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Avatar n tn Prednisone depresses the immune response, which could make one more susceptible to a viral or bacterial infection in the lung. There should no long-term harm from a single use of prednisone, even at such a high dose. I do question why you are having a CT scan, because an MRI scan with dye contrast is less toxic (the different dye itself is different) and less dangerous), as well as being less dangerous from the standpoint of radiation exposure.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed prednisone for a hearing loss issue today. Ive been und since July 2011. I have not yet taken my post tx vl test although all my blood work looks good. I was wondering if anybody has any info on this. I looked on past posts and found it all to be old and not real specific. Thanks ahead of time!!
Avatar f tn I was going to try to let this run its course for myself this time, in case it is viral, but I am prone to sinusitis, have two interfaciallary cysts that may be connected to my sinuses that need to be removed and I can tell by the pain and mucus, I will need another round of antibiotics for the sinus infection. Any ideas before I head back to the doctors ?(which I have to pay out of pocket for myself!
217229 tn?1192766004 But since it looks like you've got your SVR now, the use of prednisone should not cause the same problems for you that a chronically infected HCV patient might experience in the sense of increasing viral activity and the subsequent rate of fibrogenesis. However, be forewarned there's been a lot of talk (and fear) on this forum about the so called occult or low level persistent viral presence supposedly detected in the liver cells and PBMC (blood cells) of long term SVR patients.
Avatar n tn You can go to 1000 mg a day. It is a tad hard on the liver, but for some people lets them get off prednisone for a month or two. The Ibuprufin is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the effect of antigens Inon-self substances) that stimulate asthma. Plus albuterol. Get a meter to check your blood sugar. High sugar levels produce acidic lungs that can trigger asthmatic attacks. For some people prednisone is the only way they can function.
Avatar m tn In my teaching in Immunlogy where we used a lot of steroids, it is held that prednisone does not begin to take effect for about 12 hours. High dose IV you can see an earlier effect. But, I've not heard anyone suggest that it would likely be effective within 5 to 6 hours, which is when they say the side efects of Avonex usually appear. Mine usually rear their head about 5 hours after the shot, so this matches what the lit says. I guess if you want to try it, then do so.
608104 tn?1352590753 Thanking physicians who accept my need for less oral prednisone for asthma exacerbations with respiratory infections. I appreciate the steroid oral inhalers and nasal inhalers as a better way to reduce mental agitation affects on my old brain.
218977 tn?1230700972 The patient from the study I posted had been receiving intravenous methylprednisolone (125 mg) every two weeks for 6 months as well as intermittent prednisone for asthmatic episodes.
Avatar m tn I've had an infection for about 3 weeks now, fever for 2. I'm worried since I already took zpack, amoxicilyn and now am on flagyl and prednisone and it's not clearing up. maybe it could be viral or something else. My nose is really sore and bleeding sometimes and I'm getting clear mucus.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was just put on prednisone for my extreme mono I have had for 5 months- I''m taking 16mg 3 times per day for 3 days then 2 times per day for 3 days, then I'm taking 10mg two times per day for two days then one time per day for two days. Will I have moon face or other side effects when taking this drug short term? I am nervous, I started tonight. I just want to feel better and like myself again.
Avatar f tn Finally I called again for another appt and they decided to put me on Solu Medrol for 4 days followed by 6 days of prednisone taper. I didn't have ANY improvement until the 6th day of Pred. I woke up and my legs didn't feel like collapsing, I could walk, even backwards, I was so happy I was back to my old self again! Then after only 4 - 5 days I slowly started getting weaker again, had a fever, ached all over, could barely walk again so I went to the Dr.
Avatar n tn I've seen several adrenal crises in the ICU where I work, which are extreme cases, so had never thought about the less severe condition. Someone had asked what i take prednisone for...I take it for many conditions including asthma, secondary endolymphatic hydrops, and diffuse connective tissue disease...all probably related in some way but we've just not found the connection yet.
Avatar m tn The doc want to put me on prednisone for two weeks prior to starting treatment, in order to deal with Cryoglobulinemia and associated vasculitis. Does it make sense to take the prednisone? I thought that tx is a way to get rid of the cryoglobulins. I was also under the impression that prednisone may lead to increased viral load, and that is the last thing that I would want before starting tx.
Avatar f tn He has no hearing in his ear and his balance is somewhat off. The ENT prescribed prednisone for 15 days starting with a higher dose working towards a lesser dose. Will this treatment regain a portion of his hearing back? Is there anything else we can be doing to help regain his hearing??
1634950 tn?1302900380 My 5yr old daughter has viral induced asthma and nothing is helping (except oral prednisone) which she has been taking so much of lately. For those of you that went the natural route can you tell me exactly what you did? There is not a naturopath doctor in my area that I'm aware of. We are desperate for help for our daughter. We are so stressed and worried every time she gets sick. We are having her tonsils & adnenoids removed in a couple weeks to see if that helps.
