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Avatar n tn How long after I start taking prednisone for a gout attack should i feel marked relief in pain?
Avatar n tn HI--My husband is 46 years old and has had gout for approximately 6 years on and off. This year his gout has been the worst. He has been on prednisone 10 times this year. This year he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was placed on Atenolol. Is there any connection with being on Atenolol and getting gout so many times this year.
Avatar m tn He became delirious last summer and after several trips back in the hospital was diagnosed with type 2 hyperthyroidism due to use of Amiodarone and was placed on prednisone. At that point his delirium went away and he was back to normal. After 3 months the doctors wanted to reduce the mg. of his prednisone, which they did. As soon as he got down to 17.5 mgs he became delirious again (he was being cut back by 2.
Avatar m tn He became delirious last summer and after several trips back in the hospital was diagnosed with type 2 hyperthyroidism due to use of Amiodarone and was placed on prednisone. At that point his delirium went away and he was back to normal. After 3 months the doctors wanted to reduce the mg. of his prednisone, which they did. As soon as he got down to 17.5 mgs he became delirious again (he was being cut back by 2.
Avatar n tn There are articles which link uric acid levels (high uric acid is associated with Gout) with HCV and interferon but I don't think that gout is a side effect of HCV or treatment. If that were the case I think I would have seen a lot more posts on the subject - I can't remember one). I treated 3 times and my last ended in June 2004. I never had gout until May 2009. Too often we attribute every malady we have to HCV or treatment but it's more often that not wrong.
Avatar n tn It has moved from my toe to my elbow and REALLY hurts. The doc gave me a shot of prednisone and a pack of pills with 1 less per day for a week. My question is I think prednisone is an immunosupprecent and IFN is the opposite, so are the two drugs working against each other? Idon't want to jepordise my treatment but I don,t think I could handle the pain for another 10 weeks. Vicoden didn't help at all. Don't have to touch it , just look a little too hard at it really makes it hurt.
Avatar m tn Dec had a serious attack and after 1-month of trying Indomethecine then Prednisone I received a cortozone shot and allopurnol was increased to 400mg. Uric acid is now down to 4.6 from a high of 6.9 in Dec. HOWEVER Gout attacks have continued almost every 4-weeks for 4 months and I now have another attack in my right tow and 30-mg of prediizone isn't solving the issue. I haven't tried colchecine. What do you think of my situation.
107366 tn?1305683975 I'm sorry you are having so much pain. I have had gout a couple of times and took allopurinol. I remember my doctor telling me that allopurinol would not help an acute attack - that it is more of a "preventative". I've never heard that you "shouldn't" take it during an acute attack, though. Maybe someone who's had more experience can talk to that issue. I hope you find relief.
Avatar m tn That is scary for me because a gout attack is so bad I just want to hack my big toe off with an axe.Does anybody on here have gout and do you know if hep c can cause it?
Avatar f tn Does prednisone cause pain in thighs, lower back, knee replacements to the point of not being able to walk? I take 10 mg. a day, for spinal stenosis, arthritis and pseudoo gout. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Side effects of predisone</a>.
Avatar m tn I agree with teko in regards to the side effects and particularly the allergic reactions. 212 people isn't very many. I don't have gout, and for those who do, maybe this would be a great advancement, but it sounds kind of scary. Do we know if this drug, or a similar one, are approved/used in other countries, where maybe there have been larger studies done? Or if it interacts with other drugs?
Avatar f tn Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar closely while taking prednisone. The bone and skin issues and the vast majority of other possible side effects are associated with long term use of prednisone. If you need it for a week or so it isn't that big of a deal. I know that it is not recommended during TX because it does inhibit the immune system significantly - depending on dose.
Avatar n tn Every one in my family thinks i'm a hypochondriac (which i probably am) so they would not advise me to, but i feel i can't just ignore this. Oh and i took the prednisone because of eczema on my feet and hands. Someone's expert advise is greatly appreciated!
461838 tn?1255793816 I am on and off prednisone and can never sleep when I am on it. It is a great drug for healing but can cause insomnia.
Avatar m tn I was hospitalized the last three days and am home again. I was given Prednisone for the next 10 days and a stomach coater. The doctor at the hospital disagrees with my first diagnosis and thinks that i may have RA. I have a made an appointment with a specialist but the date is so far away. If anyone can help me with anything information at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I was initially diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. Due to having a gout attack, my doctor put me on prednisone. My eye got worse and my ophthalmologist then tested and confirmed that I have CSR and advised me not to take prednisone any more. I had two laser surgeries and my eye is much better. Since that time, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My Rheumatologist has prescribed Methotrexate, Folic Acid and Prednisone (10 mg daily). What am I supposed to do???
