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1168718 tn?1464987135 with ms, but I have had the same exact question. I was wondering if I had continuous yeast infections and if it had something to do ms. I had recently gone for my annual Pap and all tests were clear for infection..... so what has been causing the "itch". My doc. said that in the beginning (5 months ago) it could have been yeast and I treated it, but to me it kept coming back, or so I thought, she said I must have treated it with the OTC inserts and it went away. But to this day...
Avatar f tn See your regular doctor or your gyn to be properly tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally before treating. chronic vaginitis can cause issues with the skin, causing tearing and such so make sure that you are properly treating what is going on.
612551 tn?1450025775 -) Benadryl does not contain prednisone. And I am willing to be that it was the pred that helped your dog the most: it is known in vet-circles as a 'miracle drug' because it can be used to heal alot of things. I just googled temeril-p and here is what I found: Composition Each tablet contains trimeprazine tartrate (USP) 10-[3-(Dimethylamino)-2-methylpropyl] phenothiazine tartrate (2:1) equivalent to trimeprazine, 5 mg, and prednisolone, 2 mg.
Avatar f tn i have had uti's and bladder infections in the past, and this feels different. i don't have the urge to go, or the pressure associated with it. i don't have a yeast infection. then i started thinking, okay, i woke up throwing up all day on and off, i was sweaty but not hot, and now i have burning urination. i thought maybe a kidney infection, but then the burning stopped. so then i thought maybe i didn't drink enough water and prednisone makes people urinate alot.
Avatar f tn stay away from sugars, starches, antibiotics and (at least in my case) prednisone and inhaled steroids.
5629636 tn?1371256640 my poodle has the same problem. after several medications from the vet. I did my own research and found a product (ZYMOX-OTIC HC 1.0% Enzymatic Solution) you can get it on Amazon. I also put him on a grain free diet. If you buy this solution get 2 bottles because you will have to apply it every day for 2 weeks. p.s. helpful hint-warm the solution up to your body temp. like in a pocket or some place next to your skin (bra) for about 1/2 hour, it helps stops all that ear shaking.
Avatar n tn That said, if your symptoms are typical of yeast and no different than previous yeast infections you have had, that's probably much more likely than herpes; and the response to fluconazole (Diflucan) favors yeast, even if not complete - you're right that it takes several days for symptoms to resolve completely after yeast treatment. Finally, taking prednisone indeed can predispose to yeast infections, but not herpes. Finally, usually herpes would cause specific sores.
Avatar n tn I have been reading all your post because I have been so upset and miserable over my yeast infection. I have gotten yeast infections a lot. The yeast infection I have right now is one of the worst infections I have ever had. It hurts so bad and I am so swollen on the right side. It is hard to sleep at night or let alone walk around. I got a 3 day treatment to treat it myself considering I have had them a lot before.
Avatar f tn He only goes on prednisone when he gets the abdominal lesions and therefore hasn't been on prednisone for the last month and a half, and still the incontinence. I ordered a "Belly Band" as someone suggested. But I'm also game for some type of medication. What is the "spay incontinence" med? Do you think it would work for my dog's old age and possibly something wrong with his kidneys/bladder situation?
Avatar f tn A few days after the yeast infection started I was at work and my lips felt sore and tingly. I looked in the mirror and had what looked like blood blisters inside my lips. After going home and to bed, I woke at about 5am and my lips were extremely swollen. I went to the ER that morning. The ER doc said I was having an allergic reaction and prescribed prednisone.
Avatar n tn IgM and VCA and EBNA antibodies detected. Throughout none of the above infections did I develop a documented fever. However, since I learned of my low cd4 count, I have been having night sweats every now and again. Notably, I have had a decade (and perhaps lifelong) long history of mild candida albicans issues. Upon becoming sexually active at age 20, I would periodically develop (average of 1 a year) very mild male yeast infections that would ultimately respond to oral fluconazole.
Avatar f tn I am feeling so much better and the infections in body have lessened and then so did the fungus.....Has there been any type of exposure and a question for you to have him ponder on.....Does he POO EVERYDAY? WE SHOULD...and if not does it REALLY STINK when he does?...Sometimes I wanted my nose to be down the street while the butt was busy...anyway, just some things to think on...I will pray that you find your solution...Keep us updated..Have a wonderful Blessed Day!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!
Avatar n tn So I called him and he put me on prednisone 5mg 4x per day until I feel better and then I can decrease by one pill every three days. Today is my 4th day and I still can't stop coughing.........I'm so sore. I'm wondering when and how it will work. My chest xray is okay. My brother has severe asthma and he says that the prednisore will work but it does have some nasty side effects. I welcome all comments and information...........I have actually cracked a bone from coughing........
Avatar n tn A month later he developed a UTI and I had an allergic reaction that put me on strong antibiotics (doxycycline) and short term prednisone because they had no idea what I was reacting too. I developed a yeast infection-my first in 3 years and the 3rd in my entire 30 years. Cleared the infection with Monistat. I did not see my guy for two months because of work. When I returned to the states I developed a mild yeast infection after intercourse—this infection just keeps coming back.