648243 tn?1246392518 I then went to the oral surgeon and he has put me on Clindamycin antibiotic, hoping it is a sinus bacterial infection of some kind. I have not tried prednisone. I can only eat very cold, sweet foods or strong tomato tasting soups or food. I eat a lot of strawberry toaster pop-ups, and fruit loops, and my favorit new food is Coconut shrimp with a citus sauce. Hated shrimp before this. Anyway you have my deepest sympathy for what you are going through.
Avatar m tn I did a search recently that eluded to Prednisone being capable of regrowing hair IF the cause is from an infection. I know Prednisone can regrow hair if the cause is bacterial or fungal... I don't know if it's capable if it's viral? Q: Can prednisone regrow hair if the cause is an adrenal or thyroid issue?
Avatar m tn I also have fairly extensive hilar lymphadenopathy, but it turned out those weren't biopsy-able without having total open chest surgery. So we did the Bronchoscopy instead. I know with me they ruled out fungal infection, and viral & bacterial infection, especially TB, mainly from the bronch scope because they take washings from the lungs to culture. Also prior to the scope I had a HIV test, PPD test, and an ACE level test, the first two were negative, but my ACE was high and out of range.
Avatar m tn I did a search recently that eluded to Prednisone being capable of regrowing hair IF the cause is from an infection. I know Prednisone can regrow hair if the cause is bacterial or fungal... I don't know if it's capable if it's viral? Q: Can prednisone regrow hair if the cause is an adrenal or thyroid issue?
Avatar n tn I still felt this 'clicking' I went back to the doctor for more antibiotics and he said one dose would have taken care of any infection unless it was viral or bronchitis. He prescribed prednisone (which I did not take). I started to get chills and extreme "night sweats".I had four different chest Xrays all revealing nothing. I would cough up long strings of white phlegm and would wake up with these in my throat.
Avatar n tn I had a bacterial infection and was prescribed a z pak and prednisone. Still wasnt feeling well so Dr. prescribed another antibiotic. 1 day after starting it I felt so horrible I went to the ER. They did bloodwork, chest xray and urine sample.Dr. said everything came back 100% normal. He said the zpak was still working in me and I was at the tail end of my sickness and probably had some viral infection going on also.
Avatar n tn I've only had a headache (following a viral infection) for 10 weeks, and that's already long enough for me. Unfortunately, I know far less than any of your doctors about this. Currently, my neurologist has me on a low dose of desipramine to see if that helps. I also stopped taking both ibuprofen and Fiorinal (neither of which was an effective pain reliever) in case rebound headache was a part of the problem.
Avatar n tn I was on Prednisone for 9 months, 2 years ago for asthma. I am still not able to get rid of the moon face! I lost about 20 of the 70 lbs I gained right away and the rest is stuck. Since then, I've had pain in my back and feet. I've heard that Prednisone encourages arthritis. Anyone else heard this or have problems? For the past 6 months, I'm in constant pain and am now being told it might be Fibromyalgia. One good way to get rid of the pain . . . Prednisone!
Avatar n tn It is possible that this is a viral infection. Several upper airway viruses can cause similar symptoms and can follow another infection, as you have described. It is also possible that the previous infection did not completely clear with the antibiotics you took and has flared again. A diagnosis cannot be made for sure without a culture. If this is a viral infection it will go away over a period of time.
Avatar m tn Since you're actively infected (i.e. you're not an SVR), taking prednisone will make your viral load go up. There was a study conducted where HCV+ patients were put on a month long prednisone taper, and their viral loads were seen to elevate during the therapy. After the prednisone was stopped, VL's quickly returned to baseline levels.
Avatar m tn Is it possible to have acquired conjunctivitis from sharing office/bathroom of individual with conjuctivitis and I got more severe infection due to taking oral prednisone for auto-immune disorder 6. Can I get EKC again? 7. since developing periauriclur node have had painful full feeling in same side ear. Tympanic memebrane appears normal on multiple exams. very painful at night and only relief is from benedryl.
Avatar n tn You probably will need one dose then clean everything as I think I mentioned then in a week I think you have to repeat it again meds and cleaning. I don't think so for the fungal infection either. Not for the anal area. I would see if they have some topical other than fluconazole for this. Or at least ask about what they have for that area other than fluconazole for the anal area.
Avatar m tn Entry point for hepatitis C infection identified January 24, 2012 A molecule embedded in the membrane of human liver cells that aids in cholesterol absorption also allows the entry of hepatitis C virus, the first step in hepatitis C infection, according to research at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.
Avatar m tn I have just a general question on the risks of transmission of the virus to people around you according to your viral load because my viral load is >100 million IU/ml and i know that is a high level but exactly how easy is it for me to transfer the virus because ever since my diagnosis i have been wrapping myself in cotton wool so to speak and only hanging out with the people who know of my illness and i know i cant keep on doing this until my viral load goes down.