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1378884 tn?1315509445 I also have a workplace injury, fell on sacrum and R hip last November. I am starting a course of prednisone for 30 days. Never had problems with hip, (pain is radiating to my foot) or back until I fell. Is the Doc trying to rule out RA or Osteo for my R hip? I understand that prednisone is a inflammation reducer and autoimmune suppressor. He found a deposit on the bone near hip as well. MRI tomorrow too.
975514 tn?1325001538 I have an old bottle of prednisone that my doc prescribed to me for my asthma. I tried to get my rheumy to prescribe low dose short course prescription for my body pain- just as a trial run since I am consistently getting steroid injections in various joints for inflammation and it helps. My doc flat out said NO- it doesn't help people with fibro! I think it could help me- especially since I have a positive ANA, a RA factor (although low), and I can't live without NSAIDs.
Avatar f tn While looking for a prescription one day I found a bottle of prednisone that was prescribed to my partner for her chest infection. In desperation I started taking the 20mg tablets daily. I was about to give up by the 5th day when all of a sudden my pain started reducing! By the 7th day I was almost pain free! I was getting stuck into the housework and playing on the floor with my son! I was ecstatic! I've now been taking them for about 2 weeks.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn Pain flared up again after about a month, ortho referred me to rheumatologist. More anit-inflammatories for a while. Pain disappeared for a bit but reappeared in the exact same area but the OPPOSITE knee. Same deal, more cortisone shots,etc. And just like that, pain has come and gone moving around different joints in my body. R/ elbow then L/elbow, hand, wrist, shoulder, toes. At the present time, I'm 41 and still in pain, still seeing rheumatologist. Diagnosed with RA. (have seen 4 drs.
645390 tn?1338558977 Yet more meds, and more DX. I applied for SS disability so I guess here is another thing for my list. It is now in lawyers hands, so I really hope it will work out. My job put me on a "short term leave" which I havent told anyone yet. Makes me sad, so I will continue to ignore it for now.
Avatar f tn Another summer has gone by and I have been unable to do any walking for in my sneakers for exercise. When I try to walk, I need to stop b/c of the pain and then when I take the sneaker off - I can't move the toe it is so very painful. I wore a pair of heels (2") and I had to take them off. I could not move my toe as it hurt and was swollen. .. I wonder if this is ever was FDA approved for the toe. .. I truly don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn I have been to numerous specialist, my primary, and even an herbalist. My rheumatologist has now diagnosed me with osteoarthritis and fibrous dysplasia, and mentioned I am not sick enough for a full Lupus diagnosis? I have a positive ANA which continues to climb, C-protein tests continue to get worth, I am not registering any calcium or vitamin D - spite me taking supplements - and my white blood cell count is increasing after every set of blood work. But.... Not sick enough...
Avatar n tn I am under investigation ie had MRI and will have an answer 25th sept for pain in r/groin which the consultant thinks is onset of osteoarthritis but cannot tell until MRI comes back. I feel slight pain in the groin area when walking but feel excessively tired and sit in a chair and I fall asleep. I do feel unwell with slight bowel changes in the morning. I have recently felt a slight lump in my right groin leg when I abduct my leg on the bed.
Avatar m tn It is not necessarily informative or helpful and can be psycholigically very alarming for the patient. Hopefully the information at this web address for the National Health Service in the uk will be of help to you. I have found if very informative.
Avatar n tn I still have no hearing in the left ear. For years I have suffered from Depression and am on therapy for that. I have headaches, joint pain, stiffness, itchings hand and feet, fevers (low grade 99-100) and in general most of the time feel like I have a bad case of thee flu. Recently, my urine has turned a light brown and sometimes has a smell. I seem to continually being off and on prednisone or Darvocet. I also have skin rashes.
Avatar n tn She also has a growth on her spleen that I was told had a 75% chance of being cancer. She takes Denamarin for her liver and Tramadol for pain. Somedays she wont come out of her crate all day and just lays in her bed panting. On other days she lets me carry her outside and seems to enjoy laying in the sun. My vet says that when a dog stops eating she is ready to die. My dog Penny still eats just fine but I worry everyday about her condition and how much she maybe suffering.
572823 tn?1217212689 Kim et al. then conducted a double-blind clinical trial of MSM for treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Twenty-five patients took 6 g/day MSM and 25 patients took a placebo for 12 weeks. Ten patients did not complete the study, and intention to treat analysis was performed. Patients who took MSM had significantly reduced pain and improved physical functioning, without major adverse events (Kim et al).
522415 tn?1242941355 I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.
217599 tn?1202854552 I would be in a wheelchair or worse if not for the new drugs they have created or found to work, like rituxan which was originally for cancer. You can build bone mass by taking one of the osteporossis meds. I was on prednisone for nearly 20 years and lost quite a bit of bone mass but now it is back up in the high 80's because of the new osteo drugs.
1797277 tn?1315632507 Could be osteoarthritis or lupus attacking joints. Seek answers with Dr for tests,bloodwork to get treatment with prednisone or anti-inflammatory drugs.Rhematoid arthritis also needs to be ruled out with simple blood test called RA factor and ANA. Request these tests from Dr and it should give some answers. Good luck.
Avatar f tn htm) My endo got me scripts for prednisone and MTX. I took the prednisone for the first time two days ago. The swelling went down even more. I took the MTX yesterday for the first time. I haven't had any side effects. I expected to have fatigue and nausea after the MTX. I wonder if the lack of side effects has to do with the fact that I'd been taking folic acid, B12, and biotin for a week before starting the MTX?
