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563594 tn?1309586732 They prescribed me a 6 day pack of it. I know its a steroid, anti-inflammatory. I'm just fearful of trying anything new these days.. I'm going to try it. hopefully it will work for the inflammation..worried about side effects? Anyone have any info.~ good or bad? I'm open for anything!! :) thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello, Corticosteroids cream and oral therapy are the main treatment in eczema.You can take the pills from the left over pack after informing your doctor. The pills of prednisolone in the pack contains the same amount of prednisolone in each tablet.If it is 5 mg,then it is 5mg of prednisolone for each tablet.But pls check out the expiry date of the pack.
Avatar m tn Hey all A month or so ago i developed a cough that wouldnt go away, together with a 'wheeze' and shortness of breathe, ALWAYS much worse at night, i ignored it for about 5 weeks (and struggled to sleep as a result) before going to the docs. He listened to my lungs, and said it may be an infection, may even be a touch of asthma.
Avatar n tn I have contacted poison ivy and my doctor recommended me to take a medrol pack...methylPREDNISolone tablets... is it safe to take this during the beginning of my third trimester? I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. I believe it is a steroid and I am wondering if my baby will be in any kind of danger with me taking the entire dose. The doctor said it might affect her eyes or get into her system. Is this true? Thank you for your reply.
Avatar n tn hello my two years old son has an anemia and now is taking ferrous sulfide 3 bottles he took the first bottle already so befor e the 2 blood test due date he had an allergy asme coughing so his taking liquid ventolin albuterol,and ceron for cough and prednisolone orapred, its ben already 4 days and now i can see under his eyes bruises like sometimes reddish sometimes blue and dark specially at nights.
Avatar f tn If you friend as been on prednisolone for 7 years, which is an awful long time for continuous steroid use, Then she more than likely will be having a few side effects from this treatment, which more than definately causes thinning of the skin alongside other things Maybe she should mention this to her GP, or consultant, the doctor who prescribed the prednisolone, and see what they say.
Avatar n tn I am being treating with steroid cremes. I have had a low dose prednisolone pack a month or so ago, and now I am using 200 mg ketoconozole. All blood work has been okay with no infections etc. Skin tests show seborrheic dermatitis. I have no stds either, and have been with one partner for 15 years. Family members also have this type of eczema as well. I was told that the condition is stubborn but will break.
465332 tn?1258526726 My family practice doctor put me on prednisolone pack and benadryl. When I explained this to my allergist, he doesn't understand why I get rapid heart rate with an allergy attack. I believe he thinks it is anxiety but I have an identical twin sister who gets the same syptoms with allergy attacks. My family practice doctor has seen it in action with my sister (my sister works in her office, but she is not her family practice doctor).
Avatar f tn 1 month later the pain began , went to a PA he told me it could be temporal arteritis send me prednisolone pack and blood work , the blood test was normal WBC normal , but total granulocytes elevated (8). When I went to pick up the test results nurse told me to go to the dentist to see if maybe TMJ can be causing the pain.
Avatar m tn I recently was given a methylprednisolone pack for an allergic reaction to something we haven't identified yet. First, I had an iv of steroids and then I took the taper dose of prednisolone. I took 3 days worth and had to quit because it made my anxiety horrible. Now I have tingling in my head all the time and am going to the bathroom alot. I am drinking plenty of liquids because now I have a bladder infection. What are the symptoms of adrenal crisis?
1192309 tn?1264804832 a week later for follow up I had just finished a medrol pack for an inflamed skin condition on ankles and hands, had shingles on shoulder so was also given something called valtrex, and was trying to kick a cold and horrendous cough that had been with me for six weeks. They tested my blood at that time and discovered the elevated blood sugar.
1716896 tn?1308884362 Hello, Prednisolone is often prescribed to relieve itching due to any allergic reaction. It is very rare for itching to develop after you stop taking this drug. Itching can develop when you start any drug and this is because of allergic or anaphylactic reaction when you start with a drug. There is no known itching as a withdrawal effect of stopping prednisolone. However if you started with steroids for any allergic reaction the stopping the steroids may cause flare up of allergies again.
Avatar f tn I have been told that Orbital Myositis is connected to Arthritis and I have now been put in 150mg of Azathioprine daily plus still taking 30mg of prednisolone daily. is there anyone else who takes these medications???? I'm very concerned about side effects, I have been getting sweating episodes up to 20-30 a day ranging from 2-10 minuets each time, also I can not sleep for more than 2 hours without getting up 2-4 times a night.
Avatar f tn I've been on all sorts of different medications such as anti-inflammatories (I have to stay on them forever!), prednisolone, Infliximab (also on this forever!), Modulen IBD (a liquid only diet to rest my bowel) and sustagen- Hospital Formula (similar to Modulen, just tastes a bit better!). So to begin with...I've been on Prednisolone many times and on the 6th time I experienced insomnia and severe anger issues.
