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645800 tn?1466864555 I am hoping the Quix will have some thoughts on this. Prior to going on Prednisone and Azathioprine my IBS flared up after almost every meal (no correlation to what I had eaten), Plus at other times for no appearent reason. In the last month I think I have probably only had maybe 8 or 9 flare ups of my IBS. This is a very significant improvement! In reading about IBS I found that there are some things that seem to trigger flare up of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have 10 mg Prednisone tabs with me but the directions are to take 40 mg for angioedema and gradually decrease dosage. I know that if I take this dosage I will be up all night but am really uncertain about how much I should take. Using Aveeno to sooth the welts with minimal effect. I empathize with anyone going through this experience. Any suggestions appreciated. Am thinking of thinking an immunologist since the allergist was absolutely no health.
Avatar n tn When the vet put him on it on 12/16 the prescription said 1 tab for 2 weeks if vomiting resolves then 1 tab daily for 2 weeks, then give 1/2 tab every other day for 1 month. The mg. is 20 on the prednisone. Well I did as it said. As soon as I started 1/2 he started to vomit again. I called the vet and he apologized and said he meant to put 2 tabs then 1 then 1/2. Well I said now what my dog is vomiting again.
443004 tn?1205270224 I have a Scottish fold 71/2 yoa n/m who has had chronic IBS his whole life. He is now in crisis and the doctors aren't sure if he has developed lymphoma because of it with out further testing $2000-$3000 they are treating symptoms now. which remains as bloody diarrhea, anemia and occasional vomiting. His last bad episode he lost several pounds so now he is on: Leukran every 3 days, prednisone metrodiazionole and forta flora. his diet is royal canin duck wet.
Avatar f tn on a post I made towards the last I gave some websites that will be very helpful for you to read for your information on exactly what IBS is. Did your Vet do any tests to come up with this diagnosis? Other than being sick, what symptoms does kitty show? the Natural Balance Duck and Pea is a good food, however most of these have little flavor and its hard to transition kitties over sometimes, are you mixing it with a food that he likes?
Avatar m tn I had a 82 day negative hiv test (2 days short of 12 weeks) I also had a negative 4 week test I developed a rash on upper trunk and arms after week 4 that lasted 7 weeks and would not go away no matter what dermatologist did and I was very fatigue until week 17 from exposure never had a fever. Anyway my question is I was on prednisone 40mg for 8 days, 20mg for 4 days and off 3 days before I tested.
1483944 tn?1288104510 I've had many tests, somethin must of indicated Crohns to begin with and now nothing shows up, so i've been told I have IBS! The specialist said my symptoms are typical of Crohns but has given me meds for IBS. The Buscopan isn't working, the codeine is not working like it used to, i have been taking it for 4yrs though! I told my GP that i'm in daily pain, have bowel issues, not sleeping well and my appetite just comes and goes....
Avatar n tn I noticed on tv that a lot of the new meds for IBS are NOT for people liver problems. Don't ask me why but now every med that we can't have sticks into my brain like crazy - even though I don't need them. I haven't had that problem - if anything it goes the other way for me since I've been on the meds. I hope you find a solution to both of the problems. It just stinks when we are piling on MORE than just Hep and tx!
1176103 tn?1332974613 He has irritable bowel and has been on prednisone and probiotics for at least 3 months and there is no improvement. He is one sick, miserable, bloated little guy. I just purchased an IBS kit from Ask Ariel, a holistic pet provider. I've no experience with holistic/homeopathic, and after working for an MD who laughed his rear off about homeopathic remedies, am a little sceptical but at the same time, it is our last hope for Myrrhy, as the Vet's advice/med isn't doing much for the cat.
Avatar n tn My Rheumatologist tried numerous anti-inflammatory meds for my back problem; among them prednisone - that was the ONLY time I didn't experience ANY GI problems (or back pain)! However, I am not on any medications now, nor have I been for over a year. Between my bouts of pain at night, I've taken to researching various disorders - does Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis sound possible? Any idea of what this could be (including IBS) would be so greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed prednisone frequently when I was younger for asthma. I haven't taken any prednisone since I was 16 or 17. I also took inhaled steriods for intermittent periods of time and I would frequently use a nebulizor and an albuterol inhaler. There is no family history of any disease or mental illness in my family except for type II Diabetes and Asthma on my Dad's side.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn there are alternatives to pain meds. i also suffer from IBS but i dont take pain pills for it. mine has been flared up for a couple of days now...and even though the pain was pretty intense for about 24 hours...i just suffered through it and watched what i ate. foods are a real trigger for figure out what is causing your flare-ups and try and stay away from it. your body is reacting to the lower dose of pills. your brain is fixing to kick in big time...
Avatar f tn The others just started about 7 months ago. The only prior diagnosis I have had in my life is IBS. I am now seeing an ENT, Urologist, pain management specialist, psychiatrist for anxiety, chiropractor 2x a week,and will see a rhementologist (misspelled) next month. Any ideas? I'm starting to become depressed because I feel like it will never end. Some doctor somewhere has to have the answer...
Avatar f tn I have 3 other siblings and we all take our turn helping Dad, but we don't know what else to do.I thought prednisone was the cure for HE. How do I deal with this? What should I do or say when she is demanding things that do not make sense? When we say "no", she goes CRAZY. Must have her way or else... She understands her brain is not right and at times she knows exactly what she is doing but delusional most of the time. A DAUGHTER IN NEED...
