Preemie losing weight in nicu

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1837090 tn?1328040121 I also had a 25 seeker she stayed in the Nicu for 3 months. I often get paranoid of having another preemie. I have a incompetent cervix so I have to take it easy are you on bedrest?
Avatar f tn I do not know first hand, but I heard they keep the little ones in the NICU until your original EDD
8585833 tn?1399748005 My baby was born at 33wks and spent 10days in NICU. So I pumped every 3hrs to make sure he had milk at the hospital when I was released. I was getting at least 5oz from each breast. Now he's home, I'm nursing exclusively, and pumping between feedings when needed, but now I'm only getting about 2oz per breast. Any suggestions on how to my supply back up our why it even dropped like that.
Avatar n tn My son was in nicu thankfully it was only 5 days. Try not to stress remember the doctors and nurses are very well trained. I personally spent all the time I could there. It helped seeing the progress he was making :) what is your baby in the nicu for? Did they give you an estimate how long?
Avatar f tn If the weight is good then the only issues will be lungs and if they can suckk in order to Feed. Did you get the steroid shots for babys lungs?
Avatar f tn He spent an entire week in the nicu. With both pregnancies my membranes ruptured on their own. So needless to say, we aren't having anymore children. I'm terrified that my next baby would be a 34 weeker or earlier and I just can't go through having another baby in the nicu. :( so I definitely understand how you feel.
Avatar n tn hi give birth to twins baby A weight 5 and half pound baby B weight 4and half baby B is in nicu because she need to learn to bottle feed I'm so worried for her will she be ok I am going home soon with baby Ai keep crying for baby B
9790167 tn?1405909589 Had my daughter 34 weeks and she spent 2 weeks in the nicu but she's a healthy 3 year old now!!
Avatar f tn And she was basically born addicted which did not help the situation. Most preemie babies stay in the hospital until they are full term weight and eating on their own. If they are still dealing with the withdrawl process any stress to her tiny body can do alot more harm to her than it would to a normal preemie. You have to them. We cannot answer this for you. This is something you need to discuss with the NICU doctor.
4193337 tn?1355698372 Im just afraid that something will happen and I wont be ready
Avatar f tn She weighed 2lbs even.. no major complications just on oxygen of course n feeding tube...she stayed in the nicu 2 months....she is currently 10 months now n perfect!!! Im pregnant now with my 2nd child not far at all like just 3 weeks but im so scared that ill have another preemie baby n i sooo dont want that to happen does anyone know if its common to have two preemies in a row??? Also with my first child i wrk very hard n stressed at my job n which now im a stay at home mom....
Avatar f tn Those babies are usually fine and are in the hospital for at longest a week so they can make sure they know how to eat. My son was a preemie. As far as weight every baby is different if I were to guess I would say around 4 and a half pounds.
803463 tn?1282675194 ( ! Any success stories would be awesome to hear about now :) Thanks everyone !
5555127 tn?1373562243 I had my baby boy at 30 weeks 5 days 2 weeks ago. He is in the nicu and will be here for awhile. He has his good days and his bad days. Im really struggling with this and any support and stories with similar experiences would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My son was born 10 weeks early and spent 37 days in the NICU. I then 5 years later delivered my daughter 13 weeks early. She only lived 22 days. There were lots of problems that contributed to her death. My question is this: does anyone know if I have a chance of going full term with this pregnancy? I know that I have to leave it all up to God, but I have to admit that I am scared.
Avatar f tn My first daughter was born at 32 weeks, she was 3lbs 5oz.
Avatar f tn My 1 yr old measured 3 weeks early, he was estimated to be 10 pounds. He ended up coming 4 weeks early and as a preemie weight 6lbs 4oz at birth. He was healthy as could be and did not require anytime in the NICU. Don't be scared, your doctor should have you do regular ultrasounds (monthly) to monitor the weight. I'm 29 weeks pregnant now and I'm measuring about 1 1/2 weeks ahead with this baby.
118074 tn?1228329003 Will she be considered premie? My doc said we have to hold out that long so the baby will likely not need to be in the NICU but a few more days in the nursery. Any imput is appreciated.
3588173 tn?1357317184 I had premies at 35 weeks and you have to pump all the time to try to get your milk supply up. My son was in nicu for two weeks and they told me to take the milk to him because he prefered the sweet taste, and it would help him to get home faster. I also was able to breastfeed his twin sister at the same time. He hated formula. The didnt let him leave til he was 5 pounds. And I had to get cpr certified.
11715504 tn?1422286415 t been through this but I want to let you know I had a micro preemie. I delivered at 27 weeks. She spent 3months in the NICU. She was 2lb 3oz when born. Yes it's scary and stressful. My Athena will be 2 in August and she is perfect. She came home with no machines and has had no problems what so ever. Preemies are fighter's.
1449179 tn?1285545466 Hi there, 1st of all congrates for your baby.. I've premature baby born on August 13 2010 (31 weeks - 900gms ) . & he is still in NICU.. he has different complications so he will stay there for little longer.. but feeding by tube is normal as premature baby's lungs arent devloped compairing to full term baby. they are hard to swollow something even if it's liquid. about breathing that's normal too for premature baby as I said their lungs are not devloped too.
Avatar f tn i have a lil question at how time the bby gone to b preemie?bcuz i have a lot of contration nd alot of back pain nd i dont know but i think ima goin in labor soon someone let me know? my due date its september 9 but...
Avatar f tn I was born a preemie at 24 weeks nd im 34 + 1 day nd i have 6 weeks left but dont worry
897362 tn?1318121281 Our preemie girl (born 5 weeks early, now weighing 5lb) was just released from the NICU today and we're really nervous about her feedings. Her being discharged was based upon her being able to eat at least 43 mL of milk at every feeding (every 3 hrs.) She was able to keep that up for 24 hours straight so doc said she was ok to come home. But now that we've been home for 3 feedings she has only taken 25mL, 35mL then finally 45mL.
Avatar f tn Can anyone please tell me your story as to how long your baby had to stay in the NICU born at 34 weeks please. I'm getting induced at 34 weeks unless I have him before then due to my water breaking at 30 weeks. I'm beyond scared for my son..
Avatar n tn My cousin had her baby at about 24 weeks. She has cerebral palsy but is otherwise happy and healthy. She must be about four or five now.
7996069 tn?1410153318 I had my son at 35 weeks he spent 5 days in NICU my full labor story is in my journal
Avatar f tn Now that is under control but she has excessive swelling (Edema) that doctors are saying is coming from her capillaries. Her brother is in the NICU at our local hospital he is having trouble with breathing but he has come a long way from 1Lb 8oz at birth (his sister too same weight) to 4Lbs 15 oz. We are not sure what my granddaughter weighs now because of the Edema. What can be done? Doctors are baffled.
Avatar f tn My cousin had twins born at 1 pound and 1.2 pounds. .