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Business woman2 when taking the steroid, Prednisone, are you to take the 5-2 pills all at once? What are the side effects if it's done?
699217 tn?1323442300 My doctor gave it to me to help the swelling in my elbow, and she said it would also help my allergies which have been horrible for several months now. Here in Texas all the trees and flowers or whatever lol are blooming and they hate me, I have suffered somethin awful. She gave me 5 mg. and the bottle says to take one every day, she gave me 60 of them. Do any of you have any experience with this drug?
Avatar f tn I'm feeling a little better about the high dose all at once.
Avatar n tn Did you take your pred all at once or spread throughout the day?
Avatar f tn The first IV treatment seemed to help, but only for a day. Once I began the prednisone, my symptoms have gotten noticeably worse. I've been taking them for about 18 days (currently on the 30mg dosage). The neuro said he's doubting MS because the predinsone isn't working. My question is this, has anyone ever experienced worse symptoms on prednisone? They symptoms aren't different, just worse. As a side, I really appreciate all the advice and support I've gotten here.
217229 tn?1192766004 The people I know who have complications with steroids are using it on a daily basis or close to that. Once or twice a year doesn't seem to bother me at all. I also take an asthma controller, Q-Var, which is a steroid. Took it throughout tx, twice a day. Also needed steroid skin creams, again throughout tx. I wouldn't worry about it. Asthma is no picnic either.
Avatar f tn My neurologist wants to start me on 60mg then slowly taper my dosage. I'm so nervous because I've been reading all the side effects to this large of a dose. I know many MS patients are also treated with steroids thats why I decided to post my question here. Can some tell me their experiences with prednisone especially if they were on such a high dose? I know this sounds silly, but I really dont want to be puffy, have excess facial hair along with the unpleasant other reactions.
1150481 tn?1270493736 Hi all, I heard some clinics use steroids like prednisone during IVF transfer. Is there anyone who used it in their IVF and had success? If so what was the dosege of prednisone and how long did you take it?
1523516 tn?1330047857 Was very tired, almost zoned out a bit, my body hurt and my eye had been bothering me all day. At about 5am this morning, woke up with an excruciating pain behind my eye and shooting back through my head. I almost called 911. Today other than nauseouness, hasn;t been too bad, but still don't have the (bouncing off the walls) energy everyone told me I would have. And my hip and knees have been bothering me. Did anyone else have these sort of effects? Thank you and blessings!!
Avatar m tn Prendisone gives you energy, helps you breath better, I was on it after my accident and started last tx with it. I took it for a ruptured adrenal gland and lung issues. Short term it does give you energy and helps with many things, long term my understanding is can cause a lot of other damage. I know it took a long time to be weaned from it, For me it was a long time, Adrenals are little glands that control a lot.
Avatar f tn the only way to completely avoid getting these side effects is to not have to take the prednisone at all, which, unfortunately, is not usually an option. Prednisone can be a wonderful drug that can help with many, many illnesses/diseases, but it also can be one of the nastiest drugs when it comes to side effects. The good thing is that once you are off the prednisone, the moon face and weight gain tend to (at least for me) go away pretty quickly.
6012171 tn?1381683220 Three 20mg pills all at once, each morning for 3 days. From what I have read, prednisone should be tapered down. Maybe I am confused and that is only for long term use? Also, I don't know if this matters but I am a small person and wonder if this dose is too much. I am 5'3" and about 105 lbs. The only other medications I take are Baclofen, and occasionally Excedrine for headaches. The side effects of prednisone sound awful so any advice you can give me is very much appreciated.
Avatar f tn She has always had a great appetite, just since she was being tapered off the Prednisone she started throwing up and stopped eating. Very confusing, but at least she's eating now, and not struggling to breath. She's still a little wheezy but much better. Thanks for your info, it helps to get advice from someone that's going through the same thing.
Avatar f tn this is worth than having my 3 babies all at once. Going Monday for a skin biopsy of the hives...have to clue how they do that. I AM MISERABLE, still taking meds, but hives go away for a few hours after taking prednizone, then come right back. I had to quit my job due to all this. I am on complete bed rest and would rather be dead than goin through all this. Appears that there is no END in sight in getting over ths.
Avatar f tn I was told to take 3 20 ml pills all at once, once a day, for 5 days. Since I took them earlier I have been a mess. I'm over heating, my stomach is knots, I'm crying and pissed and depressed all at the same time, nauseated. Should I just get the dosage lowered or just stop taking it? It's already caused a small panic attack.
Avatar n tn I am very worried about giving him the prednisone. He was originally diagnosed with pancreattitis, so all the more reason I am leary about puting him on it. He has been suffering for over two months with nauseau, lethargy, loose stools and constant lip licking and excessive saliva. We nave done numerous blood tests, urinalysis, fecal, tested for addisons, xrays, epi.
