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Avatar f tn I'm taking Prednisone for buzzing in the head/ear and it stops it. I was prescribed 1 20 mg tblet per day for 5 days. The awful buzzing stopped for 3 weeks after I used it for 5 days.Then it started again. So I went to ER and they said I had so much wax in my right ear that it was impacted and covering my ear drum so they cleaned it out. I had no buzzing for two days; also they prescribed the Prednisone again for 5 days. I took ONE AND REALIZED IT WORK IMMEDIATELY. The awful noise stopped.
Avatar m tn Something similar happened to me. I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. Lost most of my hearing in left ear. I take a course of prednisone a couple of times a year to combat vertigo, which accompanies the disease. It all started as you described- a head cold and clogged ears.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a severe sinus infection with fluid/ear pressure buildup so painful, the doctor prescribed 20 mg of Prednisone, taken 3 times a day (60 mg) for 7 days, reduce to 2 for 2 days, then 1 for 1 day to keep from 'damaging her ear drum because the fluid buildup was so bad'. She's been taking it for 5 days and feel sick to her stomach, headaches - the only thing that has left is the pain in her ears. Is that an overdose what they gave her? Are these the side effects?
Avatar n tn I sporadically have fluid/fullness in my ear which I believe is due to allergies, but I am afraid of taking allergy meds because I was recently diagnosed with Subclinical hyperthyroid disorder and have been told that sinus/allergy medications and amplify the effects of the meds. My problems is that I have this feeling like when you drink way too much alcohol and your head is all over the place. I guess that is like a light vertigo feeling. Could this be due to the fluid?
Avatar f tn If you don't mind, can you tell me if the ringing you have is from inner ear fluid. If fluid was your problem, how long did it take for the fluid to release?
Avatar f tn Alot of people on this site under prednisone has said the same. I was given this for vertigo, because the PA thought i had fluid in my ears. Each pill was 5mg, the first day I started with 6 pills, THATS 30mg!! Then weened down. By day three I was sick as a dog. Anxiety out the butt! Irritability, night sweats, weak, tired and could not sleep.
Avatar n tn I've been to an ENT and three doctors, and none saw any fluid in my ear. Every doctor I saw had a different response. The ENT said, "Oh, just air not pressurizing properly." I'm assuming (since he did not elaborate or do further tests to see why) that my Eustachian Tube is not opening and closing properly due to inflammation.
446896 tn?1237806342 the dumb PA in my doctors office gave me prednisone for vertigo!!!!!!! she thought I had fluid in my ear causing the imbalance. Dummy didnt have sense to refer me to a ENT!!! When all was said and done, my dizziness aka VERTIGO, was a result from very low iron, my hemoglobin was 8!!! I have very heavy menstration so im anemic. Anyway, just goes to show you are dumb and lazy PA's and some doctors are. You should be better after you fully stop Pred. Give your body 2 months, give or take.
Avatar n tn I was on 60mg of prednisone for Graves Disease with eye involvement for 21 days, long enough for the Tapazol (thyroid med) to kick in. I started noticing the moon face after only 21 days, but at the same time could start tapering off since the thyroid med had kicked in. I have been on 20mg a day and have had a moon face for 3 days. I plan to go off the prednisone all together in the next few days. For those with Graves Disease, it took 25 days for the Tapazol to kick in.
Avatar n tn For several years now I have had greater amounts of wax and occasionally, once a month in each ear fluid leaking for a day. Then fluid stops and firms up like a yellowy wax out of the ear. Now my one ear has gotten worse to the point I have been taking steroid drops to keep it clear as I wait to see specialist. The doctor says wax in the ears or an ear infection that will not go away but this may be a skin ear irritation - I do have rosacia on my face. Anyone else have similar problem ?
Avatar f tn MY left ear, long considered useless, opened up I felt a trickle in the back of my throat. and I could suddenly hear in that ear for a while. Oregano oil is purported to be a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti parasite herb. I have not been consistent with taking it and I feel foolish about that. The problem in my right ear began on a plane flight, I heard a crackle and my ear hurt.
Avatar f tn 2 steroid injections in ear- 2 weeks apart with no change. I was diagnosed with autoimmune inner ear disease and sent to a rheumatologist who put me on methotrexate for one year to suppress my immune system which she felt was destroying my inner ear. Long story short--- I was not convinced that this doctor really understood this condition and I hated what the meds were doing to my body- so after about 3-4 months, I quit taking the meds and stopped going to doctors.
Avatar m tn There are rarer and more serious causes, like I mentioned. For adults with fluid in the middle ear that won't go away, most ENT docs consider a thorough head/neck exam (including endoscopic exam of the pharynx) as mandatory.
Avatar f tn When I am not dosing myself with ibuprophen( I was taking percocet at night but hated the side effects ) I am acutely aware now of pain in the neck in a localized area; below my ear. The doctor ordered an M.R.I. which I a awaiting and thought it could be a disc irritating a nerve but I am very unsure of that because the pain in my neck feels deeper than that. I am tired and looking forward to any thoughts suggestions coments. I live on an island and cannot wait until the M.R.I. results.
