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699217 tn?1323442300 My doctor gave it to me to help the swelling in my elbow, and she said it would also help my allergies which have been horrible for several months now. Here in Texas all the trees and flowers or whatever lol are blooming and they hate me, I have suffered somethin awful. She gave me 5 mg. and the bottle says to take one every day, she gave me 60 of them. Do any of you have any experience with this drug?
Avatar f tn Also other comorbid conditions can aggravate the asthma, such sinusitis, GERD and unknown allergies. You really should be tested for allergies, if you haven't already. GERD can be silent and produce a cough as it's only symptom. If another cause can't be found then an increase in inhalers is a good idea. How many puffs/day of your Symbicort do you use? You can use safely up to 8 puffs/day.
1716896 tn?1308884362 I was taking 20mg prednisone twice daily for 3 weeks, and my last dose was monday night. Today is Thursday, and I am developing an itchy rash over my whole body, do you think it is related? Also, my heart rate is also 104 at rest and I have a dull headache.
217229 tn?1192766004 I was on prednisone for 3 to 5 years when allergies and asthma were out of control. When i finally started allergy injections most of the problems went away. I've seen pics of myself while i was on prednisone and it wasn't a pretty sight - moon face, swelling, puffiness, weight gain. I've often wondered if all that time on prednisone either exacerbated or sped up the hep-c. The last time i was on it for an extended period was between 1993 t0 1996.
Avatar m tn My allergist at one point gave me a script for 30 pills of 5mg prednisone. He told me that if I was having issues, I could try doing just two days of it instead of a week, etc. Is it okay to do that? I took some about two weeks ago for allergies (two 5mg pills, then 1 the second day). I now have a bad cold and swelling in my throat (and I am living with a pet I'm allergic to (out of my control)).
1949012 tn?1324418876 Today our itchy AB starts Prednisone for her assumed environmental allergies. Vet has prescribed the following dosage: Give 2 tablets by mouth every 12 hours for 2 days, then tablets every 24 hours for 4 days, then 2 tablets every 48 hours for 4 days. That’s only slightly confusing :) We are going to give her her first dosage 9:00 P.M tonight and follow as instructed. Fingers CROSSED and more posts to come!
Avatar n tn When I'm triggered by allergies - a lower dosage of prednisone works (about 40mg) with other allergy meds (nasoqart cq, and Symbocort are my lifesavers!). Hope that helps!
Avatar n tn You can search online for dog prednisone side effects or call your vet and discuss dosage, side effects, and what the cause might be.
144586 tn?1284669764 Plus prednisone can cause or increase the amount you are refluxing. It normally didn't help my symptoms at all until the course was done because I have bad reflux. I would use this medication only as a last resort with a history of GERD.
Avatar f tn I have 10 mg Prednisone tabs with me but the directions are to take 40 mg for angioedema and gradually decrease dosage. I know that if I take this dosage I will be up all night but am really uncertain about how much I should take. Using Aveeno to sooth the welts with minimal effect. I empathize with anyone going through this experience. Any suggestions appreciated. Am thinking of thinking an immunologist since the allergist was absolutely no health.
Avatar n tn Weaning him off at the earliest sign of problems would be possible if you're keeping track of how he's responding. The dosage does sound high to me. The usual dosage for a 20 pound dog is 1.25 to 5mg per day. He would be getting 4 times that much. That seems excessive to me, especially for such a long time. I could see working up to that much and then weaning down from it, but not starting at that dose and just keeping it going for that length of time.
Avatar n tn Hi Cindy, Wow you are so helpfull. Thank you so much you have really helped me out. I am on a tapering of course & I am about to go down again today. It is so nice to know that the bloating & moonface does go away when you get down in dosage. 60mg of prednisone for 6mnths seems so high? Does your daughter have rheumatoid too? Anyway thanks again I am going to the doctor today & I will find that book. Good luck & I hope your daughter is soing well still.
446896 tn?1237806342 yes, anxiety is a potential side effect. I am experiencing it myself right now, from Prednisone for allergies.
Avatar f tn I had a dog with allergies and I gave her antihistamine tablets and also kept her away from grass - as her allergies would get worse when she palyed outside.
