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Avatar n tn some people get leg cramps the worse, im one of thsoe people, mine hurt the worst in my shin area, it feels like i ran a thousand marathons , but at the same time im in to much pain to move around, i just wriggle around.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from a form of restless leg for over 20 years, when my brain wants to relax especially at bed time, my leg muscles in top & bottom start to go into spasm, causing my legs to kick out. Its so sever that if prevents me from falling asleep. I am on tablets called Ropinerol they work to a point but the older I get the worse the spasms get.
Avatar n tn Hi! No, please do not start temazepam without asking your doctor. Taking temazepam with Lyrica (pregabalin) is likely to increase side effects of drowsiness, dizziness, and concentration difficulties. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn He is not able to work properly or even sleep properly. We have checked with doctors, it is not Restless Leg Syndrome. Now, this is growing to his whole body. He has already consulted with different hospitals at many places and has undergone 2 times surgery. But till now it is not even getting under control, instead now growing to whole body. Please let me know what is his disease. We are not able to know even that till now. Different doctors say different things.
Avatar n tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. Leg burning that is worse at night is, as you mention, often due to neuropathy, or a disorder of the peripheral nerves, of which there are many causes, most common being diabetes, but also including certain vitamin deficiencies, protein abnormalities and others. If there is a question of the diagnosis, a study called EMG/NCS should be done to test how the nerves conduct electricity and how the muscles respond.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I have pain in arms, legs and chest. Restless leg and tolal body restlessnass was bad. No sleep and nexr day still in pain. Im nat sure this could happen this fast or maybe i have like a flu or something. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I would suggest you to discuss the symptoms in detail with the doctor to rule out Fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome because your symptoms do resemble those of these two conditions. MS may not be the cause since you have no neurological symptoms to suggest of the disease. Still MRI of brain and spine and lumbar puncture may rule out the disease if you are too concerned. Please consult a neurologist for the same. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn I took gabapentin for years, for both restless leg syndrome and some relief from nerve pain. A year or so ago, my Sports and Spine medicine doc suggested I switch to Lyrica, as it is more powerful, you take lower doses, and clears out of your system better than gabapenting does. I was taking 800 or 900 mg. of gabapentin a day, sometimes more. I did get used to it after a while, so that it didn't make me drowsy, by the way. I switched to 50 mg.
Avatar f tn The legs is a b*tch I know. For restless legs there's bannanas, potassium vitamins, there's an OTC called Restless Legs by Hylands that you slip under your tongue, I usually put like 6 under my tongue lol, Hot baths with Epsom Salt, I also found that a massage vibrating device between your legs could keep you still for a bit.
Avatar m tn But the good thing about my experience, and you might benefit from this, is I also have a tore-up back from an old car accident, and as I aged, it got worse, and so maybe ten years ago I wound up taking pregabalin (Lyrica) for the sharp nerve pain, and Tyl-Codeine #3 for my Restless Legs, which I believe was triggered by my bad back. Apparently they help pain in general, because those drugs help my whole back pain situation AND my painful feet!
Avatar n tn it is mainly prescribed for neuralgia pain, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome. .it acts on the GABA neurotransmitters and other parts of the brain having unique does not cause for most people euphoria(less than 5% get euphoria at large doses), craving for the want to do it non stop, and has a very low abuse potential,.it is a schedule V drug meaning it has the lowest abuse and addiction potential but it still can be seen as a drug that can possibly misuse..
544292 tn?1268886268 Andy - Taunton, Somerset, UK Like Andy from Taunton I was given Tramadol on top of the highest dose of Pregabalin and had the same symptoms. I have now come off of Tramadol and am seeking a new pain killer to take over from it. I was so bad at the start of taking both drugs I could not move from a chair or open my eyes without a feeling my brain was swimming, I have had chronic in my elbows for 6 years and have forgotten what a pain free life is.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I have gotten myself to the point that I am out of medication and I am now dealing with the withdrawal symptoms without any relief. I cannot handle the restless leg and the sweating and chills along with not sleeping. I have called my dr to see if he can call me in anything to help with the symptoms but I don’t think he will help me out." "He is sick of taking tablets and wants to feel 'normal', so he has decided to stop the tramadol.
