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1920497 tn?1322601927 The ENT doctor I saw put me on a high dose of prednisone for three weeks and then weaned me off the drug. I took it to bring down inflammation in my left inner ear, where the Meniere's started. I suppose it helped, but I'm very glad to be off the prednisone; it's a horrible drug to have to use with awful side effects. The doctor also told me to keep my salt intake to under 2,000 mgs. a day. Anyway, I do hope you guys will be able to answer my two questions.
230948 tn?1235844329 Hi uk2--I am by no means an expert on Meniere's, but I believe the MOST COMMON and basic treatment is a low-salt diet and use of a diuretic to keep the level of body fluids evened out over the day (because, traditionally at least, Meniere's is considered a type of endolymphatic hydrops and thus is affected by level of body fluids--as you may know, the inner ear is filled with fluid).
Avatar n tn What is the best way to keep Meniere's disease under control? Does it usually go away?
Avatar m tn Is it possible that Meniere's Disease can be passed on genetically from father to son? My father had it (I believe), and I have very similar symptoms that he had, including dizziness, verigo, and almost blacking out!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with probable Meniere's Disease by an ENT. He treated agressively with oral steroids, and then injected steroids through my eardrum into my middle ear. PAINFUL! No good results, more and more dizzy spells were occuring. Then went to allergist - who did a tympanogram, and discovered that my ear was full of fluid. He put me on QVAR, sprayed into my nose with a special nipple. NO dizzy spells since.
Avatar f tn Oh, I apologize, I understand now. He has Meniere's. Sometimes diuretics help people with Meniere's Disease to control the fluid levels in the inner ears. Currently there is a shortage of generic medications from several companies, and your boyfriend's usual brand may have been substituted with a different brand. Although it is technically the same medication, people can have different side effects from different brands. This is true for medications in general.
Avatar m tn My 30 year old son was born with an absent 7th cranial nerve. He was not a forceps delivery and was noted to have minimal/absent facial movements on the left side of his face which was confirmed by EEG. For the past few years he has been having increasing vertigo, nausea with some ringing in his left ear. These symptoms can last hours to a day or two and afterwards he experiences extreme fatigue.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with meniere's disease about 3 yrs ago. I've done tons of research on natural healing because I refuse to take prescription medications. So here's were I would start - start taking a vitamin B supplement along with gigko biloba and maganese. These supplements aid in blood circulation but you also have to commit to changing you diet.
16548945 tn?1449014779 I was recently diagnosed with Meniere's disease (cochlear hydrops). My symptoms started after a concert that was way too loud for me to bear, and followed with a couple months of tinnitus, muffled hearing, and inner ear pain. My symptoms went away for about a month or two and came back starting with muffled hearing, then tinnitus and inner ear pain. Most recently, my symptoms have evolved to include ear pressure/fullness and imbalance.
Avatar m tn He put me on a fluid pill Dyazide once a day taken along with potassium tablets, and lipoflavinoid vitamins for inner ear and I take an Antivert for my sudden attacks of vertigo. Antivert makes me drowsy but takes care of my dizziness. Meniere's is not curable but they can treat your symptoms. Good Luck!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Meniere's is a very complicated disease at best...I was first diagnosed with it in 1983 and four years later had lost my hearing to it altogether...(that and a toxic reaction i had to streptomycin therapy that was given for the vertigo and disequillibrium...I have shuts on either side of my head that effectively never worked from the get go...In 1986, I underwent a mid-cranial vestibular fossa...that surgery is now referred to as vestibular abblation....
Avatar m tn Hi all. I am new to the group of being diagnosed with Meniere's disease. I'm still seeking second opinions from a couple doctors (and if anyone out there happens to live in NC and know of a good one let me know!) but in the mean time I'm researching as much as I can on my own. My symptoms: flat hearing loss in both ears with slightly more loss at low frequency in my left ear, tinnitus in left ear and 50% caloric weakness in my left ear.
