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Avatar m tn If you are being prescribed prednisone it could be to treat an autoimmune issue. This could be related to treatment with interferon. Is the doctor well aware or of the opinion that this could be treatment related hearing loss? If you use the search engine at medhelp you will see that there are other threads here with this topic.
Avatar n tn Now due to other symptoms i have passing water often and also palpatations and numbness in my heel and leg had to have a diabetics test due results tomorrow i feel the prednisone is adding to my illness not cureing it.I hate the weight problems you also get from this drug.But we go along with what the nuerologist tells us is best.I am unsure what to do from now on about tapering myself off them is it best or worse to?
Avatar n tn I usually have at least one drink per day. The weight loss is what is scaring me so badly. I don't know if it could be the dietary changes with the stress or if I am truly sick with something like cancer. I so desperately am afraid of dying and leaving my kids to grow up without a mom. They are my life. Does anyone have any similar experience? No one is calling me back from my dr and no one is calling me to schedule the ultrasound. I have no one and my husband is out of town.
Avatar f tn Steroid weaning can mimic other conditions and is characterized by weakness, decreased appetite, nausea, weight loss, dizziness or fainting. Tapering the drug gives the adrenal glands time to adjust and produce its own hormones to return to their normal patterns of secretion. How quickly steroids can be tapered depends on the medical condition. It is best to see your physician and discuss your concerns. Hope it helped. Keep me posted. Take care and regards!
1265027 tn?1284843551 last tuesday my dr prescribed me prednisone for what he thought was mono( turned out to be tonsilitis) and the prednisone was not needed. after 3 days of 20mg i thought i was going to die. panic attacks, shakes, sweating and unable to focus i called the dr who had the PA call me back amnd say taper to 10 mg then 5 mg. After fri night taking the 10mg i went into hysterics. i couldnt talk, i couldnt move and i could not focus on my son who is 2.
Avatar n tn I had to force feed him for awhile and then he was put on Prednisone and gained three pounds in a week. His weight and appetite was up and down for the next year or so but he got back up to around nine pounds. Currently he has been off of Prednisone for one month and has been eating out of control. He seems to always be hungry. The problem is he is still losing weight and is back down to six pounds. He is boney and sickley looking.
1011295 tn?1320874572 I am having some success right now using the food diary here on MedHelp in conjunction with the weight tracker and the support of the people on the weight loss and dieting forum. I plan my eating for the day using the food diary and it calculates the calaories, fat, protein, carbs, etc. and I adjust my plan to fit. Recording it really makes me accountable and keeping within the calorie level I picked has helped. The healthy cooking forum has lots of good recipes too.
Business woman2 A sedentary person may only require 900-1200 calories a day to stay at a balanced weight. So to achieve weight loss a patient would need to keep their calorie intake to around 1200 calories a day and perform some type of physical activity that would burn an extra 300 calories a day. Many patients with the inability to use their lower extremeties will perform light weight lifting with their upper extremeties several times a day to help them stay strong and to burn extra calories.
8221281 tn?1397574572 When I graduate I want to work as an advocate full time so am looking to straighten out my weight and build stamina. I am in remission from lupus but gained a bunch of weight while on prednisone. I am currently 187 and need to be 135. I have scoliosis in 2 places so the wieght loss is critical to get the stress off Ios my spine. Most of my weight gain is around my belly and above my rear. The diet I'm starting out with is a zero sugar low carb diet. I replaced my soda with carbonated water.
Avatar f tn OMG how do you get rid of it????? Can you????? What about weight loss, is it hopeless. I barely had any hormones or none, and trying to find a good Doctor that deals with ADRENAL INSUFFIENCY AND WOMENS HORMONES. It took me 8 Doctors to find one and now we moved to Tucson, AZ and I cant find anyone who does BIO - HORMONES and ADRENAL INSUFFENCY WITH WEIGHT GAIN AND HUMPS . Someone having the same problems.
Avatar n tn I went to Mayo Clinic with nausea, vomiting,reflux, extreme fullness and weight loss from 105lbs to 78lbs. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis with no reasoning for this condition. I had been battling stomach pain, parasites, full feeling for at least three years prior to this episode. They put on reglan worked great but I became very depressed. they recently put me on propulsid. It worked also but because of the scare about how it can damage the heart,they took me off of it.
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar m tn I have ulcerative colitis. In 2005 I had a flare up with bleeding and also had pressure in the back of my head. GI put me on prednisone and Nortiphine for head. CT showed no abnormaties in head. Had MRI 6 months later again normal. In March 2008 had a bad case of acid relex and 2 weeks later started to bleed again. Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and CT of abdomen and all came back normal. I started losing weight, my legs were shaking and the bleeding became stronger.
