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Avatar n tn Hi I'm on prednisone. 5 mg is a small dose for a human but for a tiny cat it would be much different. Prednisone has helped many people but it does have side effects, espicially long term use. It causes mood changes, depression, erritability, anxiety. Humans need to take Calcium and vitamin D daily because it affects the bones. Some of the other side effects:, increased appetite, weight gain, water retension, stomach problems, muscle atrophy, difficulty sleeping.
Avatar f tn we bought OTC for humans but it will not work as fast as a drug,about a month to kick in. Anyhow the Tramadol helped her for over a year until the day came she could not get up on morning,Zena weighed 124 pounds. Talk with your vet and see if this could be used to help your girl? ( I did not use Prednisone due to the side effects but that is just my thoughts) I do see it is not doing much to help her? I hope something works to help her and bring some comfort to both of you.
394687 tn?1290924440 Effects of prednisone, aspirin and acetaminophen on an in vivo biologic response to interferon in humans. Clin Pharmacol Ther (1988) 44 (2/Aug): 239-43 Fuggetta MP, Graziani G, Aquino A et al: Effect of hydrocortisone on human natural killer activity and its modulation by beta interferon.
Avatar n tn I was on Prednisone for 9 months, 2 years ago for asthma. I am still not able to get rid of the moon face! I lost about 20 of the 70 lbs I gained right away and the rest is stuck. Since then, I've had pain in my back and feet. I've heard that Prednisone encourages arthritis. Anyone else heard this or have problems? For the past 6 months, I'm in constant pain and am now being told it might be Fibromyalgia. One good way to get rid of the pain . . . Prednisone!
Avatar f tn Even with us humans, you have to taper....prednisone is weird, my dh took it and he said he felt like he felt so weird!!! Mood swings, ups & downs. Please let us know what your vet said. I hope your little guy is okay.
Avatar f tn I continued to monitor myself as I do with my medical diary and sure enough while on the prednisone, I had no abnormal movement. When I got off the prednisone, my abnormal movement started coming back. My question is Why? I have asked my doctors and they do not know why. They have never heard of prednisone stopping abnormal movement and my google search only brought up articles about dogs, not humans. So does anyone else have answers or have heard about something similar?
Avatar f tn { I'm giving you the link to the Dog Forum. Here's the link: I wish you and your Sweet Puppy the best!!! I have 2 dogs and LOVE thm VERY much. God Bless............
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a three year old Olde English Bulldog with horrible allergies. For the most part I can usually control them by giving he Benadryl, soaking her feet in oatmeal, cleaning her feet with Maloseb Towelettes and powdering her feet with Gold Bond Powder. The Benadryl hasn't been working so the vet suggested Clariton. That did not work at all so we went back to Benadryl. What other over the counter allergy medication can dogs take for itching?
Avatar m tn She has taken Benadryl ( 75 mg twice a day for a month ), then three Zyrtec a day for 3 to 4 weeks, now she is taking Claritin ( three a day ). No real relief. She took prednisone for two weeks while taking Zyrtec, and got complete relief. But, the scratching, biting started again as we were weaning her off the prednisone ( when she was down to one tab every other day ). The next drug we are considering is cyclosporine. I am seeking any one's experience with this treatment. Please advise.
1916673 tn?1420236870 This file is meant to delineate what the normal blood panel results should be for a dog and explains what each element is and what it shows. Blood results can be exceedingly puzzling and in most cases it takes a professional to analyse and understand them. It is hoped this reference guide will assist those with chronic kidney failure dogs, where one or more of the blood result levels are likely to be abnormally high or low.
Avatar m tn I'm at a catch-22 right now, as I'm not able to get her to a Vet anyway, and none of the Vets in my area do house calls for any reason. Not asking for anyone to dispense med advice here - just asking what you would do as a personal opinion only.
Avatar m tn , but still left that open for further discussion. It seems more difficult to treat animals than humans, when it comes to infections. Don't they have a broad spectrum antibiotic for this? I seems like a very common problem. I don't want to keep throwing money into the money pit just on a guess. Any real Answers? I am at wits end for my poor little girl.
338734 tn?1377163768 You could also set Limits, you'll see the tab. They will allow you to just search for humans instead of plus animals, men and not women, a certain age group, clinical trials, and publications done within the last two years etc. Also, this other site may help you, in your search, but you will have to register prior to using it. Here’s a little clip I grabbed off of pubmed..
Avatar m tn The study, Uprichard said, opens up a number of possibilities for therapeutics. Hepatitis C is the leading cause for liver transplantation in the U.S., but infected patients have problems after transplant because the virus attacks the new liver, Uprichard said.
306455 tn?1288865671 Mary I would think Prednisone can alter doggy moods. I know its a common side effect in humans as well. Ive used Pred quite a lot over the years. ANd if your dog already has a predisposition to aggression, the prednisone may exacerbate it even worse..