Avatar f tn Listen to your doctor and make an appointment with a rheumatologist. He or she will know what meds are best to tackle this kind of pain, which is probably different from your back pain and will need medication with a different chemical make-up. I don't know what your doc said, but I'm guessing he thinks you have the auto-immune type of athritis, otherwise known as rheumatoid. This is a completely different from the wear-and-tear or injury-related type, known as osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn first in my legs and now in my shoulders. She yelled at me and said I have one minute to make up my mind if I want her to treat me for (MG), because I would have to take immune suppressants for the rest of my life, and the side effects are NOT benign. Otherwise I should get another doctor. The prednisone (20mg) she gave me did not help my muscle pain and heaviness. It made me sick. And I think it gave a stomach ulcer, so I stopped taking it, after a month!
Avatar n tn I take the flaxseed oil capsules, 1000 mg morning and mid-day for my own osteoarthritis in my jaws as well as for mood. Certain foods are rich in omega fatty acids as well, like macadamia and walnuts, pumpkin seeds and freshwater fish, such as salmon and tuna. And Ester-C (gentler on the stomach than plain vitamin C) can help with circulation to the area. Using moist heat might help relax some of the stiffness she feels.
778803 tn?1244643952 I am on Plaquenil and low dosage prednisone for Sjrogen/lupus. I am also currently starting a treatment of Vit D at 50,000 units per week... for deficiency... Could Facet arthritis all come from this autoimune problem... I do also have osteoarthritis on my knees and arthritis on my shoulder... Any advice out there is welcomed.
Avatar f tn 3rd day, my doctor prescribed me Prednisone, 4pills for 2 d; 3 pills, etc. BTW, I was diagnosed with gouty arthritis when I was 35 yrs. old. This is the first time that this happened, red, swollen feet on both feet? I thought gouty flare ups attack one joint at a time? How come this one? When blood work, x rays, etc. comes back high uric acid is high. My doctor says that I have severe got arthritis and very minimal osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn When I went to my regular MD, he prescribed low dose Prednisone, 5 mg. --2 for 2 days and then just 1 for 3 days. The day after I started the Prednisone, I felt 70% better. It was the only thing that helped me. The sharp occipital neuralgia pain was gone by the 4th day. Inflammation is the problem (at least for me it was/is). There are natural remedies that take time, and you can supplement with enzymes such as bromelain (comes from pineapple) and other natural anti-inflammatories.
Avatar f tn I hope especially my face would be affected and cured as I'd like to be rid of this pain that I've had for so long, but I want rid of the arm and leg pain as well. Thank you so much for your answers.
1205076 tn?1310613159 sarcoidosis (lung, liver), fibromyalgia, osteopenia, chronic cough, high blood pressure (controlled), and severe osteoarthritis. I just came off an 18 month regimen of prednisone, 10 mg down to completely off. I also take Effexor XR, Wellbutrin, Lopid, tessalon perle, sonata, robaxin, nexium (for 3 months now), benicar, toprol XR, Ultram, Lyrica, aspirin, I cannot take NSAIDs anymore due to an acute kidney failure 2 years ago.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been having swelling and pain in my left leg on and off for over 3 years. I have seen four doctors for it. The fourth doctor diagnosed it as Bursitis and put me on prednisone to help the inflammation. Well the prednisone sent me into a whole nother world of pain, I ended up in urgent care. So I went to see my fifth doctor an ortho with a hip specialty who did x-rays and a gad MRI and found a moderate sized bone cyst and a labral tear.
Avatar f tn I was referred to a rheumatologist who ran all the tests - RA, lupus, etc, which all came back negative. I was put on prednisone for a week and noticed dramatic improvement. Therefore my rheumatologist says it is definitely an inflammatory arthritis. I am now on Lodine, and Sulfasalazine. They seem to be helping somewhat. I haven't been on the sulfasalazine long enough to receive the full effects. I am so discouraged that I do not know what is causing this. All we know is it is inflammatory.
886125 tn?1242281309 out of he ordinary. My gastro put me on a course of prednisone before a colonoscopy with disastrous results. My diabetes went nuts, my blood sugar was over 500, my vision was shot and my hands and feet swelled like balloons. I was given insulin injections but my sugars stayed high. The doctor didn't seem overly concerned. I finally flushed the prednisone down the toilet and refused to take it. I have osteoarthritis and can barely walk because of my knees.
1341258 tn?1276189009 ) I was put on plaquenil based on symptoms and elevated ana, and low dose prednisone as needed. Just that alone helped me greatly. They also use this combo for osteoarthritis. Don't be too quick to want a specific diagnosis - it can effect your health insurance - better to leave it more vague. But you might ask the doc about starting you on some meds to get you more comfortable and note if they help......if they do then you can assume some sort of inflammatory process is happening.
Avatar n tn I have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have tried Celebrex,antibiotic therapy, methotrexate and now have been on Enbrel injections for 8 months. I now have tingling and numbness in my left hand and am constantly sore and stiff. My rheumatologist seems puzzled as to what to do next. I also have weight gain from the antiinflammatory meds I take.I am a nurse and work 10-12 hours a day, so I get plenty of walking done. I am a vegetarian and do not eat more than 1500 cal.