Avatar n tn With your current health situation, there could be so many variables that would affect your weight loss and your health that you wouldn't want to do this by yourself. Good luck!
446896 tn?1237806342 // Prolonged use of prednisolone can depress the ability of body's adrenal glands to produce corticosteroids. Abruptly stopping prednisolone in these individuals can cause symptoms of corticosteroid insufficiency due to adrenal suppression. Adrenal suppression refers to the body’s inability to synthesize natural corticosteroids, resulting in a dependency on the prednisone taken by the patient.
Avatar f tn I am an asthmatic and had a flare this weekend, when I was not able to keep my blood oxygen above 93 at home I went into the ER where they gave me breathing treatments and IV steroids then sent me home with a prescription for prednisone to start today (which I took). The thing I noticed yesterday (along with breathing better) was a HUGE diuretic effect.
158939 tn?1274918797 I know that long-term use of prednisone can block thyroid absorption but would a 6-day course of prednisone (METHYLPREDNISOLONE 4MG DOSPAK 21) block absorption enough to bump a TSH from 0.11 to 22.06 even while taking the required thyroid supplements???? The last time I *had* to get my TSH this high (for RAI) it took me 4 weeks and the low iodine diet to get my TSH this high (and I still had remaining thyroid tissue). BTW - my Free T3 1.8 (down from 3.9 three months ago) and my Free T4 .
Avatar f tn fever, night sweats, headaches, swollen glands, weight loss (around 4 kg)...had the sore throat/tonsilitis with white patches but that only lasted 5 dayts or so. I also had swollen eyelids like you for about 2 weeks, it looked really scary. It must suck to have have had them for so long. My bloodwork during acute infection indicated several abnormalities which are typical of mono- elevated lymphocytes, slightly low neutrophils (although still in the normal range), elevated liver transamines.
324184 tn?1308079803 I am a 25 year old woman (currently weighing around 126 lbs) in the process of being diagnosed with Lupus. I've experienced the following for 5+ years: burning/tingling sensation in my head/scalp, memory loss, extreme fatigue, confusion, mood swings. I have gone to several neurologists with no luck and finally visited a rheumatologist - she took 15 viles of blood - some of which did come back positive.
Avatar n tn After some time and numerous flare-ups, plus being on prednisone for a long time my weight spiked to over 300 lbs. BTW my crohn's WAS in remission until recently and I'm on Humira hoping that it goes back into remission. I highly doubt that ANY doctor would do a bariactric surgery on a patient that has their Crohn's disease that is fairly active. I had a heart attack last year and actually lost about 40 lbs. Yes it is hard but you can do it!!!! Again Good Luck!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I lost my job and my medical coverage and have been taking Prednisone, 15mg per day, as a stop gap. This is the only medication I have used which stops this condition and allows me to have a mostly normal resperatatory function with a loss of taste and smell and a mild congestion in my throat. I'm now starting to have side effects from this medication which includes: hot flashes, weight gain, hives, and some blurred vision.
Avatar f tn I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I know this surgery is not intended for weight loss, but I just can't eat but a few bites and I am full and feeling like I need to throw up, but I can't. The nausea is really bad too. I feel like I am not getting the nutrients I need. As far as the lupus goes, I think that is going OK. My muscles have felt weaker, but that could just be because I am hardly eating. Before the surgery, I did take vitamins and herbs.
Avatar f tn Hi Linda, Probably cut back the Prednisone too soon. Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory and appetite stimulant . My cat has had asthma and takes a steroid in an inhaler so it goes right into the lungs not systemic. She is taking a drug call Budesonide right now for IBD. It keeps her eating without her getting sick and throwing up. She also does not seem to need her inhaler as much. Your cat may just need to take the Pren for a little while longer until the inflammation clears up completely.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone! I have been taking Effexor XR 150mg. for a month and I am experiencing weight loss. I went from weighing 169-172 lbs. to now weighing 155. I love this anti-depressant. I have found that it works for me when no other drug would. I have noticed that I get full fast and I have no desire to eat. I can only say that this drug has altered my sex drive considerably, but I was a bit over-sexed to begin with. The Effexor has made my sex drive more controllable.
Avatar f tn , some anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, prednisone, hydrocortisone) e.g. medns. that alter metabolism and prevent weight loss, promote weight gain (e.g., hydrocortisone, prednisone) - what a person can do to lose and/or maintain weight, stay healthy while on any of these medns. Thank you.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are extreme fatigue, weight loss (about 12 pounds), difficulty breathing, and bruising very easily. I just checked out of the hospital yesterday, where I was admitted for pneumonia and a high WBC count. When I checked out, I was told my WBC is still too high, and that I'll need to get it checked soon. I'm becoming concerned because even though I left the hospital, I am still incredibly weak and don't have the energy to do anything or go anywhere.