Avatar n tn There has been a major problem with my doctors overprescribing antibiotics and prednisone, too. I have even tried switching doctors, and they keep pitching me right back to this doctor at the university because they say he is the best around. However, I do not agree that he is the best. Back in June of this year, I had surgery for fungal sinusitis, but it has come back over five times and it is only November.
Avatar n tn I have constant upper respiratory infections. I know my immune system is weak. I try to keep it strong and I do see a pulmonologist. I rinse my sinuses and use my pulmo-aid machine . It seems to start in my sinuses. Could I have yeast overgrowth in my sinuses due to frequent use of antibiotics and who would diagnos that.
Avatar n tn It was a severe URI that required me to undergo several chest xray and take several antibiotics and two rounds of prednisone. Also, I used inhalers and sat in docotors offices for hours. During this time, I started treatment for what I thought to be a yeast infection. Made sense since I had taken several antibiotics. I had a thin white discharge around my vaginal opening. The OTC cream I used caused such intense burning that I knew something was amiss.
Avatar n tn advair has warnings on it that it can cause candidiasis, yeast infections if not rinsing mouth or the dispenser, I would not use this, you can also get it in your lungs, remain untreated even if they treat your mouth and not your entire body, it can get into your eyes, too, long term use, cataracts, If you can use something else or not at all, then do it, but do not use meds ALL the time, give your body a break , see how you feel, if you use meds ALL the time, eventually, your body could get dna
Avatar m tn My older child has had frequent and very persistent sinus infections, and they routinely give prednisone and nasal steroid sprays in addition to antibiotics. They still can go on for months. From anecdotal evidence on the web, I would not entirely rule out chronic sinus infection as either a driver or exacerbator of your anxiety. Who are you seeing for the sinus infection? I'd suggest at this point you need an ENT specializing in sinus.
Avatar f tn I had vaginal yeast infections, yeast infections in my armpits, and also in my mouth (gross, I know...sorry for the details). I also had stomach problems, and was completely exhausted most of the time. I think that part of this was from the disease, but part of it was also that the antibiotics had really wiped out my immune system. I think that in the long-term, the antibiotics made my body so weak that it had a more difficult time fighting the IGM. So...
Avatar n tn I found what you had to say very interesting. I am very interested in the book on yeast and I am definatly going to check it out. Have you ever heard about taking oregano oil to help kill yeast. Have been doing some research and saw that suggested. Wondered if you had any thoughts?
Avatar f tn We have a Westie that has had a lot of problems with skin yeast infections. He has also had ear infections for which prescription drops were used for a couple of weeks. That worked, but he still has some ear itch, or maybe rubbing is ears on the rug just feels good, I know he likes me to rub his ears as do most dogs.
1464587 tn?1307495205 Some people are just genetically more likely to get serious fungal infections, and I am one of those, it seems. My body doesn't easily fight it off, and I look back and think that was true also of at least one of my parents. For me, the symptoms of the yeast infection were so similar to the symptoms of Lyme that my Lyme doc didn't pick up on the true problem for a long time. He finally did a blood test for it, and said I had one of the highest test levels for yeast that he had ever seen.
198419 tn?1360245956 I've researched so much on my own, and feel that it is the meds, just don't know what to do about it. I can't handle the doses of prednisone, and am now on nothing, and have lingering problems which include burnt feeling skin, fluid underneath, etc., can't be on my feet for long, or they and my legs swell and burn. I can't put any pressure on my body, or the fluid goes to it. I feel like my body is just acting/reacting like it hurt.
Avatar f tn I always have breast pain, and have attributed it to my scar tissue from the surgery. I have asked in the ms forum regarding yeast infections and if people experience this more often. but now I am wondering if all of this crazy stuff that is going on with me has anything to do with it. I am a clean person, and try to take care of my self and eat good, but of course, something isn't balancing out right in me. I am definately going to suggest Lyme Literate DR.
Avatar f tn Either way, I am back on the prednisone again. This time however, after I finished my round of prednisone and was rash free for almost a week, the rash came right back!!
Avatar n tn first, advair has been known to cause fungal infections and sinus infections. I remember reading something about fungus actually causing the sinus conditions. There was a diet recommended. Something like the candida diet with no dairy, wheat, yeast, or fermented things like vinegar and beer. Maybe you could find something about it on the internet.
Avatar f tn I have had swelling to the hood and labias for past 2 months. I have recurrent yeast infections and 2 months ago had one of the worst yeast infections ever. The white specs under the hood was also present...even changed the brand of toilet tissue I use thinking it was from the "softer" brands.Needed to use Monistat 3 to no effect and had to use Monistat7 and be placed on antibiotics.
Avatar n tn These infections can destroy your body and open you up to even more infections. The Fibro Center does include an anti-yeast supplement, pro-biotics and immune boosting treatments when on antibiotic treatment. I am all for natural treatments, but unfortunately the natural treatments alone haven't helped in my case, but if your symptoms aren't as severe, then certainly all natural is the way to go or at least try first.
Avatar n tn I would like to get to the cause here. I've had reoccuring bladder and yeast infections and now this strange paper cut problem. I use Canestan (might be english brand) which might be a cause. My perinium seems to be short, meaning my vagina and anus are quite close together. I don't want to be on creams for ten years because my fiance doesn't like cream in his mouth! Would very much enjoy getting to the bottom of this and believe we should keep talking to figure it out.