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Avatar n tn I went back to my dermatologist in utter frustration with my conditions and inability to spend time out in the sun. I can cover up my legs arms and body, but the outbreaks on my eye lids and face are unbearable.With my dermatologist, we decided to go on a 10 day course of prednisone to get my skin under control and then try Plaquinol (hydroxychlor) to see if it would help with my sensitivity to the sun.
Avatar n tn Right now I only get it on the tops of my hands and the backs of my knees, after exposure to the sun even only 10 minutes, about 10 hours later the water blister like rash starts up, almost looks like a heat rash then the itching starts and I can't stop scratching, I will rub myself raw to ease the itching. Then the swelling starts, my knees will swell almost half again in size and the tops of my hands swell so you can't see the veins nor the tendons and the skin gets tough and leathery.
Avatar n tn Last year I went to Florida again but this time I took 10mg Prednisone and a Benedryl everynight a week before and then when I got there and before I went in the sun I took a Tavist. Now, I wasn't on the beach much only on the beach house deck because I was afraid of what might happen but everything this time was fine. The last day I noticed a small rash, just slightly on my arm. That was it. I have used sunscreens all times to the beach and it didn't help.
Avatar n tn I was in the sun this week and my head got sun brunt and now my forehead is swollen,is this normal? How long will it take to go away.
Avatar n tn It went away within days of coming back home and out of the sun. I have had this problem again and again each year when I gointo the sun in the Caribbean. I don't have as much trouble in the summer because I gradually harden and limit my sun exposure. My doctor has tried Shade sunscreen, plaquinal, prednesone(sp), antihistimines, all to no avail. Each year this reaction is worse. I have been tested for Lupus, and have had various other tests looking for the reason for this reaction.
Avatar n tn after a trip to mexico,(lying in the sun tanning) i got sun poisoning on my upper cheek and after putting some cream on it, it went away, how ever my fore head now seems to have broken out in acne..i have acne but not usually this the newly developed acne due to the sun poisoning?
Avatar f tn i promised my two kids, ages 5 and 6 years old, to take them to an amusment park, zoo, or camping. since i can not be in the sun, i can't take them. my doc said i can not be in the sun, even with sunscreen, clothed, and a big hat. but i promised them!!! so of coarse the guilt sets in, like i'm sure all of you have felt. so i was thinking about taking them to an indoor thing. they have an indoor water park near me, and i checked out the pictures online.
Avatar f tn That's because the best source of vitamin D-the sun-isn't as available then. In fact, unless you live in the deep South, it's impossible to get enough vitamin D from sunlight from November through February. Cold-water deep-sea fish like sardines and salmon have the most vitamin D. Some other decent options are eggs (with the yolks), liver, and cheese. If you eat a lot of them, you may be able to get enough from food alone.
1356959 tn?1488979548 What kept my acne as quiet as possible was to do nothing at all that would stimulate my face. No sitting in the sun, no soaps or disinfectants, no astringents, no facials. I washed with lukewarm water and patted gently dry. Two of my four children developed cystic acne. They were both given a short course of broad-spectrum antibiotics. One was completely cured. The other wasn't. By the way I had dermabrasion (they used a sandpaper-like material), not a chemical peel.
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1132574 tn?1271676066 So I was wondering, since we are getting even more snow here in philly this weekend, if like just sitting on my sofa in the sun is enough and if so for how long before the test? The possibility of me being able to sun bath out here any time soon looks slim LOL. I don't think this snow will ever melt. I'm so ready for spring-summer! Any suggestions? My lyme doc also ordered an ANA re-test for later this month so it seems I'll have it done a couple times.
Avatar f tn Alot of people on this site under prednisone has said the same. I was given this for vertigo, because the PA thought i had fluid in my ears. Each pill was 5mg, the first day I started with 6 pills, THATS 30mg!! Then weened down. By day three I was sick as a dog. Anxiety out the butt! Irritability, night sweats, weak, tired and could not sleep.
Avatar f tn That wasnt it. My face and hand was the only thing the sun touch because i had long sleeves on. In the morning my face was swollen veryyyy itchy and clear fluid was on my face. This year same thing I used sun block and that seem to irriate it more immediately I started to itch on face and arms, but not bad. The next day I went out in the sun again and my face begin to swell and so did my arms, back, stomach, and face. My arms look to have maybe second degree burns and face swollen?
Avatar n tn Lastly, I like to drink wine in the evening and have found that to not be a problem when taking the prednisone. I mentioned this to my doctor several months back and he didn't seem concerned with I can't see the beer being any different.
Avatar m tn Hi, your symptoms could be due to herpes infection, which is caused by Herpes simplex type I &II . The virus can lie dormant and can get reactivated at intervals producing symptoms. Hence there is no permanent cure. But antiviral medications like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are known to shorten outbreaks and improve symptoms. It depends on one’s immunity also. If it is good the person may have less number of reactivations.