Avatar n tn i have been on 7.5 mg of prednisolone for 19 years because of asthma, churg strauss syndrome and probs with adrenal glands. often in times of stress much higher doses. now i am burnt out and have to come of f the steroids. since january i have weaned off slowly without to much distress, however i am now on 5mg and finding it difficukt to maintain. my main problems being sneezing, wheezing, lots of mucus. not geting usual symtoms of asthma i. e. shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn I can find ANYTHING on the net to suggest Prednisolone is physically addicting Is he mentally addicted?
Avatar n tn I saw a nurse practitioner for a physiatrist at a University Medical Center the next morning, who assumed I may have had a slipped disc, prescribed the Medrol Prednisolone pack, and ordered physical therapy sessions for me. She told me my back and core are weak upon external examination. I began physical therapy, and it helped to end my torso fasiculations and twitching. However, on March 31st, I felt sharp, burning pain behind my knees. It was if my hamstrings had become like knives.
Avatar f tn I am almost always given a dose pack for one or two weeks at a time. While I am taking the Prednisone, I almost always have pain in my right side under my rib cage. Sometimes I have the pain when I am not taking the steroids, but I can count on the pain when taking them. The pain is sometimes so bad that I have to reduce the dosage faster and can't take it for the entire time, therefore not getting the full benefit of the drug for my lungs.
563594 tn?1309586732 Anyone tried this for inflammation?? I was prescribed a 6 day pack yesterday, a little unsure, but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point! Any info, good or bad would be helpful!! thanks!
Avatar n tn 5 weeks ago I took one day's dose of the Prednisolone pack (6 pills). By 1:30 am I felt like my body was going into "distress". I had overwhelmingly cold waves going down my body; my arms were cold/numb spots/aching; buzzing fingertips; upper back and upper abdominal muscles tightening; constant urinating (some diarrhea); heart sort of racing; an overall "buzzing" feeling; feet cold and clammy.
1102792 tn?1285928860 For about a week now i've been haviing constant sneeziing, (5-10 or deep sneezes in a row) which leaves me very hungry, itchy eyes which get very red when i try to scratch them wth my hands, sore feeling in my throat, not really a sore throat, smelly throat, if i put my finger down my throat and put it close to my nose the smell is very bad, and this smelly throat extends to my mouth as well, feeling sort of sore in my mouth and back of my throat, had a serious sudden asthma attack two weeks ago
1078123 tn?1255914486 They put him on prednisolone. It didn’t help. He was paralyzing slowly in crucial pain, especially partial paralyses on his rear paws but still has sensation. I took him to other hospital and they told me he needs surgery. The test and surgery cost around $4700, which I couldn’t afford it. I looked for, called and wrote to different pets organizations, asking for financial aid. No one replied.
1477978 tn?1289505731 Both of the drugs are corticosteroids with pretty much the same effect on illness prescribed for and side effects(weight gain,cushingoid features,insomnia,fat deposits on back and stomach,thinning and bruising of skin,irritability,etc all of these are more pronounced the longer you take the med) Methylpred(Medrol) is available as a parenteral prep so it can be given orally,thru an intramuscular injection or an IV preparation.Prednisone is an oral medication.
Avatar f tn I put on a pad before we left to go eat breakfast somewhere, because I felt like I was starting my period. On our way home, I stopped at target and bought five-pack of clear blue hpts, as the cramping was really starting to worry me. I know you're not supposed to, but I was scared and desperate. It said "pregnant." It made me feel a little better, actually.
Avatar n tn had the same problem with her eyes completely swollen and in the morning she couldn't even open her eyes...under eyes are recommended Benadryl and prednisolone. First time it happened half year ago with mostly just one eye swollen..I am guessing it is some reaction on certain food but I don't know exactly what had happened. I wish I knew the answer - it looked so scary!
Avatar f tn they are trying a 6 day pack of prednisolone for my neck pain and inflammation, so far it seems to be helping.. don't know how long the relief will last but I will keep you posted. I'm sorry the Trazodone isn't working for you anymore.. the same will probably happen to me sooner or later I'm still works now!
1448921 tn?1287793232 After 3 days of IV Rocephin antibiotics and oral Z pack my WBC count was still rising. It was not to high around 13 at that point so doc switched me to IV Zoscyn and added oral Levaquin. My lungs cleared up and sputum samples came back negetive but after 4 more days my WBC count went to 17.1. So my GP sent me to OU hospital in the city. They have no clue on what is making my WBC count so high. I had two teams of doctors looking after me there and no real answers.
Avatar f tn You might need a steroid cream for your ulcers, possibly sometimes you might need something stronger like a steroid dose pack. A medication call colchicrine or another one called cellcept could help also.
Avatar f tn I was put on the Prednisone week pack about 5 weeks ago, and as soon as I was off the pack, the hives came back. I was then put on 10mg 2x a day for a week, then 10 mg a day. The hives came back, bad. I have been on 10mg 2x a day, for past month(?), and also the Chlorpheniramine Maleata, full dose. Whenever I have to have a direct confrontation at work with my issue, I get the hives bad, my face swelling up.