Avatar m tn I have no experience with local anesthetic for dogs. I guess the problem is that they are not like Humans. You can ask a Human to hold still for an hour while a tumor is removed under local....but you can't a dog. If the dog moved, it would make the surgery impossible. And restraining him for the length of time it would take to do a proper job, would be traumatic.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Thanks - I've heard about muscular problems, seizures and other things that happen to Cushings dogs and would appreciate hearing others' stories for what to watch out for as he approaches his 15th birthday.
Avatar f tn If you have the money, you might ask for a referral to an orthopedic specialist. There just might be a way of surgically correcting the area causing the most pain. Since he's such a young dog, his chances of responding to surgery and rehab are certainly better than in a senior dog. Treating spinal pain in humans is just as difficult as treating it in animals. It's expensive and much of the treatment is trial and error.
910930 tn?1242962806 It's like for humans I believe and humans take Prednisone at 7AM. Side effects will probably be the same than for humans: a voracious appetite! Try to dose her dry food daily so she only eats the amount the is supposed to eat. She may be hyper at first as well. She may also get bloated. Long term side effects: diabetes, osteoroposis.
Avatar n tn There haven't been enough studies on humans for them to know for sure, but they're kinda iffy during pregnancy. However, if YOUR need is great enough, your doc will probably keep you on them. Bottom line, though, see your doctor!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn My pain management Dr said the only thing I can take is opiods and made me stop my muscle relaxors, prednisone and lidoderm patches. My OB would like me to stop for the first trimester as she said it could cause birth defects but my pain management Dr doesn't agree. She said my high blood pressure associated with my pain, the pain itself , anxiety and stress outweigh the risk of taking it. I love my baby and don't want to do anything to hurt him/her so I want to stop immediately.
Avatar n tn s treated w/ Prednisone for inflamation, lactulose for ammonia, and lasix and aldactate for fluid retention. When they life-flighted me they told my husband not to expect me to be alive when he got there(4 hr. drive) however after 9 days I went home, the to alcohol tx. I was approved for Hep C tx. 18 mos. later after 6 mo. hiatus changing ins. comp. I still took all my meds and ate a liver freindly diet. Low protien, lotsa fruit and veggies, and fats & carbs.
Avatar m tn I was also on prednisone for months because of it, another concern. Your help and time is very appreciated. I thank you for your kindness. Bythe way, I have been in touch with the georgia Lyme Disease Assoc., but no one has dealt with the skin deal here.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info, but it is daily that this has been happening. It got better after being on steriod therapy for awhile but only on the high dosage not intended for long use.
Avatar n tn there's some pretty bad swelling involved, no respiratory distress (yet). he has had this about 5 times since june. had the skin test for 36 allergens and showed a very slight allergic reaction to dust and some of the grasses. has anybody had something similar? this child is suffering. they cant even prescribe prednisone because he has been on it so many times recently. if anyone has any suggestions on labs he should have checked i'd appreciate it. concerned aunt!
Avatar n tn The vet put her on antibiotic,did a skin test,the vet didn't see anything.She did have a rash all ovethe vet said it could be scabies(mange)She has been on prednisone for 8days and on 2nd. treatment of revolution.She was doing great but now for 2 days she's itchy again and has scratched her upper leg raw.What can be causing this?Can it still be the mites?
Avatar m tn Currently, the dog is mostly healthy and happy in most every other aspect, except occasional limping from arthritis, the obvious problem is that she is wasting away. I need some kind of ideas, she's currently on prednisone and neurontin for neurological pain. One fecal transplant was performed at home via enema from a healthy dog in our ownership, and within six hours, she regained her appetite and her spirits greatly improved, as well as her appetite. However, her diarrhea did NOT subside.
Avatar n tn Hi, Staph Aureus is a common bacterium found to infect skin lesions in humans commonly. The prednisone may be used to decrease the intensity of the infection whenever the infection is widespread and confluent. I think, the bacterium strain that you have got may be resistant and therefore a Culture sensitivity may be done to find out the susceptible antibiotics and then those should be administered.
Avatar n tn My basset hound had surgery for a ruptured disk two weeks ago and has recently developed bed sores. I have tried to keep him clean and dry, but he is on prednisone and urinates frequently. I have tried diapers, pads, towels and blankets between his legs, but he is not yet walking and I need to know what to do to cure these sores. I am washing the area frequently and drying it, and then applying an first aid anitbiotic ointment. What else can I do?
2193335 tn?1339370806 If the cancer decides to spread, - without the chemo Lucy can be OK for 6 to 12 months. - with the chemo, it would be from 18 months or more as the chemo would have slow the progress. The new options that we can have, if we decide to skip the chemo, is to have Lucy being checked every 3 month. If the cancer spread, some chemo (or another operation) will be done, but the chemo will not be as powerful as if we did it now.