Avatar n tn A slighly cheaper version is Digestive Advantage-IBS which is also good. But keep in mind that not every brand works for everyone, so you might have to experiment a bit. The only reason not to take probiotics is if you're severely immunodepressed, and it doesn't seem like you are, so I thought I'd mention it. I'm als wondering if you've noticed any correlation between foods and how much fecal material you retain?
Avatar f tn I have history of chronic sinusitis and had surgery a few years ago for it, was on prednisone, levaquin and avelox in nov/dec and ct scan showed some blockage, but surgeon said he could do surgery but I wasn't sure. My pcp said that this ent is a good doc, and doesn't just do surgery on everyone which I like, but while i was in with the ent he said the radiologist saw more blockage than he was seeing. Could this be d/t radiologist is looking at my films and ent is looking at a CD?
140029 tn?1393301742 zero energy, and any stress brings on nausea/anxiety Just curious if any of you have symptoms like that, seems like i've done everything the doctors have asked for on the IBS side and i'm doing fiber but I just feel awful.. how hard is the test and does this even sound remotely possible? Thanks (I'm super poor.. no health insurance this whole time and those tests I did before wiped me out..i'm thinking of asking the doctor if I can test for this because i'm desperate and can't work..
Avatar m tn I definately suggest pre-loading if you want to get all those lose ends tied up before Peg. Got a major migrain though. Also on Enbrel and Prednisone for severe RA So the journey begins...It's amazing how I can feel so bad but feel so good to be on the road to SVR. Here's to all our bravery and determination...
1063463 tn?1302278219 He referred me to a rheumy and from there it has been a nightmare. I had recurring uveitis for 11 months finally oral prednisone took care of that but I fear getting that back as it is quite unpleasant. Over the past 14 or 15 months I have had numerous symptoms...some stay some is a list 1. Severe vertigo in the beginning now it has lessened but it is there(mainly after I have sun exposure or while I am in flourescent lighting) also more noticeable around my period. 2.
678449 tn?1263558216 I have been fighting with SSDI for two years as they cite my age, training and education (ugh double masters) as reasons for denial. SSDI's docs think I have possible SLE and I am frightened. I received my Firbo diagnosis, from a rummy who told me to get over it and get a hobby, last June. He is the only Rummy in my town and UC Davis denied my referral for consult. I have been diagnosed with erythromelalgia, sleep apnea, asthma, insomnia, IBS, GERD, MPS, anxiety and depression.
Avatar n tn Hi, Since you were on prednisone for quite sometime you might be under remission and that could explain the reason why you have normal colonoscopy. IBS (not IBD) could also cause abdominal pain and mucus in stools and can coexist with IBD. Colonoscopy will be normal in IBS.
Avatar f tn And most docs won't look any further. I agree about the Prednisone. Stay away from all steroids for now. If your daughter really has Lyme, steroids can make it temporarily better but will only make it considerably worse in the long run. When your daughter has been on antibiotics, has she had periods of getting even sicker and then going back to where she originally was health-wise? I highly recommend getting a Western Blot done. There are a few labs that are better than others for this.
Avatar f tn I was the same as you...I've dealt with the IBD/IBS for 20 yrs and now it's fullblown. Arthritis, Rashes, Bumps, Headaches, Eye Infections, Incontinence, Back pain, Lung, Kidney and Liver issues too. The swtiching of diarrhea to constiptation is daily. Fatigue is chronic! I was told the hormones go crazy too when all this happens. This is genetic, and my granddaughter has had stomach/bowel issues from 6mos old(now 9yrs old). She now takes PROBIOTICS and is in to speak.
Avatar f tn He was put on doxicyline for 30 days. Two days later the vet called and said his lyme # was low and he was slightly anemic. She recommended an emergency abdominal Ultrasound. It was done the next day and fortunately came out normal. They recommended bloodwork to be done in 1 week and a repeat U/S in 1-3 months. A couple of days later the dog started to vomit clear liquids and had watery diarhea. I called his dr. and she said to stop the lyme meds immediately and be seen.
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
Avatar n tn Treated with prednisone on and off for past 3 months (one X via IV for EM), rest of the times (3 x) oral prednisone for 10 days ea. As well as Asacol, Pentasa, and 2 separate x with Flagyl. Colonoscopy showed "multiple aphthous ulcers throughout colon, otherwise normal." Biopsies of the ulcers showed "inflammation." No infections, parasites, etc. were revealed.
572651 tn?1333939396 - - The glucose tolerance tests sometimes have other requests asked for - and once I was sent for a blood test that took 11 vials (he had several of those repeated another time). I'm not sure what all has been tested for - will ask at next visit. Neuro. had been wanting to do a lumbar puncture but I kept putting him off - and he thought going on Copaxone would be a good idea, to lessen the possibility of any neurologic incident - & lessen the severity of one should I have it.
Avatar n tn severe cramping, pain, and diarrhea (forgive my spelling it is probably atrocious, I just got back from a colonoscopy and endoscopy) When I was about 19, my digestive issues got really bad again, to the ponit that I could barely eat anything and I lived for about semester on what little chicken noodle soup, crackers, and very occasionally little bits of plain bagel that I could choke down.
522415 tn?1242941355 I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.