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Avatar m tn We are still in the process of ruling things out. FMD is treating her for Shingles with Valtrex, and Post Herpatic Neuralgia with Neurontin and Vicodin, but nothing has helped yet! Haven't considered Lupus at all. Her vit. D, and B12 has been historically low, and she is on supplements for both. Oral vit. D, I give her B12 injections monthly and levels have been normal! Diabetes has been ruled out already.
Avatar m tn Fluid from my right eye was removed and much blood as well, and sent to the lab for various tests. The tests concluded that I had shingles and that I had no underlying condition to cause it. My immune system is absolutely fine so the etiology is unkown, but the theory is that it was caused by Prednisone that I had taken for poison ivy. Treatment consisted of valacyclovir 6,000 mg/day for several months, and finally on my last appt., about 4 months ago, I was clear.
1641422 tn?1300802218 I was diagnosed as acutely positive for Herpes Zostra NOS (shingles). The swelling seems to be much worse internally in the evening, making it difficult to sit without a great deal of pain. The doctor prescribed Prednisone, Valtrex, and Lidocaine they all help but none are stopping the evening pain making it very hard to sleep.
Avatar f tn Went to the Doc, He sent me to a local opthomologist, where I was diagnosed with iritis, treated for 10 days with pred drops, 60 mg pred pills a day, glucoma drops, diliating drops at night. On the 10th day, the eye doc injected my eye with long lasting prednisone, by the next day my eye was miserable, she sent me to the Casey eye clinic in Portland ( a teaching hospital) where they immedicately diagnosed me with a viral infection.
Avatar n tn I would try them while awake first thing at first before sleeping with them on or rest your body every few days . For me the shingles would just flare up for a few days real bad and thats when I needed the patches or lyrica afterwards in between flare ups I was ok . Hey were all different what works for one might not for you . They know opiates cuase defeciencies in hormones , over stimulation even cancer in some while others have no problems .
Avatar m tn I am 59yo and was diagnosed today (Tuesday) with shingles. I have had Crohn's for the last 5yrs and am on 5mg of Prednisone/day as well just being switched to Lialda 2.4gms/day (from Pentasa 4gms/day) one month ago. I was started on Famvir today-500mg tid. I am leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday and am scheduled to swim with the dolphins on Thursday. I have completed my first full day's dose of medicine and will continue until the prescription is completed.
Avatar f tn She can not wears a shirt because even that is too painful. Fears all medications for the shingles because she is afraid it might affect the medications she is on for the MG. Her last Doctors appointment they told her she may have shingles for the rest of her life. She also suffers from Depression, but will never admit to that, so telling her she may have it for the rest of her life was like adding fuel to the fire. I would much appreciate your thoughts.
Avatar m tn the initial time/diagnosis... yes... when i had them else where on my body. however, i used them all. the pills i had/have at the moment, were for my wife... she has hsv2. i took her pills. i have time to see a MD, just no money/insurance... hence, i am asking here.
Avatar n tn Now the pressure in both eyes is elevated so I have changed to stronger drops. I'm still using prednisone drops for inflammation but they have caused a cataract to grow rapidly. Besides seeing Dr every 6 weeks and using drops for prednisone, glaucoma, artificial tears and an analgesic drop I also take NSAIDS. My vision is very blurry in my right eye and I had amblyopia as a child so my left eye vision is poor. Is there any other doctor or place I can go?
Avatar f tn About a week and a half ago, I had severe pain in my right arm and shoulder that progressed daily to almost unbearable for about four days and then herpes/shingles developed on back of arm at shoulder. I started on zovirax (my mom's medicine for fever blisters that I, coincidentally, have never had) early so it didn't develop as much as it would have but it looks like it would have covered my entire shoulder, shoulder blade and top outside half of right arm.
Avatar f tn Could be shingles but you say there are no blisters. Possibly spider bites? It's best to get an answer from a doctor. There is a shingles vaccine.
Avatar f tn this case of shingles early, having experienced what the beginning of shingles was like for me. However, when I was to see another different doctor due to being out of town...he and the PA said I was probably misdiagnosed for having shingles. This is because they firmly believe that shingles cannot be contracted on both sides of the body, as well as the fact that I now get the hives on my back and the eventually blistering pustules at the same time.
Avatar f tn I am VERY surprised that any doctor would prescribe prednisone for shingles, because it is sstrictly taboo for chickenpox.. any and all steroids are taboo with chickenpox!!! When I was a nurse, I had a patient who had a bad case.. she was 81, and the went across her face and into her eye and down her chest.. bless her heart, she was in so much pain.. felt so bad for her.. anyway.. just offering what I know.. they can be very serious, so please be careful..
Avatar f tn If it is on your face and arms it is probably not shingles. Most of the time with shingles you would have a burning sensation for a one to three days prior to any eruptions. An allergic reaction could last this long if you are still in contact with the allergen. Sometimes things that we were not allergic to before over time you can become allergic to.
Avatar f tn i am a healthy 31 year old girl. never had rashes or allergies. 4 weeks ago i thought i had a big zit on my chin. i get bad hormonal breakouts on my chin every month. this one was deep and painful. im a picker so after effing with it i wasnt surprised it was taking a couple days to subside. on day 3 a bunch of tiny annoying little bumps started to form around it. i scratched them too. they oozed and began to spread down to my chin and cheek... this is when i got nervous.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a ten year old to have shingles without a rash??? He has been unwell for nearly a month now, but has had extremely sore neck front and back,chest and shoulders for about 2weeks. We have had two lots of blood tests all coming back normal. He is in excruiating pain mainly in the evening, he cant even stand water falling on his neck when having a shower and he definately wont let me touch it. He cries himself to sleep because he is in so much pain...