Avatar f tn but i had some itchy bumps on my left thigh,, and then i the next day i had 5 or 6 mnore ithcy bumps on my left thigh,, my pcp, gave me acorisone cream and benedryl and it started to get better, the next day i picked uyp one of my sons shirts, and it brushed my right elboe, it immediately burned as it touched my skin, i washed it off with technu,,but within a 10 minutes my right elbow became inflamed, and little bumps in a line ran up my arm, it hought this was more poison ivy, showed my primar
Avatar m tn I don't have the issue handy, but I believe it was in one of the specials on the brain. A patient of a doctor friend was recently diagnosed with this curious infection after being told he had Parkinson's. Many people have these HERV creatures within them, and it appears that there is a co-factor, apparently herpes, that activates them. Once activated, they methodically destroy neurological tissue. They are nasty creatures.
Avatar n tn It's hard for me to tease out all the details and ups and downs of your condition. Bottom line: I think dermatologist # 3 is right--what you have, now at least, sounds like steroid-induced rosacea. This is completely curable. I would ask derm # 3 to consider adding one of the cycline antibiotics to the Metrocream. Shouldn't take more than a month to clear things up. Then if you do get some eczema on the face, you can use one of the nonsteroid creams like Protopic or Elidel.
Avatar n tn Temporary worsening of acne is not unusual when taking oral Isotretinoin (any brand) as unseen pimples come to the surface. Don't be put off, it will be worth it in the end. Please see my journal and photographs relating to use of oral Isotretinoin (Accutane). Eloise.
Avatar n tn Also working on a regimen to control the asthma on a more regular basis. At the present time, prednisone is the best medication to control an asthma attack. However, the other medications in varying doses should be able to get better control than you are describing. If this is a real problem for you locally, you may consider bringing your son to National Jewish Medical and Research Center for an evaluation and developing a treatment plan.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear what the prednisone may be doing to you. I started on 40 mg of prednisone as well (Last March). And it never affected me that way. It gave me a ton of energy and made me feel like a million bucks. But I do know that there are some rare cases that prednisone does not work for. Depending on why you are taking it, they may have to move you to something else. In the beginning you should have nothing but energy and trouble sleeeping.
Avatar n tn Beginning of october I had an eye inflamation that started in my eye lid and then the swelling went to the tissues where the optic nerve are. This morning, both eye lids are swollen, red and hot... It hurts to walk and I have the beginning of a migraine. I'm writing this out here so when she calls I'll just read it back. My thoughts are chaotic and I am so frustrated. Thank you for listening...I pray my doctor really listens, and we find answers today.
Avatar f tn That wasnt it. My face and hand was the only thing the sun touch because i had long sleeves on. In the morning my face was swollen veryyyy itchy and clear fluid was on my face. This year same thing I used sun block and that seem to irriate it more immediately I started to itch on face and arms, but not bad. The next day I went out in the sun again and my face begin to swell and so did my arms, back, stomach, and face. My arms look to have maybe second degree burns and face swollen?
80575 tn?1207135964 I live on a large peice of property and love the sun. I limited my walks to earlier in the day or at sunset. I agree with the others, stay out of it as much as possible.Sunblock isn't enough but I put it on my hands, face and feet, since I love sandals. I just finished tx but I am still keeping my arms covered and a brimmed hat on my head. Wear loose, soft natural fiber clothes. Kill those nasty tags inside your shirts or wear them inside out.
Avatar n tn It was about 75 degrees here yesterday and the sun was shining. You know when the sun comes out here everybody gets outside. You can actually feel your spirits life. We live in the rain and the grey for most of the year that when we see the sun we GO NUTS! I had 14 begonias to get potted. My b/f had already hauled up the huge bags of potting soil to the decks. But my legs were screaming at me about 1/2 way though getting those begonias in.
Avatar m tn Shortly after I started noticing small blue dots in my vision particularily when I would come out of a dark room into the light room. Few days later i noticed a strong light in the corner of my left eye, the pain when moving my eye was still present. Few days after that i felt pain when i touch my eyeball na dthe light ( phosphene) moved acros my whole vision so I have difficulty reading,.It looks like I have been staring at the sun for a long time and everything seems very bright.
867787 tn?1318939830 As some of you know the past 2 weeks have been horrible but thanks to Gods grace & all you wonderful folks I'm doiong ok. At my Grandmothers(she raised me so more like my Mom) funeral yesterday I ran into a boy that I had grown up with & found out he also has MS. He was dx'd in the early part of 2000 with only 3 inactive lesions so I was shocked since I have 18!! The biggest thing that was suprising is that he has a support group & get this...
Avatar f tn What about a red face and chest, no rash just red like i've been out in the sun. I hope my nerurologist and rhue. will decrease my dosage again soon, i'm so depressed its horrible. I take these meds because i have a rare brain disease so they are investigating all kind of meds but so far even though i just started no change as of yet, i know its early in the process but these side effects are realy making me miserable. any suggestions would really really be helpful!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I also felt dizzy but finally made it to the bathroom. Since that time, waking up in the middle of the night, my right eye will not open, then two weeks ago, my left eye would not open and my right eye was okay. This week the worst happened, both eyes would not open. I was/am petrified. I have discussed this with 3 eye doctors, 2 of which are specialists and my own nurse practitioner - not one of these doctors have offered any answer and I do not know where to turn. I am 67 years old.