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Avatar m tn Blurry vision is a known undesirable side effect of prednisone while both blurred vision and watery eyes could also indicate increased eye pressure, which can be acutely detrimental. It is advised to consult an ophthalmologist ‘immediately’ and discuss with your treating physician if prednisone should be discontinued or tapered. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn My only problem right now is vision loss. I have had 3 days IV solumedrol and am now on oral prednisone. Has anyone else had the vision problem and how long did it take for improvement or did it improve at all? I'm new to all this.
Avatar f tn Exophthalmos (proptosis or bulging) Dryness Redness (erythema) Eyelid lag Eyelid retraction Blurred vision Tearing Grittiness Foreign body sensation Double vision (diplopia) Staring appearance" *** About Guide: The 10 Things Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Graves' Disease: "Antibodies known as stimulating TSH receptor antibodies or thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI) are responsible for GD, thyroid eye disease (Graves' ophthalmopathy) and also the skin condition know
Avatar n tn I also have a numb sensation that covers most of the left side of my body and blurred vision in my left eye. I have had a CT scan, which was normal, and I saw a neurologist who told me I have headaches...really? I have been prescribed prednisone, neurontin, tylenol 3 and I have even been given demoral. None of which relieved the pain, just made me tired. The past week I have had increased pain in the back of my head, neck and shoulders.
Avatar f tn What are some causes of blurred and double vision after reading or doing computer work for 15 minutes? I was diagnosed with polymyosites 10 years ago and have been taking cellcept and prednisone. I was told about four years ago that I had blepharitis but the treatments did not really help my vision. I have tried eye drops which do not help. I've had a lazy right eye since child hood and have had two eye surgeries for wandering and crossed eyes and may have another soon.
Avatar m tn hot flashes, weight gain, hives, and some blurred vision. I know this is from the Prednisone because these issues disappear once I stop taking this medication. My question is this, what are my options to alleviate the issues I'm having with my sinus's and if it shows to be an uncorrectable problem what other medication could I use to replace the Prednisone I'm taking?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am 25 & am on Prednisone(60mg),salasapyrin(500mg)& Plaquenil(200mg) per day. I have developed a large moon shaped face. I am swollen in the face & neck & hate what it is doing to my face. Will this swelling & fluid go away when I come off the steroids in five weeks? It is causing me to be depressed & family have noticed the change in my face & are worried for my health.
Avatar n tn It feels a bit tighter/dryer and my vision is slightly blurred. The frequency can be up to as often and I have gotten one while driving. The episodes do not always last as long and at times I feel like I can shorten or perhaps stop them from happening by not letting my eyes search and breathing slowly. My surgeon was disappointed that the episodes were as frequent and wasn't sure why. Is it just a matter of healing? The back of my head is still healing from the surgery.
Avatar n tn The blurriness you're experiencing could still possibly be related to the course of steroids (although still not very likely) - in that use of prednisone can raise blood sugar and elevated blood sugar can cause blurred vision, although usually in both eyes, not just one.
Avatar m tn About two months ago my doctor put me back on the prednisone drops and they seem to help with the irratation to some extent but the vision problems never went away. I frequently get my eye checked and I do have scarring on my cornea which they say might be a cause but I don't think so. I've had no other eye injuries since shingles and I think the scarring has been there for a while. So how can my vision suddenly change out of the blue? My left eye has 20/20 or had** when there was no glare.
Avatar n tn This caused a huge problem with her eyes, which has included bulging of the eyeballs, blurred vision, aching of the eye, and swelling of the upper and lower lids, to the point that they swell shut at times. They sent her to an Eye specialist, who put her on Prednisone for the past 4 1/2 months, with no results, (except a ton of bad symptoms from the drug, which included a hugely swollen face, rapid weight gain, headaches, etc.) and then sent her to have the eyes irradiated. Still no help.
335728 tn?1331418012 I had previously told my Neurologist that the Opthamologist stated that all the problems I was having with my eyes including blurred vision and regular double vision were related to MS but the Neurologist said that "No, it is your eyes, it is not MS." I told the Opthamologist what the Neurologist said and he asked who my Neurologist is and I told him and he was surprised and stated that he and this Neurologist don't normally bump heads on diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Then my head felt really congested and I started getting blurred vision in the morning for a few minutes after I got out of bed. Had MRI's, blood work, CT, etc. My ENT said that she thinks it all has to do with allergies. She said my allergies (Something in the air) were just building up and building up. I started having these symptoms because the build up just became too much. She just put me on Singulair and a nasel spray. Said it might take a month to work.
Avatar n tn Whenever I ride my bicycle, I sometimes get blurred vision in my right eye. I starts out as a stinging feeling, then the vision gets very blurred. It's like a piece of wet kleenex is covering my eye. As I ride, it gets worse, and does not go away for several hour later. Sometimes up to 6 hours later. I have had an ultra sould for blocked arteries in my neck, with nothing showing up. You should know that it does not happen all the time, but it is getting more frequent.
