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Avatar n tn Is it possible to be diagnosed with shingles without having an external rash? The pain is on my left side only in a band near my waist line. The pain is horrific - even to the touch. All symptoms seem to be consistent with shingles but after 2 weeks of this, there is no rash. Narcotics, vicodin and darvocet have helped some but not completely.
Avatar m tn I remember enduring colonoscopies without anesthetic and having polyps removed when I was 20. The symptoms would lessen temporarily, but I would never heal. It took a while to realize that doctors (M.D.’s) weren’t interested in healing me. Better to neutralize the symptoms temporarily, say there’s no cure, and insure repeat business.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Yes, you can have just the pressure without other symptoms. Actually, I've had various odd symptoms that don't seem to be sinus related until the congestion gets worse. For example, the left side of my face was swollen for weeks before we figured out it was a sinus infection, because the congestion mucous wasn't all that bad. Hopefully your doctor can give you something for the pressure. Nasal irrigation may also help.
Avatar f tn or a neuro. without the MRI results first?? Could poss. cost them more in payouts, if I'm referred to the wrong person?? I hate ins. companies....I've paid in premiums more that enough this year to pay for an MRI!! May have to pay out of my own pocket to get it done. I am trying to stretch slowly, but scared of what stretches to do, so as not to make it worse. I did quit taking the Flexeril, yes it did seem to make it worse. Why don't they tell you these things?? Have not seen my chiro.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with early copd. Since I do not have health insurance, i go to a clinic. The physician's assistant has prescribed singular for my copd, I don't feel that it is helping me very much. I mostly have shortness of breath & coughing in the evening. This disease frightens me because I don't feel I am getting the right medical advice. I asked about simbicor & spiriva and was told that those meds are for later stages of copd.
Avatar f tn It has to be mixed at a compounding pharmacy, and it would not be covered by insurance as this is off-label use, but it would cost about $40 a month. A friend of mine is on it for a different autoimmune disease and he is free of prednisone and loving life.
Avatar n tn Since the birth of my second child in 2005, the med's stopped working.. Without insurance, I was under no medical care and no med's.. For the last 6 months, my symton's have gotten worse.. It used to be certain things like salad, certain vegetables would upset my stomach, but now it is literally every time I eat I get a stomach ache which is very painful and I litterally have to use the toilet 10-15 min. after eating..
1129232 tn?1360803958 THEN i will have to break the cost of all of this to him as well. I'm hoping insurance will pay for IVIG and humira at least! Anyway - the road is LONG and hard but I'm hoping i can get there soon! I have been feeling like a hamster on a wheel through all this infertility stuff. Running and running and getting nowhere. I hope that this will finally give me success.
Avatar n tn DV - if the visit is done through urgent care, I would venture a guess - and it is only a guess - of less than $200. About $150 for the face time with the doc and then the prednisone cost, which is a generic, pretty cheap drug. An ER visit is a different animal - I'm not sure you can even get out of the ER for under $1,000 these days. Those are just GUESSES from me - but that's my thinking.
Avatar f tn The university I work for is self-insured (I still haven't figured out how this is beneficial, but hey, it is what it is), so they literally have to pay for the rest of the cost of my medication. The total cost (see breakdown below from my online insurance login) is $4800 every 3 months, and I pay $400 which leaves them with $4400. Outrageous!!! Billing Information Total Cost Deductible Member Paid Co-Pay Plan Paid $4,820.07 $0.00 $400.00 $400.00 $4,420.
Avatar f tn Like I said, pushing this post to the top will get more people to see it and hopefully someone knows the exact amount of time you can be without insurance and still have pre-existing covered.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately Botox is not FDA approved for use in the bladder and you would have to talk with your Urologist to see if your insurance companywould cover the cost of the drug. It may be an expensive out of pocket cost if it's not covered, and unfortunately the studies show the IC symptoms are back in 3-6 months requiring multiple reinjections. Option 2 is the interstim sacral nerve rood stimulator for urgency and frequency.
Avatar n tn Jan 6 -- Had sex (with condoms vaginal and without condoms oral, with a girl I know for a long time). b. Jan 28-- Kissed a girl intensely and sucked her nipples, she told me later that her ex-boyfriend was an injection drug user. I did not have sex with her. c. Mar 28 -- I noticed after the stripper gave me a lap dance that there was a cut on her thigh. She had cut herself while shaving, there was a band-aid on it. I was fully clothed during this encounter, but there was semen in my pants .
1636472 tn?1439186588 4 of the 600 IU Menopur: 36 Vials of 75 IU Doxycycline: 60 of 100mg tabs Prednisone: 4 of the 20mg tabs Progesterone in Oil 100mg per day Estrace (Estrogen) 90 tabs of 2mg Valium: 2 tabs of 5mg As of right now we are looking into purchasing our medications at least 2 weeks before my projected menses in the beginning of June. So pretty much by mid May I need to have them. So far, the cost for all meds is around $5,000.
Avatar f tn This is all been very difficult and I'm nervous. Do you think I should go to the ER? I hate to go without insurance and not sure what they'll do for me.
