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Avatar n tn I wanted to ask if it took prednisone awhile to get in your system and start working and if it was the kind of medication I could expect to relieve pain. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
689327 tn?1240232764 ok, man i have asthma too well, i quit smoking a few yrs ago so now my lungs are good but prednisone made me nutz has your doctor given you other options such has zopenex or pulmicord these are mild steriods and if you use them in your nebulizer, and slowly taper off the prednisone your body will have a little help what dose do you take, how many a day?
Avatar n tn saw the rhuemo and it was no help! I have been in and out of many different doctors and my blood work doesnt match with my symptons, ( neg ana ) the weird thing is is I have the scle rash! and guess what its coming back! so once again back to the dermotolgist! yea =) more tyclminlone, I'm 24 yrs old and feel like normal isnt an option for me any more...I 'm very frustrated and emotionaly drained. no one seems to be able to tell me what is wrong with me....
Avatar m tn To have you on prednisone and Symbicort sounds like overkill to me, since they are both steroids. Since nothing is working try another doctor.
Avatar m tn I climbed the chain to the next level of Dr's and he said there were no signs of fluid and did some tests and confirmed my eardrums were working just like they should, but my hearing loss has become moderate to severe, and pointed out that I'm not a kid anymore!!Hah. But I know how my hearing was a month ago, and I know something has gone wrong. Its hard to blame tx as it was fine the whole time and even for several wks after.
Avatar m tn Yea I used some of your advice and they have helped i felt alot better getting my vitamin d up around 80. I just find it odd that I think back and I was put on prednisone before and my pain started shortly after. Then they have me more this yr actually yesterday and I took it and became a little hyper and then I started having the exact pain I had last ur when I started with all of this coincidence? I am not sure i am going to stop and see if the pain subsides and see what happens.
Avatar n tn Hi All Before my diagnosis I was also going to be put on prednisone. I was positive however that some kind of infection was behing my illness. When I read more I realised that prednisone knocks out the immune system and this is what is suppose to be necessary when treating "auto-immune ilnesses". However, if it is an infection that is causing your illness then prednisone (steroid treatment) will likely cause an increase or worsening of symptoms.
369994 tn?1225737399 I was on Hydrochlorothiazide about 4-5 months and it was working to keep my blood pressure down and then all of a sudden started breaking out in red raised welts. I went to dermatologist and he said it was a reaction to the hydrochlorothiazide and to stop taking it. I stopped and within two days it started to clear up. My primary care doctor then put me on Bisoprolol and I started getting hives 100 times worse! I have had them ever since, even though I stopped taking the medicine!
Avatar f tn Finally I'm at the point if I don't get stressed out or overwork myself, I stay fairly well. The biggest problem is working out. I love working out, but I have to be very careful or I'll get sick the next day, like I have a little flu. It's so frustrating. I'm 58 years old but really remember being sick off and on since I was about 15 or 16 with urinary tract infections, had a deformed kidney removed.
Avatar f tn I went to minute clinic 9 days ago and was diagnosed with contact dermatitis (or poison ivy). I was prescribed prednisone and am on my last day of taking it. However, the rash has spread all throughout my body (to my breasts, private parts, etc). The burning has gone away, but the itchiness is driving me crazy. What can I do to get rid of this rash? (Why isn't the prednisone working??
478342 tn?1241372952 The itching is not fully gone but I force my self to itch by working out and once i heat up and start working out vigourously the itching goes away but i feel real hot and i cant sweat nowhere on my body but my face. i have not sweat since the fall of last year because the hives started again and has not stopped until i just started taking these meds.
Avatar m tn I have been sick and my doctor ordered me to take a regiment of medication being prednisone, doxycycline and furosemide. I have been on the prednisone for 2 weeks now and he has ordered me to take 5 mg every 8 hours (he gave me 80 pills) Would the prednisone effect my HIV results? Thank you.
Avatar n tn It has moved from my toe to my elbow and REALLY hurts. The doc gave me a shot of prednisone and a pack of pills with 1 less per day for a week. My question is I think prednisone is an immunosupprecent and IFN is the opposite, so are the two drugs working against each other? Idon't want to jepordise my treatment but I don,t think I could handle the pain for another 10 weeks. Vicoden didn't help at all. Don't have to touch it , just look a little too hard at it really makes it hurt.
158939 tn?1274918797 Silly question for you lab and drug interaction experts out there. I know that long-term use of prednisone can block thyroid absorption but would a 6-day course of prednisone (METHYLPREDNISOLONE 4MG DOSPAK 21) block absorption enough to bump a TSH from 0.11 to 22.06 even while taking the required thyroid supplements???? The last time I *had* to get my TSH this high (for RAI) it took me 4 weeks and the low iodine diet to get my TSH this high (and I still had remaining thyroid tissue).
Avatar f tn Something I do is I will find a tree that gives great shade, and put a sprinkler out so it mists me a bit and lay out in the yard. Being outside and seeing the sun brightens my day and I am staying out of the suns rays and staying cool. I usually will take a few advil or a Tramadol first just to kick start my body on fighting the inflammation. Muscle relaxers help too!! I am not sure what to tell you as far as the stinging urine. I have had mild kidney disfunction from my last flare.
