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Avatar n tn I have never gained weight on it but it does make me very hungry. Ironically my weird side effects to prednisone started after I got of off Effexor and Buspar and I wonder if the Effexor was suppressing the pain etc since it acts like Cymbalta and helps with nerve pain.
Avatar n tn 4 2011 and on the 5th put on prednisone 10 mg. She gets the prednisone 2 times a day for 1 wk then as directed. Can just a few days on the pred cause the eyes to be larger and nose to be lil runny. When she had the blood test, red blood cells were clumping together and minutes later they were not. Vet is not sure if its an infection, toxin exposure or cancer. Her immune system is attacking her platelets.
Avatar n tn Seems he may be longer at this transition that he originally thought....any must be experiencing other side effects?
Avatar n tn What did the savella side effects do to some people i hear they are horrible?
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar m tn I checked with my Nephrologist and she states that it will take a little while for my body to adjust to the medicine. Is anyone else having these side effects, and if so, how long did it take for your body to adjust to the medicine?
Avatar n tn However, the high dose of prednisone can cause side effects such as enlarged pot belly appearance to the abdomen, and panting. Prednisone doses are usually decreased gradually over time to the least effective dose (lowest dose in which a benefit is still seen). The least effective dose can be determined by blood work, and should also hopefully be low enough so that a reduction in adverse symptoms occurs.
1549643 tn?1495762953 for so long. - because of those side effects. Magnesium, will also help relieve the Prednisone side effects of anxiety-like symptoms you are experiencing now. Here is a goggle search: Treating Fibromyalgia with Magnesium Carolyn Dean MD ND | Tuesday, May 14, 2013 A review article in the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) was directed at family doctors to help them diagnose and treat fibromyalgia and take it out of the specialty of Rheumatology.
Avatar n tn I was reading about numbness and tingling in hands and feet and you make several references to long term side effects from quinolones. What do you reccomend in lieu of these antibiotics? I have recently (today) been prescribed Levaquin..Originally prescribed Keflex, but I had an allergy to amoxicillin 1 year ago--1 hive and some facial swelling--post dental surgery.At that time, I was put on prednisone and amoxicillin post an extraction--per the oral surgeon -"it was routine".
Avatar m tn He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
Avatar n tn You can search online for dog prednisone side effects or call your vet and discuss dosage, side effects, and what the cause might be.
744818 tn?1236915195 Well, he didn't explain too much about the drug at the office other than it's a steroid that will help with my fatigue and pain and to take it with food. When I got home, I researched the med online and found the side effects to be HORRIBLE! Both the long and short term side effects are so scary, it almost seems as bad as the lupus itself! I left a message for the doctor and asked if he could perhaps prescribe a different medication.
Avatar f tn I fought her going on it for a long time , but finally decided I would worry about the side effects another day. Right now she is feeling great. Keep us posted. She is a senior now and with that comes constant surveillance. My cat thinks I am her stalker !!!!
Avatar f tn I'm praying this stops soon because I break out every 2 weeks since then. Dr. won't put me on prednisone due to side effects. I'm taking Zantac 150mg. twice daily along with 4mg Cyproheptadine every 4 hours which totally knocks me out. Have tried every OTC lotion for itching. Nights are worse. I put ice on it which helps for awhile. Even tried home remedies such as baking soda paste, rubbing alcohol, organic vinegar and all of those were useless.
Avatar n tn you are holding an ACE of spades and when its time to come off the drug it'll be time to show your cards. I wish you nothing but the best!!
Avatar n tn I believe if a person tests any of hese things at small doses and VERY GRADUALLY increases to a dose, still as low as possible and monitors thmselves closely, how can their be any danger. If side effects begin to appear, then dose should be lowered until the side effect is elieviated. Dr.s would strongly urge against natural suppliments as these, so how about a patient asking his Doc if he can help monitor doses of these natural meds.
Avatar n tn Is the interferon still keeping the kidney failure side effects down? My hubby may have just had a little round with gout himself -- miserable condition -- in his elbow - swoll up to the size of a soft ball and the orthopedic surgeon said he had never seen anything just like it. Had to take a prednisone pack. His research showed that the uric acid build up is related to the kidneys' inability to get rid of the uric acid. Drink plenty of water, my friend.
744818 tn?1236915195 As much as I don't like some of the side effects of Prednisone, I have to say it really saved my life in January. And I mean literally. I am going to tell you two things for sure and please listen to me. First of all, allow yourself time to accept your diagnosis. It is big and it is a hard pill to swallow. Everyone is different but it took me almost dying to finally accept that I have it. That was a year and a half after my diagnosis.
Avatar n tn She was like a guinea pig and now, 8 years after, she is living with side effects that have never gone : hypotension (around 8), fainding every day, unbearable headaches, kidney pyelonephritis every months, and an exhausting fatigue that keep her in her bed sometimes several days, where she can hardly eat alone. Before that, she was so full of life, making car races, flying planes, being a model for photographes, and photographer herself.
Avatar f tn He wants to put me on Prednisone but I am terrified of this steroid and its side effects. My question is does anyone know of any other medication or treatment that would be better than Prednisone? For the time being he is increasing my B/P meds as well as my water pill uintil testing comes back for lung or colon cancer I have already been tested for HIV, Lupus, all Hepatitis, and Thyroid and they all came back negative.
Avatar m tn You need to contact your Vet asap....these are serious side effects to not be overlooked...good luck.
Avatar n tn I wondered why they don't give this to them to began with. It can have some side effects but she was montered closely. You do have to watch them about getting virues on these meds. Cyclospine gets stronger if the child is dehidrated, ( can't spell) . and they can over dose.
Avatar f tn Staying hydrated is the most important common solution for eradicating this generation of PEP medications' GI side effects. Liver and kidney impairment is possible but not very common and blood work is usually taken to monitor this on persons taking PEP for a 4 week stretch. The toxicity of taking 4 week of these meds really does seem negligible, definitely no worse than the recreational hobbies most people brush off eg. alcohol, vaping, etc. The body is good at clearing chemicals.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Finished triple therapy Jan 28, 13. (early) due to side effects and now I am experiencing joint pain, stiffnes that started a couple months after treatment. When I sit for any period of time, my hips are so stiff and my feet are stiff too. My feet feel like they can't hold me up. Ambulation is not so easy. After a few moments of being up on my feet and walking the discomfort and stiffness goes away.
Avatar f tn So sorry this is happening and that you are so seriously ill with the asthma, but the side effects you note are very frustrating and painful to live with and this makes your decision make you think to move more and more often as I can well imagine. In general, have they done food allergy testing? Have you changed anything in the way you eat OR in the home you live? Things like formeldahyde in furniture can cause severe reactions for some, etc.
Avatar f tn Simbicort inhaler gave me side effects that's why I'm on steroid pills instead. I told him in not coughing anything out, he said nothing will come out.. This has been sitting there for a while so my body will absorb it and it will eventually get out with stool. I'm waiting, we'll see ..
Avatar f tn Over Memorial day weekend, my 23-year old son spent 5 days in the hospital and was diagnosed as being in an "adrenal crisis." Unfortunately, his doctors did not perform an ACTH Stimulation test before they started administering hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone. (The doctors were not able to consult with an endocrinologist due to the holiday weekend).
Avatar n tn He has had the traditional rounds of prednisone and antibiotics, but to no avail. When he lays on his left side, he complains that he feels like there is a knot or mass in the area that is painful. He has lost 35 pounds in the last 5 years and loosing muscle mass. We are not convinced that he has Crohn's. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Upper Left Abdominal Pain, Violent Diarrhea, Missed periods</a>.