Avatar f tn Has anyone heard of Meniere's Disease being treated with antivirals and the herpes simplex virus is possibly a cause of it? I was diagnosed with Meniere's many years ago and also have HSV2. Just happened to read of the possible connection tonight when I was searching for something else to do with ears and it really surprised me, I have never made the connection between the 2. Has anyone heard of this? Do any of you guys also have Meniere's?
Avatar m tn Since the steroids helped you, check into food elimination. I went to an otolaryngologist and was diagnosed with Meniere's. I went on steroids and it stopped the attacks. So he told me to try food elimination to see if that was causing the problem. I chose to get off of gluten first (since my family does have gluten problems ). Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats. I haven't had an attack since them - and that was 12 years ago.
Avatar f tn Do you have to have an abnormal VNG test to b diagnosed with Meniere's disease? I have an abnormal ECOG and the 4 symptoms of the disease. Rotational vertigo comes in clusters but the clusters can b a year apart. Everything else has been ruled out by the normal test performed to rule out other things. I have fullness, severe hearing lost and roaring, pulsatile tinnitus in the L. ear daily with disequilibrium.
Avatar f tn Do you have to have an abnormal ENG test to b diagnosed with Meniere's disease? I have an abnormal ECOG and the 4 symptoms of the disease. Rotational vertigo comes in clusters but the clusters can b a year apart. Everything else has been ruled out by the normal test performed to rule out other things. I have fullness, severe hearing lost and roaring, pulsatile tinnitus in the L. ear daily with disequilibrium.
Avatar f tn I grew up in Mississippi/Louisiana. I have had vertigo once a year since 1999. In my 30's my family moved to Arizona and was diagnosed with Meniere's disease due my symptoms becoming worse. Last year while my husband was deployed I moved back to Mississippi with my family because of my Meniere's. While there I lost 45 lbs, and was able to drive, and be "normal".
Avatar n tn Hi I am currently being tested for Meniere's and wonder if it can go hand in hand with Trigeminal Neuralgia as I have it also??
Avatar n tn Hi, shingles and atrial fibrillation may not be related to meniere's disease. Atrial fibrillation can cause diminished cardiac output and dizziness. Meniere's disease can cause symptoms of tinnitus, dizziness and deafness. Shingles if it affects the cranial nerves or the brain can cause dizziness. So, all the three may not be related but can cause dizziness. Please check with your doctor for adequate control of her symptoms. Regards.
Avatar f tn Your question doesn't entirely make sense -- "the best alternative for meniere's"? Do you mean the best treatment? Hearing aids or implants are only potentially appropriate for later stage disease in which the patient has permanently lost significant hearing. One of the defining features of Meniere's is that the hearing loss is fluctuating (early on) -- it goes away (to a degree) and then comes back.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from anxiety for six months now after being diagnosed with Ménière's disease. During that time have had many symptoms that have come and gone but the one that keeps lingering even as my anxiety has lessened is achey legs and twitchy tight calf muscles. This discomfort is almost constant and seems to be getting worst - although my increased worry about it could be playing a role in how I am perceiving the pain.
Avatar f tn I have chronic ear problems. Pain, ear fulliness and fluid in the ear, headaches, dizziness,slight hearing loss, popping sounds in ear, ringing in ear, itchy ear inside, and nausea. Some doctors say it is just an ear infection and some say it is meniere's disease. I am exausted and sick and tired of these chronic ear problems. What can be done to help me, besides antibiotics. With all of these symptoms combined is it one disease or several different problems?
Avatar m tn Have been having the symptom's of Meniere's disease ever since. Not full blown but some weird stuff happened. Ringing in ears constant, balance issues, issues with heights, etc. Could it be that a Hep B virus, which is now chronic, is the cause of the Meniere's like symptoms? Thankfully, the room has never "spun" on me but I get lots of head/brain fog from time to time. Wondering if the inner ear issue and the Hep are related... can anyone add insight?
Avatar f tn Thank you for writing about your autoimmune disease of the inner ear. This diagnosis has been mentioned to me as I have "issues" going on with my right ear (I am deaf in the left). What were/are your symptoms of AIED? Was there a test to diagnosis?