Avatar n tn There are many causes of blurred vision and only an eye exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist can tell the cause. Ask your family MD or Rheumatologist to set up a consult with an Eye MD as soon as possible. If you have been treated in the past with steroids/prednisone cataracts are high on the list of causes plus RA can get in the eye (uveitis/iritis). TAKE ACTION NOW. You can also find an eye MD near you at www.geteyesmart.
590279 tn?1286339622 -occasional facial pain -dizziness/feeling out of it -vision difficulties when things are acting up - blurred/popped out vision when I try to focus on some things -racing heart and on/off anxiety I had gone to 2 Ear/Nose/Thorat docs (first said stress, second said "don't know, have to live with it"). I've gone for a CT scan, tried prednisone twice (first time it helped, second time didn't), tried nasal sprays, decongestants, sinus infection meds and all nothing.
Avatar f tn It can cause hoarseness in the voice, coughing and choking on food, slurring of speech, extreme muscle weakness, blurred or double vision, droopy eyelids, and the most severe thing is called: A MG crisis. It's when your chest muscles are so weakened that you can't breathe. Then, it's an emergency. Oh well, just trying to help answer your last question. Remember though, I'm not a doctor. Just what I say I am: grannymusiclover.
Avatar n tn He says he can see his hand a little if he holds it out to the side, but nothing directly in front. He thinks his side vision has gotten a little better over the weekend; hoping maybe the prednisone is helping. He is taking medication for high blood pressure and his doctor told him that that may be causing his dizzy spells and not get too hot. With this additional information, any more information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn For more than a year, I have had constant, debilitating fatigue. I also have vision problems including blurred vision, trouble focusing and large "floaters." I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night and I have irrestitable daytime sleepiness. I have trouble remembering things. I am an editor and grammar specialist and now have problems finding the right word. I had to take a leave of absence from my job because of this.
Avatar n tn ), so wasn’t sure if headaches causing blurred vision, or blurred vision causing headaches, noticed when driving and needing to check to my left for traffic when changing lanes was not easy 10/20, Tues, noticed could hardly see computer screen, very blurred 10/21, vision worse, made appt w/ primary care physician.
Avatar n tn Since taking the prednisone 3 months ago, she began having blurred vision, which I hear is a common side affect. But she has had lingering side affects of skin flushing/rashes and the worrisome side affect of a sensation in her head as she describes as a wavy electric current that lasts very briefly and feels like water rushing through her head. She has had an MRI, EEG, a neurological workup and several visits to an environmental allergist. So far all tests have shown up negative.
Avatar n tn She was given prednisone over the standard course to remove the reaction in her system. Since taking the prednisone 3 months ago, she began having blurred vision, which I hear is a common side affect. But she has had lingering side affects of skin flushing/rashes and the worrisome side affect of a sensation in her head as she describes as a wavy electric current that lasts very briefly and feels like water rushing through her head.
Avatar m tn 9 weeks ago after the birth of my second daughter, I started having some discomfort from dryness in my eyes, and then one day after a panic attack (my wife had complications post delivery and we had to rush her to ER), my vision went blurred and it has not returned to normal since then. I will say it has improved from where it was that first week, but seems to be stuck at about 90% of normal.
Avatar n tn Was also put on Prednisone 6 days and this was the only meds that helped. Once I completed the round, the blurred vision, and head pressure came back.. I have been using Alavert D12 and Flonase for past week. Just recently, have had vision issues again and dizziness. I cannot even ride in the car, I get like- car sick, too much motion. Then I feel panicky, because my head is not clear and the ENT office states that dizziness is normal.
Avatar m tn It started with floating spots then progressed to blurring periodically. After that I started the prednisone trials and it clears up on the higher doses but comes back on the lower doses. I noticed last week I was having a day when my vision was blurred most of the day along with some other symptoms and contacted my GP who wasn't in. They referred me to the neuro who insisted I was improving because of steroid euphoria without asking me any questions about what exactly was feeling better.
Avatar m tn I woke up yesterday to my eye being red and slight blurred vision. I said let it pass a few hours. Then i couldn't take it i went to the original eye dr. So he was in a hurry and checked me out quickly and said this is not from impact (i fell snowboarding last winter on my face), not from chemicals(i work on my car). No, this is inflimation again and your symptoms are returning.
Avatar f tn The neuro-ophthalmologist performed a series of tests (such as an OCT, visual fields, amsler grids, color vision, near vision). She stated I had eye inflammation and it was possible optic neuritis. I was then instructed to get a brain MRI with and without contrast (MRI procedure was done on November 15, 2014) to see of potential MS. The results came back normal. No lesions were present.