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Avatar f tn I have had rt thigh, calf and hip edema since 1/14. It came on out of nowhere. No injury. Neg for DVT, neg MRI for mass, neg mass on abdominal CT scan. Multiple hypodense, Ill defined nodules were identified on spleen and a few on liver. CT scan of chest identified multiple hilar lymphadenopathy. This prompted bx. Dx: Sarcoidosis. Had 2 unsuccessful rounds of prednisone. Now getting Remicade tx. I feel better overall, but the edema Has not changed.
Avatar n tn I have a family member that has been taking prednisone for about 20 years and they just recently was treated for a brain tumor and the tumor was not cancerous. The question that I have is could the prednisone had any chance of causing or linked to the tumor in any way. The reason being is that I have herd of steroids linked to cancer. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me any info to this. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My optometrist diagnosed me with corneal swelling after I noticed my vision was blurry. He prescribed prednisone drops and no contacts for a week. On day 7 I thought my vision had improved(though not 100%) so I put my contacts back in and discontinued the drops. I revisited him today and my corneas are still swollen and my vision per him is virtually the same. The only thing he told me to do is to not wear contacts for a month, and don't restart the pred drops.
Avatar f tn If they itch but you don't mind the way they look, put the cortisone cream stuff. If they itch/hurt and you don't like the way they look, take the prednisone and go see a doctor. I see an allergist that my physician referred me to. The allergist has other patients with chronic hives and even had a break out himself so it works out nicely for me. I hear even a dermetologist can help you as well.
Avatar m tn His kidney functions are slightly abnormal and we were told not bad enough to cause edema. He is also on procrit and I have read that edema is a possible side effect (though his hematologist says it is not). Has anyone experienced swelling and do you know the underlying cause? Thanks, it's great to have this forum to turn to with questions about the neverending side effects.
86664 tn?1291561395 1) is the edema a sign that HCV is progressing? and 2) can liver ultrasounds reveal mild fibrosis? My stats: 53, female, geno 1 VL 11 million infected 25 years/blood transf & frequently symptomatic (fever, swollen glands, fatigue, weak, etc.
Avatar n tn If you decide to use prednisone, be patient with your cat because they well feel different on prednisone (mood swings), and very hungry, and trouble sleeping. I would also do some research regarding similar conditions in humans and what they take for pain. Maybe there is another drug other that prednisone that is used for similar conditions? I would try to find another way if possible. Take care and in the meaintime give kitty lots of love, and a warm soft place to sleep when in pain.
Avatar m tn Antihistaminics like Benadryl are also taken to relieve itching and provide soothing effect to the skin. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I have been on 40 mg of prednisone for about 7 months and tapered off the last month or so. I did not gain a lot of weight while on the high dosage, in fact, I lost some weight. However, as I began to taper off and got down to 20 mg, I became really bloated and got moonface. I'm wondering why the symptoms only showed up as I was getting off the medication. There is not a significant gain of weight, but I look 20 lbs heavier. How long should I expect for the bloating and monnface to last?
Avatar n tn I was told to drink saltwater, and when I did I had sever edema and felt very shaky. Facial edema is a huge problem for me and now I am wondering if the high aldosterone is the reason for this. However, my blood pressure is low normal, and everything else on my adrenal panel is low (cortisol, dhea, etc) Should I keep taking salt water and hope that the edema will go down and the aldesterone levels will lower? Or is there something else I should do to lower the aldesterone level?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with focal vascular congestion and mild non-specific edema in my ascending colon, stomach and small bowel.(all obtained through biopsies) Subsequently prescribed prednisone 40mg for two weeks, 30/two weeks, 20, 10, then 5. Is this a dosage and duration that is normally prescribed in this instance? Should I be worried about the side effects of prednisone for this length of time and at this dosage? MY symptoms are diarrhea(chronic) although frequency is once a day.
Avatar m tn _ Bone marrow edema of talus and distal of tibia and fibula without abvious cortical erosion. _ Effusion at superior anterior and posterior tibiotalar joint with adjacent synovial hypertrophy and soft tissue swelling. _differential diagnosis: 1- inflammatory disease. 2- Chronic infection and after that my doctor suspected that the swelling and stiffness might be a cause of brucellosis , took the test and the result was positive!
Avatar f tn Yes they can see the edema, and decided that it was Gout (my uric acid was only 3), and put me on colchicine and indomethacin. Took it for 2 weeks with no change...but the colchicine made me pretty sick. For my lungs, I have taken 4 different ABX in the past 6 weeks and refuse to take any more. Was also put on Prednisone for 10 days. My primary thinks that seeing a cardiologist is too "big guns" for my problems.
Avatar n tn ). It just starts to wear on you after this long. Also, the prednisone has caused my menstrual cycle to be every 2 1/2 weeks, which in turn makes my disease flare. AAUUGGGHHH! Autoimmune disorders stink! (Can you tell I am having a bad prednisone day?) I am usually in very high spirits, I work with kindergarten children, have 2 girl scout troops and 3 very active kids, so I stay very busy and involved.