1140169 tn?1370188676 I take 1800 mg.per day & split it up throughout the day. I thought I didn't need it & that it wasn't helping until I quit taking it & realized it does help with my pain. It doesn't help my headaches but seems to help with nerve pain, twitches, & restless leg syndrome. I started out with 300 mg.3x daily & moved up as needed. I do think weird dreams can be a side effect but so far I haven't experienced that.
Avatar n tn In 1997, I was told I had vagus nerve damage. It has affected a lot of things in my body, such as restless leg syndrome, blood pressure issues, and fybromyalgia. I am on several drugs to help with nerve inflamation, and they help some. I try to work out 3 times a week, and stay active.
Avatar n tn I want to know how I can continue to take medication to help my anxiety (benzos) as well as remove the fog from my brain. An answer I am looking for is "Hi Charlie, I take 4mg of klonopin and am also prescribed 'blah blah' medicine because I also feel like I have 50 pounds of cement in my skull instead of a brain. I spoke to my doctor and he told me........
1512579 tn?1294775728 He asked me to stand on one leg (I tried, wobbled over about five times). He got me to close my eyes & touch my nose. I managed that one. He sent me to sit & wait. I was eventually called back in to see him. He told me I was suffering with stress & that he'd write to my doctor to get me some help. He then discharged me. I saw my GP a few weeks later & told him that I hadn't been suffering with stress until I was told that I was.
Avatar n tn but i have taken calcium,zinc,b6 and tyrozine and the really bad leg pains only lasted 4 days....i know the pain we go through to get away from this **** is really,worth it.i'm sure i've still got a ways to go but as long as this does'nt kill me,it can only make me stronger.......
429155 tn?1205676864 Sunday 04;30 On computer, 60 hrs now feel clammy and sweaty and ache all over, have you heard of RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, well think of that 10 times worse ( CRAZY LEGS/ARMS. ) To be Cont....................................... Sunday 1 hours sleep, really sore, and strange dreams, am now really suffering from lack of sleep, try sleeping again breathing very hard, next thing thse cat wakes me, damm.
1281668 tn?1271379782 i have suffered with headaches all my life and i always thought i had restless leg syndrome i always told my husband i was tired i felt like a 90 yr old in a 26yr old body i was very active never stopped then in september this year i had migraines for three weeks striaght so i went to a walkin clinic bc my reg physician was on vacation and it was starting to affect my work so he told me that is was a pulled muscle if it got worse let me know the next day i woke up with twitching in my eye my han
Avatar f tn A healthy boy, a roof over our heads and a great family. So why do I feel like this. Right Now while Im typing this my ankle on right leg is itchy. Also my glands are up, in my groin, under my arms. I get flickers in my eyes, I feel light headed. What is wrong with me. I just wished the doctors would run the relevent tests. Im sure it would put alot of my worrys to rest. But they seem to have made their minds up. That its anxiety. Ive been pescribed a small dose of valium, 2mg 3 times a day.
Avatar f tn I can't get up in the morning because everything is spinning; my joints and my bones in my left leg hurts. My body always ache. Migraine headache for weeks and subsided to just a headache everyday; One day my right eye was hurting so bad I thought it was going to bust out of my head. In the roof of my mouth I have had this bump that keeps busting filled with blood and pus for a year now. I didn't have insurance and couldn't go to the dentist.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately for me i'm almost always working under great pressure in the dream- trying to accomplish the impossible and I'm exhausted in the morning. The main point is that I now know I have Fibromyalgia (which involves Restless leg Syndrome- Twitch_chick!) For that I found an OTC Vitamin supplement called Celadrin (Omega 3 and 6 etc oils) worked wonders.
Avatar n tn My fingers still tingle and my upper back and neck ache constantly, resulting in a thumping headache. My hips are agony and I get shooting pains down my left leg BUT according to the scans, all is well!!!!! Surgeons really should prepare you for the neurological pain that follows afterwards. I was under the impression that after a few weeks, all would be well. No such luck.
Avatar m tn he'd put his head back, pointing his nose up and look at me, breath a little faster, rolled on his back with all 4's in the air, a whine at whisper level and kept taking his paw and putting it over his nose/eyes like trying to knock something off He was very restless. I don't know if this was like a mini seizure or what. I know I am paranoid and watching for everylittle thing, but I see a pattern in that this has happened several times now.