Avatar f tn She also gave me a script for Nucynta, however, I was not able to get that filled because my insurance does not cover it, it was goign to cost $110 for a 10 day supply and even though she had given me a discount card for it, because my prescription coverage is through Medicare, I'm not eligible to use that card - nobody with any type of government prescription coverage is. Which totally and completely SU***!!!
Avatar f tn My neuro works with a compounding pharmacy and they make a super pill of dexamethesone that is equal to 25 prednisone tablets. My last compounded round (five days) cost $48 total. You could also take those 25 pills a day if you can swallow that many. According to the research and my neuro, there is no difference in the efficacy of the three options. They all will work about the same way - it's just with the oral forms you aren't committed to the infusions.
Avatar m tn Plus Albueterol and Combivent --- PLUS I'm down to the last 3 days of now single Prednisone But if I let it lapse - even an hour on the time of the Benedryl, fexofenadene - then I'm hitting the bathroom for steam - looking for guifensin - chugging the inhalers and coughing non-stop. So - it's just keeping it in check... It will pass soon -- Another 10 days or so... And then I'll just be on the Albuterol and Combivent/Nasonex/Advair/Singulair.
1182479 tn?1273376014 Hi All I saw my neuro on Thursday, told him it would probably be my last visit, as i now have no insurance, he wants to keep me on the 50MG of Prednisone for the rest of the month then taper me down gradually to perhaps 5mg a day within 8 months My Concern is that he wants me to start Betaseron again, and i really do not want to go there, I still have shot sites that are healing from 3 months ago, that's when i stopped taking the shots, as ii was having a bad reaction to them he has decided t
Avatar m tn I was suffering from idiopathic urticaria that was sometimes triggered after pressure, but not always. Tried all the antihistamines which did nothing. Had a little success with Zyflo combined with Predisones, but would still get bad flares and had to deal with all the side effects of the steroids. By pure chance in early 2009 I cam across a dr who was aware of the testing Genetech was doing to get Zolair approved for Urticaria.
1002983 tn?1349825686 Also, this last cycle, I was prescribed with prednisone. I started on this a day after egg collection, and kept taking it up to 7 weeks gestation. All this time, I've kept off caffeine and I think it's best to keep off alcohol. I don't drink alcohol, and think maybe it's not great for fertility, although there's nothing documented about it. The other BIG thing I tried this successful cycle was INTRALIPID.
4619045 tn?1361136210 My GP treats those without insurance for cash. Its not cheap but no health care is I am afraid. The ER is the worst place to treat or diagnose MS. They are not designed to help. They are for Heart Attacks, bad cuts, broken bones, etc. The first thing most ERs will ask for is a Credit Card. Some Places have Free Clinics but they are rare. Ours is turning people away. I had no insurance for two years and only went to a GP that took cash. I got less care but enough to get by.
Avatar f tn I plan to get Endoscopic Spine Surgery next year after we buy our home. It will cost $70,000 and my insurance covers $60,000 so I will have to finance $10,000. But it is so worth it to have piece of mind that the surgery has a high chance of being successful at eliminating most or all of my pains. I would consider getting a nerve conduction study completed to see how extensive the nerve damage is to know whether or not you are at risk for paralysis or not.
225417 tn?1391878793 Somehow, there is sometimes a silver lining and I found a young female Oncologist who suggested I use a small daily dose of dexamethasone (a steroid, but different in pharmacological composition to prednisone) for the 4 months of FEC. It was a very tough time as I couldn't eat any solid food without severe faecal incontinence, but she got me some hospital prescribed Frutijuice that had all the essential nutrients and minerals to keep me alive for the months when on FEC.
365571 tn?1219601346 The pacer cost about $41,000.00 and that needed to be paid in cash up frount before they would even touch me! It was not covered by insurance because it was "experimental", used in under 4,000 people a year. I went to the makers of the device and told them my story, they said they would donate it to me for free, IF my doctors would donate their time. My doctor wouldn't help me.
Avatar n tn Hi Lisa - I'm new to the forum, and really can't comment on your symptoms or the likelihood of MS, but I just want to pass on some information regarding insurance that I hope will help you. There is insurance you can buy privately, and at this point I don't know how expensive it is because I'm just checking into it myself. Anyway, it's called Critical Illness Insurance.
Avatar f tn Had open lung biopsy in November diagnosed with Interstitial Lung disease. Dr just started lowering the dosage of prednisone from 60mg I am down to 20. I also take advair and use the nebulizer 3-4 times per day.It appears that I do not respond well to the meds. The cough has become constant and the lidocaine was suggested to help surpress the cough. What I am concerned about is Lidocaine safe to inhale at home without the supervision of my Dr? Can there be any serious side effects?
Avatar f tn they took blood work to send out and prescribed me a high dose of Acyclovir, and oral steroids (prednisone) i have little patience and needed it to heal as fast as possible since i am a waitress and people see my face everyday. i researched home remedies and natural treatments. i applied a compress of ACV. ( apple cider vinegar) i didnt realize it then but it made it way worse! and trust me i whole heartedly believe in these remedies. ill touch base on this again in a bit....