Avatar f tn Problem is I am only 32 and a woman. I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol. I don't understand this, especially if it is gout....I am not looking for an online diagnosis, but any insight would be helpful.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Has anyone had a doctor explain physiological reason for edema (not prednisone, lymph system was my guess, but that and cardiac was denied by my doctors, no clear reason given)? When did your edema go away post tx?
Avatar n tn But like I said water pills solve the problem until recently. The past month my water pills are no longer working and I have pitting edema in my legs. Also my whole body hurts especially my lower back when I lay down. I have gained 25 pounds in the past 6 months and can't get rid of the weight probably because it's linked to the edema. I get very fatigued as if I were going through a flare but my Lupus is somewhat stable now. My thyroid and kidney's were tested and they are fine.
Avatar f tn The pain is always worse in the morning as is the edema. My ankles and feet feel like concrete in the morning. The edema effects my hands, feet and I also have periorbital edema. The mornings are alway the worst. I also recently had fluid in my abdomen (I gained 4 pounds over night). It can also present after sitting for awhile without moving like during a nap during the day too. I know my cardiac function is good. There was one time 2 years ago my Creatinine went up to 1.
Avatar f tn He wants to put me on Prednisone but I am terrified of this steroid and its side effects. My question is does anyone know of any other medication or treatment that would be better than Prednisone? For the time being he is increasing my B/P meds as well as my water pill uintil testing comes back for lung or colon cancer I have already been tested for HIV, Lupus, all Hepatitis, and Thyroid and they all came back negative.
Avatar n tn Lethargic, bloated, loss of appetite, not pooping much, edema came back, Back to vet, exam and prescribed to go back on pred at lowest dose on a perm basis 5 days later a marginal improvement but edema worsening, vet recommended re-starting pred at highest dose gradually reducing to lowest dose, then keep in low dose perm. Added gastro-diet. Still not pooping all that much, but is going daily.
Avatar f tn I'm sure there's more, but those are all the symptoms I've had from high doses of prednisone via IV. Oh, and it often causes insomnia. I strongly suggest asking for a sleep aid if you're not opposed to them. If you don't want a prescription strength sleeping medicine, OTC Benedryl works well with few side effects for most people.
Avatar f tn Long-term use has very profound effects on growth and can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, opportunistic infections, thinning of the skin, weight gain and redistribution of fat, insulin resistance and diabetes, hypertension, headache, psychiatric problems, sodium retention and peripheral edema; all of the clinical features of Cushing’s syndrome. Corticosteroids also have major effects on the liver, particularly when given long-term and in higher than physiologic doses.
Avatar n tn I took prednisone for 12 days about a month and a half ago. Last week just sitting down in the evening, I noticed my ankles looked a little pain nothing. Since that day i've noticed that when i wake up in the morning, the ankles look much skinnier. Within a half hour of waking up i think they become slightly bigger. I can't really tell if they're swollen or not but they are definitely bigger than when i first wake up. The left ankle is definitely bigger and puffier than the right one.
986613 tn?1248921936 I've been on NSAID drops and the Prednisone drops for the past five weeks. Can Macular Edema happen even while taking these drops?
10948614 tn?1414177319 If a patients has long term generalized edema (pitting in the legs), what are the other possible diagnostic alternatives, after heart, kidney, liver and protein abnormalities have been ruled out? I've been struggling with this edema nonsense for several years, unremitting, and yet my docs are stumped when it come to diagnosis. I also have some GI motility and hormone stuff happening but they claim there's no connection between the two.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe are somewhat vague and may or may not be caused by the prednisone. You have had a relatively short course of treatment, so it is unlikely that there are permanent effects. Nausea can be caused by various diseases of the upper GI tract - such as GERD, inflammation, an ulcer, as well as liver and gallbladder disease. Fatigue can be caused by a myriad of diseases - including anemia, kidney disease, dehydration, thyroid disease, as well as electrolyte abnormalities.
Avatar n tn My first Nephrologist tried to get me to accept the Prednisone Therapy. I did a bit of research and completely rejected his recommendation. Well after several months and seeking other medical advise, I have come to the conclusion that this is worth a try. I really am looking forward to having my life back and so I got strong and accepted the therapy, I mean who wants a MoonFace, but then again who wants to be sick?
2044277 tn?1330085298 The dermatologist just reduced the prednisone from 25mg to 20mg daily. While looking after these two problems I'm having my legs wrapped from the ankle to knee because of chronic edema due to venous insufficiency. A pemphigus blister that broke developed cellulitis which put me on antibiotics for 10 days and one week after those med's my dentist put me on another 10 days of antibiotics before he pulls a molar.
Avatar f tn Read all the side effects of prednisone, it might be that it is related to the prednisone or prednisone is causing the water retension to be worse... just a thought. Keep us posted of your experience ok?? It might be helpful for all of us that have AIH for future reference and to compare our experiences. Best Wishes!
Avatar f tn He wants to put me on Prednisone but I am terrified of this steroid and its side effects. My question is does anyone know of any other medication or treatment that would be better than Prednisone? For the time being he is increasing my B/P meds as well as my water pill uintil testing comes back for lung or colon cancer.