Avatar m tn It was not gouty tophy. If I stop taking Prednisone for 2 days my knees, ankles and feet will get really swollen and very hard to bend and move around. This will move from one joint to the other as I described above. Only 10mg a day of Prednisone seems to keep this from getting too bad. I have found if I increase to 20 or more it does not get any better, but if I stop all together it swells somewhere within a day or two. I feel that the gout is part of the issue but not the real issue.
Avatar m tn I have been having odd symptoms and not feeling well for quite a while.
Avatar m tn I have had slightly higher uric acid #'s in the past however my last test was normal including CBC. Doctors always give me colchicine, prednisone, and indocin and tell me it should go away shortly. In the past one doctor said he almost thinks it's not gout because the medication should work within a couple days. The weird thing is that sometimes the pain will be unbearable and I have to lay in bed for 5 days then all of a sudden my foot feels incredibly good like nothing even happened.
Avatar n tn weve got no clear answer from our doctor and hes in pain- he feels achy all over and feels hot/cold- ive looked up fibromyalgia,shingles.
Avatar n tn He is also on Allopurinol for gout, prednisone for arthritis, and was taking Plendil for high blood pressure. He has stopped taking the Plendil in the last couple of months because his blood pressure has been staying so low. Is there any suggestion as to what you think may be going on or what would you recommend being checked out. He has blood work done every 6 months or so to check his thyroid level out. He is getting quite tired of this and getting weaker all the time.
Avatar n tn Well, joint pains with rash can be seen in SLE, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymayalgia rheumatica and chronic fatigue syndrome. Gout, though typically affects the great toe, can cause multiple joint pain with rash. Hashimotos Thyroiditis is another possibility. Hayfever and rheumatoid arthritis too should also be ruled out. It looks like rheumatoid arthritis has been ruled out in your case.
Avatar n tn What concerns me is that for the past 3 months he has been experiencing tingling and numbness sensations in his hands and feet mostly fingers and toes, but about 3 weeks ago it started to affect his entire hands and feet. this made both of us nervous and we quickly went to go see a doctor (not a fun thing with no insurance). He was diagnosed with anxiety, personally I don't feel that he was thouroughly assessed and no tests were run.
Avatar f tn I started goin to doctor who specializes in fibromyalgia and auto immune disorders. My ANA was tested and came back positive and has been positive and still positive to this day after having Mono. Two years ago I started getting small bumps you can hardly see but feel on my chest and back. I then developed sores on my legs and I had 3 biopies done and was diagnosed with Sweets Disease on my legs. The cause of the small bumps on my back and chest are still unknown.
Avatar m tn After 3 months was finally referred to Rheumatologist with ANA 320 (3X) I was also feeling sore, lethargic and continuous headaches. She diagnosed Lupus and started me on Prednisone and Plaquenil, had to get off Prednisone after 3 months on various doses and Plaquenil finally kicked in after almost 5 months. I had to move to new city and lost first Rheumi, the next one was very skeptical (my rash was under control) and my ANA was negative so she said I was fine.
Avatar f tn Yes they can see the edema, and decided that it was Gout (my uric acid was only 3), and put me on colchicine and indomethacin. Took it for 2 weeks with no change...but the colchicine made me pretty sick. For my lungs, I have taken 4 different ABX in the past 6 weeks and refuse to take any more. Was also put on Prednisone for 10 days. My primary thinks that seeing a cardiologist is too "big guns" for my problems.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms can be from many things...Have you been placed on prednisone? Have your kidney functions checked (looking for gout); Look to see what your white blood count is -particulary the neutrophils...(looking for autoimmune, leukemia, other infection...) Get checked for tuberculosis, hypercalcemia, and hyper/hyponatremia (too much or too little sodium)...I'll chew on this some more and get back to you...
Avatar m tn Get your blood uric acid levels determined and start gout treatment. The most reliable test for gout is finding uric acid crystals in a sample of the joint fluid which you can by going for an aspiration. You can go to an orthopedician or rheumatologist who treats gout patients. Ask your physician to refer you to the best in your town. The treatment of an acute attack of gouty arthritis involves measures and medications that reduce inflammation like steroids and NSAIDs.
Avatar n tn In addition to the actual Crohns I have to get IVIG therapy for the rest of my life thanks to prednisone and the other meds that play with my immune system. Unfortunately before they discovered my immunity problems I had already gotten asspergillis (fungus) in my lungs. If you want to have a life and not give in let me just say Crohns is not for the faint of heart. The only good thing I can say about it is that it has made me dig deeper to find meaning and peace in each moment...