681148 tn?1437665191 It seems like Akira has seasonal allergies and dust allergies in addition to her food allergies. Because I really don't want to give her long term steroids, I decided to only give her the 1/4 tablet of Zyrtec that the vet told me to give her before. I try to wait 'til I just have to give it to her, because I know that people can build up a tolerance to antihistamines, so I figure that animals can, too.
632033 tn?1222426634 My I remember being checked by the dermatologists and a specialist with b swabbing a sore/blister a couple of years ago and they told me that there was no sign of the virus...(which is odd) though when I got checked for allergies, the virus was apparent. Now...I remember having canker sores very bad until the age of 14-15, where blisters began to appear instead of the canker sores. (which is also odd) This was after I had gotten the Chickenpox vaccine.
318181 tn?1336447096 Hi everyone! I have a dog who is three years old with seasonal allergies. For the past two years, she's been getting benadryl (OK'd by her vet). When her allergies started this year in early March, we started to give her benadryl again, and she's been fine up until now. The poor thing is so itchy! She's 64 lbs, and I give her one benadryl three times a day.
689528 tn?1364139441 If anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to control his allergies that would be great. He is already on food that doesn't have corn, wheat or gluten. He is just VERY itchy all over but especially around the hip area and he is shedding constantly and EVERYWHERE!~ He is a boarder collie. I suspect it's ragweed..we live in the country and there is a field directly in our backyard. I have oatmeal often should I bathe him?
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever dealt with Severe RX allergies making it hard to take necessary RXs for cardiomyopathy, VT, low EJF, post thyroid cancer with rai, Sjogrens syndrome, hypothyroidism. Im 63yrs, feel horrible. No quality of life. Cold hands, feet, extreme Fatigue, Dizzy, Nauseous. I take 25mg Atenolol daily & just decreased Synthyroid to 100mc. Have fast pulse & ↑↓ Bp.
Avatar f tn Luckily he pulled through but seemed to be suffering from what looked like meningitis (yelped with certain movements, rigid standing etc) and consequently is on prednisone. His dosage was 35mg daily (he is 20 kilos / 45 lbs). I rushed into prednisone, it literally saved his life and I had no option to read about the pros and cons beforehand.
127124 tn?1326739035 Actually, it's a long post / if you just search in the upper right of the page where it says..."search this community" and type in "Dog with seasonal allergies" or "basset with allergies", or just "allergies", lol , that topic will come up and you can read the whole thing. Hope that makes sense!!
Avatar n tn I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn three months ago i received a shot of prednisone for fire ant allergies. i have a minor case of cirrhosis, the shot was 120mg, i was weighting at 135lb and in poor health. that night i experienced the first headache of my life. it was a sharp pain lasting a second right in the middle of my brain. next couple days i had a brain fog that was also new to me. naturally i did not take the steroid pills for weaning. and now three months later, my body has changed.
Avatar f tn the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
1574314 tn?1296204882 When your asthma becomes out of control how many of you have been put on prednisone or medrol packs.
Avatar n tn Hi Shielah I''ve started to taper my dosage of prednisone down so that I can get off really has not helped much and it is making me so shaking and anxious. Thanks for explaining how it is supposed to work. I think the side effects, at least for me, are not good. It hurts my stomach too, even though I take it with food. I'm still coughing and I lose my voice because I don't have enough air to speak properly. I used to buy Benylin in Canada.......
Avatar n tn He does have skin allergies as well. They believe that there was a correlation between his allergies and the IBD. Every so often we have to give him prednisone to treat his skin and we shampoo him with medicated shampoo. He eats California Natural and W/D and I/D, ask your vet. They are natural food. I/D is rice and very bland and the W/D helps with diarrhea. See if this helps.
217229 tn?1192766004 It's been very hard to just get gulps of air.... Sigh. So Prednisone went in at 7 am today. I've been terrified that I'd have to take the Prednisone - for fear of "reactivating" the HepC virus... But because Dr. D said once you are SVR - the disease is "gone"... I've calmed down a little bit. Now... I'm a bit concerned... But what will be will be.... Unfortunately I like breathing and can't live on THAT many medications just to do it.
Avatar m tn This wasn't a good choice to keep her on the prednisone treatment. The vet said since the prednisone worked on her its most likely environmental allergies from relocating to a moist humid environment with lots of pollen from a very dry desert environment. After taking her off the steroids she has continued to lick the fur off her backside, hind legs, and now starting on her front paws.