199882 tn?1310188142 It's awful and embarrassing. Anyway, my doctor is slowly weaning me off of the prednisone so we can see if that is the culprit. What do you all think? Could that be causing my potassium to be so low or is he grasping at straws? He just sounded so unsure about it.
Avatar f tn If they itch but you don't mind the way they look, put the cortisone cream stuff. If they itch/hurt and you don't like the way they look, take the prednisone and go see a doctor. I see an allergist that my physician referred me to. The allergist has other patients with chronic hives and even had a break out himself so it works out nicely for me. I hear even a dermetologist can help you as well.
11105290 tn?1437846133 It's been 8 weeks since the ear flush (8 weeks today, as a matter of fact), and about 5 weeks on the antibiotic and prednisone. The vet neurologist prescribed two more weeks of both meds and then I will bring Sami next week to see if the ballae is clear. The MRI showed one of the ballae was completely impacted but the swab culture of the material in the middle ear wasn't bacterial so the vet was confused by this but gave antibiotic anyway.
3061629 tn?1405462590 Anyway after 5 days of prednisone I was feeling bad. Anxiety, bad temper and lethargy. I demanded to return to hydrocortisone and within a couple of days felt FAR better. I had none of the prednisone side effects. The dosage is different between HC and prednisone, so dont assme 60 mg of one means you'll need 60 mg of the other. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I told them I hadn't slept much in a week, my pupils were dialated. My whole gyroscope was out of wack. On the way out I talked to a lady there and I told her I was bipoler and was on prednisone for joint pain. She told me that prednisone can bring on a psychotic phase in normal people and with a pre-existing condition it can be really ugly. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
199882 tn?1310188142 My doctor also started me on prednisone and wants to make sure that there are no side effects from that before starting the other. I can understand that. I am taking 10mg daily of the prednisone. Is this the normal amount that is usually given? When I took the 6 day trial run of them I felt alot better, but since I've been on the daily 10mg dose I can't really tell a difference in how I'm feeling. Does anyone think that 10mg is to low of a dose?
446896 tn?1237806342 my docs DID not think it was my medication, however, and I have continued taking it since the allergy. Anyway, today, I am stepping down the prednisone, and my anxiety is OUT THE ROOF! It is worse than it has been in a long time. I am shaky, my heart feels racy, I feel just tense and tight all over, and I absolutely cannot relax! I'm also having some muscle stiffness, but nothing severe. So..
341655 tn?1240372439 I am no longer on HC or Pred and now my headaches flare up longer and more often. The treatment calls for 10ltr of oxygen and 60 mg of prednisone. Prednisone caused my Arenal problems.
744818 tn?1236915195 lol I have to laugh at myself because I have cussed people out for pulling in front of me and stuff like that and that's not me, usually. ;) As far as being bitchy or anything it really doesn't affect my mood like that. Oh and the taper, he is going to taper you from 20 I promise. There is no way he is going to have you take 20mg. for a week and then stop. I am sure he is hitting it hard and then lowering you. Although like I said 20 is not all that high.
Avatar n tn Personally I would like to go the course of prednisone because I manage to get out and do things that I normally don't do...example...helping the wife around the house...washing the car. I am at a point where I want to self medicate with Prednisone which I can purchase overseas without a prescription.... Having been on a course of Prednisone many times I think I know how to regulate the doses. What say you??....
Avatar n tn I use flonase and its useless. Iv'e been on every nasal spray out there by prescription with no help. I use nasal irrigation several times a day to keep the mucus from getting into my lungs. This is miserable Out of the blue tons of mucus will fill my throat and i won't know where it's coming from there is so much.
Avatar f tn The next night, sure enough, I woke up at about 11pm, but was able to go back to sleep. I think my body was expecting that late nite dose, and pushed out it's own additional cortisol I guess - or something like that.
Avatar f tn I've had asthma since I was 2 and I am now 26. I was in and out of the hospitals and have been on every steroid they could think of. I've had most of the side effects of steroids, and the limiting of physical activity helps the most. You need to sit down, not exert yourself, and take slow deep breaths. Don't get excited and whatever you do, DONT panic.
Avatar n tn I would be interested in learning if there are others with the combination of asthma and chronic bronchitis that are on Prednisone and what your dosage is. I attempt to take the minimum Prednisone necessary to keep the air passages open but I continue to worry about the trade-offs. Is it better to stay on high dosage and greater breathing comfort or "live on the dosage edge" (taking the minimum to breath) and suffer from the symptoms of asthma and chronic bronchitis.
1419424 tn?1282872794 now tapered down to 50 mg daily. Would this be considered long term use of prednisone? And how long will it take for it all to get out of my system? I was also wondering... I havent really experienced the side effects of the withdrawal, Is it because im also taking plaquenil and cellcept or will the side effects come later into the tapering?