Avatar m tn I would suggest checking in with your doctor to see what his/her plans are for you getting off the med, whether it will be a taper after the 30 days or if he is just planning on you stopping abruptly. If at all possible, request that he taper you down. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me what the scaling down dosage is for prednisone. Annie is being treated for possible lymphoma and is receiving 10 mg per day for two weeks. The vet wants to keep her on this dosage but since she isn't sleeping well I feel that I am only prolonging the inevitable. It also takes two people to give her the pills. One to hold her and I pop them in. I am running out of people at this point,, so I need to know how you taper the pred.
Avatar n tn HI, My daughter also has a serious autoimmune disease, and has spent the past 5 years on steroids. She has repeatedly done several month courses of 60mg, and it certainly does change her appearance. The bad news is, right now while you are on that dose there is not a thing in this world to make the moon face go away (words straight from the mouth of her immunologist).The good news is it does go away. Many people find 10mg to be the magic number.
446896 tn?1237806342 The symptoms only escalated and left me feeling things I never knew could happen to me. I am an intact person at all levels. With the prednisone, all that left me to a sense of hopelessness, wanting to just die. Four days after my last dose things got worse as I was admitted to the ER with a heart arrthymia of atrial fibrillation with a very high rate. Shortly after the doctor saw me and having taken my history and blood work he agreed it was the prednisone.
Avatar n tn I needed the prednisone for poison sumac and called my doctor (she is my new PC) and she called in 7 20mg tablets to be taken 1 once a day for 7 days. Now I know by experience that they usually taper prednisone starting at the higher dose down to a lower dose and then stop. I have also had this in other circumstances other than poison Ivy. This disturbed me a bit that she did not do this or maybe did not know to do this.
Avatar f tn Luckily he pulled through but seemed to be suffering from what looked like meningitis (yelped with certain movements, rigid standing etc) and consequently is on prednisone. His dosage was 35mg daily (he is 20 kilos / 45 lbs). I rushed into prednisone, it literally saved his life and I had no option to read about the pros and cons beforehand.
Avatar f tn Hi Lill, I was on prednisone 60 mg for a few months, then slowly reduced my dosage. I think it helped calm down the disease in the beginning. But after some time, especially once I reduced the dosage, I'm not sure it really helped anymore. I think it is your decision what to do, since the doctors don't really know enough about our disease. Have you tried antibiotics first? Is the doctor giving you any other alternatives?
Avatar m tn A few doctors I dealt with and got frustrated with give me totally contradictory advice or refuse to comment at all. I have a feeling that if I put them in one room, they would scratch each others' eyes out (and then would bill me for it). I know it's long, but I am bit frustrated in trying to understand it. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I hope that I’m wrong and that the whole thing is a coincidence. Ideally, this wouldn’t be happening at all, but I’d feel much more accepting of the situation if I find out that I didn’t directly cause it. Based on the majority of your experience, I have weakened faith that the first doctor I go to will be able to help me. I’m going to give the magnesium and calcium pills a try and seek out testing for Compartment Syndrome. Again, thank you all so much.
Avatar f tn At the time I went along with it because I was pregnant so I was fine with the low dose but I thought once I had the baby he would raise the dosage. When I went back after having the baby and asked if he was going to raise the dosage he said no lets just leave it at 5mg and see how it goes for 6 months. I have'nt had a flare up but the large lump, which according to the breast specialist is infammed breast tissue is still the same no changes.
Avatar f tn My new neurologist just increased my dosage to 150mg (75mg twice a day) saying that I should not be taking all at once - so half in the morning and half at night. Since I started that I feel like I'm getting migraines daily, putting on weight and had a horrific period (the worst in years!). Has anyone heard of this and if I go back to what I was doing will I go back to my only periodic migraines and back to my weight loss?
Avatar f tn He also should have been gradually increasing my dosage, which he also failed to do - until the injections, when it was increased all at once from 7.5mg/week to 25mg/week. I apologize for the lengthly post.... just trying to give some more background here, as I feel like I have a decision to make, but don't want to make the wrong one.
Avatar f tn I just had a relapse a week ago and was takin 10mg prednisone 2x a day for 4 days. I noticed all I got was massive headaches and still have problems walking when I start off to walk. Prednisone seem to make me feel jittery and not do anything to help. I go to see my dr. this coming Monday. Hope my Dr.
217229 tn?1192766004 I had to take large amounts of prednisone at that time in order to control the rash (remember, this started at week 7 of tx!). This went on and on for about a month, with doses of prednisone going as high as 80mg a day (that's a lot!). Until finally it got so bad I had to take a shot of IV steroids (a drug called solumedrol), which finally seemed to settle things down (or at least get them on the right path). I was tested with a sensitive PCR all during this phase of my treatment.