Avatar f tn I was extremely dizzy for a week before I got Shingles on my face from my lip to my eye. Then when I was on Valtrex & Prednisone the dizziness left. Once I finished the medication the dizziness has returned pretty severely. It's never gone, is worse in the morning though. Is there a connection between the two? My doctor is ordering a brain scan as a result of his examination. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Ophthalmology office closed for Labor Day weekend till Tuesday. Treated w warm compresses, which removed the swelling but did not change redness (not in the eye, just the "bag" is red") This morning I had 4-5 soft white spots on the red swollen bag area, which is new, so went to a standalone ER. The doc diagnosed shingles and stared me on antivirals and prednisone.
Avatar f tn They gave me a steriod shot yesterday in the office and then gave me scripts for prednisone and Acyclovir. I started taking the Acyclovir yesterday and took the prednisone this morning. Here's my concern. I am going on a job interview today and will be meeting with a pregnant woman. This pregnant woman is going on maternity leave and I would be temping for her while she is out. According to what I have been reading, I am contagious to people that have never had chickenpox.
Avatar f tn My joints were becoming more tender and I was just about to go back on mtx and start prednisone when I got shingles. I was put on savella for muscle pain, mostly in my neck, upper backl and lower back and into my upper arms and it helped. There are days when I have flares and I think it's not working but it's improved in a couple of days.
Avatar m tn Spondyloarthropathies ) Please refer to my previous reply where I mentioned the vaccine you have taken for shingles contains a live virus, that has put you at a risk of getting this very same virus, you were supposed to be protected from, because of your particular situation ( Treatment with Humira and Prednisone).
Avatar n tn ) this is an unrelated question to MS or even MM (multiple myeloma what i have) I am on Prednisone for an asthma flair up. :( For the past month had increasing chest tightness, pain and just feeling breathless on stairs etc. Lung doc changed me to Adavair, and after a week I still felt more pain, tightness so I went to walk in. After consulting my asthma doc they decided to give me a course of steroids to nip the attack in the bud.
Avatar m tn ive been perscribed a lot of narcotics lately. I agree. But naproxen does nothing for pain and a little for migrane. Befor that went to er recommended pain doc. He gave lyrica and lipoderm patch. It was $850 with coupon. I have no insurance and am missing work. Asked for something else he refused. Said that's what they use to treat it. I'm at my wits end I cant take it anymore. Was he just bad doc? Is that true? What do I do next? Infectous disease doc said its stress. That's true. Bad divorce.
147426 tn?1317269232 I agree that this is an interesting and important dilemma for MSers. Having had shingles myself around 15 years ago, I know for a fact how terribly painful it is. Imagine driving down the road with tears streaming from your eyes in reaction to the nerve pain. (I think it's also thought-worthy that I contracted shingles after almost a year of great stress in my life, with the holiday season just coming. The damned virus had been lurking all my life, and attacked when I was very vulnerable.
Avatar f tn My dad has had shingles now for about 11 days. Does anyone out there know if the blisters all erupt at once, or does some heal then others come out? He has one pretty big sized one on his nose next to his eye, it has just scabbed, but he seems to think there is more starting, what should the medications be? Antivirals? They gave him antibiotics, and Lyrica for nerve pain. I thought they would give something else. Just thought I would post and see if anyone could help. Thank you kindly!!
Avatar f tn After researching a few things, my conclusion is that when I stopped the methotrexate, which helps psoriasis, that left me wide open for psoriasis that can be caused by plaquenil. I see my pcp tomorrow and I plan on starting prednisone, quitting plaquenil and going back on methotrexate. If this isn't psoriasis then I don't know what it could be.
Avatar n tn I had shingles in September, caught them early and was treated with anti-viral meds. They cleared up but several days later I began having hives which continue to this day (5 weeks). I first had a shot, followed up by Prednisone but when that wore off I was sent to an allergist. She did many blood tests but found nothing abnormal. I am taking Xyzal (which helps for about 6 hours) and Hydroxozine and Benedryl (plus using Calamine lotion) but I am miserable most of the time. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Symptoms persisted, rash on shoulder grew painful, back to Dr/APRN, diagnosed as shingles. Took a round of Famvir (I believe) and prednisone. Seemed to clear in a week and I was able to get back to training within two weeks. Three/four months later (and about a week/two after running a 4 day endurance event of which I probably didn't fully recover from), I started feeling very rundown (like the first shingle instance which I noted to Dr, but written off again).
Avatar m tn I have suffered from severe nerve pain stemming from my lower spine/siatic nerve and shooting down my right buttocks and leg. I recently came down with shingles and the Prednisone caused adverse effects so doc gave me Klonopin to counter act the prednisone. In this time my nerve pain has been 99% better then it was. While the klonopin does make me a little tired I am still able to function on a normal level only at a slower pace.
Avatar f tn I am now seeing an ENT, Urologist, pain management specialist, psychiatrist for anxiety, chiropractor 2x a week,and will see a rhementologist (misspelled) next month. Any ideas? I'm starting to become depressed because I feel like it will never end. Some doctor somewhere has to have the answer...