and my acne is face is kinda clear but my chest and back..especially my back..
228641 tn?1190908220 Just wondering how everybody handles their unwanted but oh-so there pregnancy acne?
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks now with severe pregnancy acne on my cheeks n chin. My dermatologist put on Finacea 15% gel and Metrogel 1% both of.which are more than $200 each a tube. Were you guys prescribed anything else that's pregnancy safe by your derm?