Avatar n tn was given 10 days of 875mg augmentin, start 5 days 40mg prednisone if no improvement after 3 days into Augmentin.Started prednisone Thursday. Saturday intense itching in ear, tube/jaw area, audible sloshing noise when rubbing neck/jaw area. Sunday morning during an ear irrigation at home i noticed a gray cloud like substance hanging out of my ear, rinsed it away.Week 3- finished all meds, intense pressure and pain is unbearable. Yesterday(wednesday) back at Kaiser.
Avatar n tn Its unclear whether his problem could be neurological or not A CT scan would exclude a blockage of cerebrospinal fluid as in this case the ventricles/fluid spaces would be enlarged While an MRI scan will help to further exclude a neurological cause, you should also have an ENT evaluation and a good ear exam A mass or growth blocking any of the ducts or passages (ie the eusatican tube) should be excluded Over the internet I am limited in terms of giving you a diagnosis, as I have not seen you
4542756 tn?1356193948 Hi, Thank you in advance for your answer. I have a kity with a Hematoma in ear. It is full. Been drained 2 times in 2 weeks. I cant afford surgery as it is over $1,ooo. I was wondering if it will heal on its own. He is on Clavamox due to the second draining to prevent infection. Also had one round of prednisone and the vet wants to do a longer Prednisone tx now. My concern is how long before it will start to go down or resolve on its own. Please advise....
Avatar f tn maybe you could have a slight ear infection, that has gone down to the inner ear drum, best thing to do if your really worried about it, and it doesnt go away within the next few days is to consult a GP or your local doctor.
Avatar f tn It feels popped all the time and I often hear my heartbeat pounding in that ear. I am constantly moving the muscles by my right ear which makes a crackling noise as if it is going to open up, but it never does. I have been using Debrox for the past week to try to clear out earwax. No ear wax has come out that I am aware of. I'm thinking this problem isn't related to earwax at this point. My ear has just not been right for 4 months now. Any ideas? thanks!
Avatar f tn said stop all treatments and now it is back and she has a perforated(hole) in her eardrum. I am at my wits end. She has had an infection in her ear for 4 weeks now and she is only 3 yrs old.
Avatar n tn (both ears) but i will tell everyone of you that when i get a T tube placed in my good ear this solves the problem for me. I get a tube place in my ear about every 2 to 3 years to prevent my good ear from having problems like my bad ear had. Anyway thought i'd share a little info with you all. Most ENT can preform this procedure in the office with a minimal discomfort.
Avatar n tn I've had the cracking noise problem in my left ear for several years. Well it started in the left ear and gradually the right ear joined too, though it is not as much interested as the left one to participate in the activity.
Avatar m tn Inflammation in the nose and sinuses can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid. If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. Also, anxiety can cause dizzying spells. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.
Avatar n tn If there is Eustachian tube blockage from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to fullness in the ears. Treating the sinus infection should help resolve this. The tubes can also be blocked in Eustachian tubes dysfunction. The blockage can be intermittent. Check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Holding your nose and blowing into your ears would increase pressure in your middle ear, not your inner ear. Also, the anatomy of the inner ear appears to be such that the pressure in your inner ear will be the same as in your CSF. The periodic episodes of vertigo and feelings of fullness in your ears you describe are both symptoms of Meniere's disease. I do still think it might be a good idea to assess your CSF pressure.
Avatar n tn I also have pressure (feeling of fullness) in my right ear and in the last day or so, have been salivating alot more than usual (only on the right side) and it is somewhat uncomfortable (like eating something sour first thing in the morning). Also, the ear that feels full is super sensitive. Just typing on the keyboard makes it feel like my eardrum is vibrating loudly. I also have some sensitivity in my eye socket on that side and a low grade fever for several weeks (99.2 up to 100.4).
Avatar f tn If the Eustachian tube dysfunction, does not resolve with medical therapy like nasal sprays, then surgical options are the choice of treatment. Myringotomy, where a tiny slit is made in the eardrum to aspirate any middle ear fluid and to allow temporary ventilation into the middle ear space. Pressure Equalization Tube, PET, where a tiny plastic or metal tube, is introduced into myringotomy to keep the portal open. Please discuss this with your doctor when you meet him.
Avatar n tn Without examining you and reviewing your history, I can not provide a diagnosis. The initial face pain could have been a form of trigeminal neuralgia. However the balance problem would not be explained by this. You should have an evaluation by a neurologist. A MRI of the brain with contrast to look for signs of inflammation would be helpful, and you may require a spinal tap after this. The spinal fluid can be analyzed for signs of inflammation.
Avatar n tn Are you sure it's not an ear infection? Or fluid in the ear? That can happen with a cold or sinus infection. Do you have sinus trouble? What kind of noise is it? Sometimes I hear my heartbeat in my ear when I lay down. I dont' know if it means anything. I do have high blood pressure, though. Since you are young, that is probably not your issue.
Avatar n tn One more thing, when I feel the release of fluid this pressure builds up on the right side of my head almost direclty in line with the right ear after the pressure builds up I feel a release of fluid which than drains. hope someone can offer advice...........thank you Can you tell me what is meant by Synechaie and free form fluid. I do feel the fluid draining so I am wondering if that is the fluid I feel. But, I am not sure what Synechaie is thank you. attached copy of cisternogram and mri.