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Avatar n tn In other words the list of allergens that are possible contributors to your cats infection is endless. Sometimes prednisolone is helpful in controlling the problem, sometimes a monthly or so injection of depo-medrol is effective. It would be best to have the problem diagnosed by a vet. Eosinophilic granuloma complex resembles other disease such as: an encapsulated foreign body, squamous cell carcinoma, other dermal masses, fungal infections, etc.
Avatar n tn As a traditionally trained holistic veterinarian, I have has success using holistic, natural therapies for cats with IBD. We use a home made diet(1/3 lean protein such as a chicken breast, or lamb, salmon, veal, turkey, duck; 1/3 long acting carbohydrates like sweet potatoes,or any kind of potato, rice, pasta or oatmeal; 1/3 veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas etc. Cook it up and mix together, add a little (1/2 teaspoon) extra virgin olive oil.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 5 years ago, I'm 24 years old right now, RA engaged my left ankle and my doctor prescribed prednisolone for me (six 5mg pill per a day) during my hospitalization as well as chloroquine, Folic Acid and calcium D. The treatment went well and after a while she decided to lower the dosage step by step, it took 2 years for me to walk normally again (July-August 2009), during that time the dosage for prednisolone was 1 per a week.
Avatar m tn They do not miss a beat without thir teeth because cats do not chew they gulp. Anyway check the Stomatitis forum for lots of info, and make an appointment with a Dental Specialist. If this is too expensive you can use a credit card called Care Credit backed by GE. Hopefully your dentist will allow this and you can make payments over 2 year period, monthly, with no interest. That is what I did. If you want any other info I am here to help. Once those teeth are removed life is GOOD again.
Avatar n tn Since our cats spend a lot of their time outside, and we live in a high-desert climate, we leave food and water out for our cats. This poor stray started coming around our house because of the food and water of course. We don't mind feeding and trying to take care of him. We are unable to get very close to him. We even tried a live trap, but he's too wise for that. He's losing hair and scratching heavily along both sides of his body (underneath and half-way up his sides).
Avatar n tn She was on Prednisolone but it eventually got to the point it didn't help. We tried a diet of Science Diet AD for a while but she is a picky eater and eventually refused to eat it. Is there a diet you recommend trying? Should I try one of the alternative protein diets like duck and potato,rabbit etc? Thank you again.
Avatar n tn Cats with flea allergy dermatitis may require anti-flea preparations, such as Revolution more frequently than non-allergic animals. I also recommend Capstar, oral medication. Exterminating the house for fleas may also be necessary. Occasionally, prednisolone is required to keep a really allergic cat under control, and may help in your cat's case.
Avatar f tn If it was due to an a fungal or mite infection other cats in your household would probably be exhibiting symptoms. Please take him to the vet for evaluation. The vet can perform a skin scraping and other diagnostic tests. If it is truly behavioral, there are excellent behavioral modification medications that should help. If it is allergies, prednisolone, Atopica, and/or a special hypoallergenic diet may help.
Avatar f tn This can be a difficult issue to resolve so you should talk to your veterinarian or a behavioralist to discuss the whole household situation. The prednisolone can make cats drink and urinate more also. So talk to your vet about whether this may be the case and if you can safely decrease the dose. Your cat that is having hard stools may be having difficulty defecating causing the blood you see. That can be due to dehydration caused by kidney disease or other medical problems.
Avatar n tn What is needed to DEFINITIVELY determine what is causing this cats upper respiratory congestion, nose swelling/sore? Thanks for any GOOD answers.
Avatar m tn Our research has found that high doses of Propofol used in critically ill patients in combination with glucocorticoids (Prednisolone) can cause the syndrome. We gave Prednisolone twice daily for a week before the Propofol was administered. So we are also curious what a normal dosage range of Propofol is for a 5.5lb cat? This was administered because they had to thoroughly inspect the mouth area and she did not want that to happen. It is squeamous cell carcinoma being treated.
Avatar n tn It might help to use a course of prednisolone, antibiotics (for secondary skin bacterial infection), anti-fungal treatment, and anti-demodex treatment for those secondary factors if necessary while the Atopica kicks in. All treatments should of course be under your veterinarian's care. The following link describes a cat with feline alopecia similar to your cat, which you may find edifying:
Avatar n tn The vet could perform skin scrapings (for mites), fungal assay (for ringworm), blood tests (for autoimmune disorders and to rule out the other possibilities, and more. Treatments can be given, and some treatments are also diagnostic, for instance: If a steroid such as prednisolone is given to your cat, and he improves, than we can determine that it is not behavioral, or demodex, or food allergy. Prednisolone helps with flea allergy dermatitis, and can help slightly for some of the others.
Avatar n tn the safest brand for cats is by Thorne Research #12 veggie capsules, its the purest form and has no additives that are unsafe for cats, ie: soy, yeast and flavorings. the recommended dosage I have found is 1/4 capsule for 1 lb of food, which breaks down to 1/16 per 4oz feeding. you would need a 1/8 of a teaspoon measurement and fill only 1/2 full. I haven't heard of myasthenia gravis, but again follow your Vet's recommendations. I do hope kitties recover quickly.
Avatar f tn So we will see how that goes. She was tested earlier in the year for the basic allergies like to cats, dogs, eggs etc and they all came back negative. Maybe I will have her tested again.
6255435 tn?1379866031 Prednisone should work as well as prednisolone in your boxer. Prednisolone is more important in cats. The dose of Artemisinin is 200mg daily for a boxer sized dog. We use Allergy research or NutriCology brands at my practice. If your dog is currently taking more than 200mg and there are no side effects than continue with the higher dose. If he is taking less than gradually increase to the 200mg dose. There are many other additional holistic options to consider.
Avatar f tn Just yesterday I took my two cats to the vet for their yearly shots. Both are perfectly healthy (and majorly spoiled) cats, but they're as different as night and day. One is as nice as can be at the vet, she just stands there and lets them do whatever they need to. The other gets scared, and growls and hisses. I know that cat, so I know that any damage she could actually inflict on the vets wouldn't be much at all. She acts tough when scared, but she's still the pushover I know and love.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the comment. I am seeing a feline Neurologist today. I've been doing much research online and just seem to find much higher dosages of these drugs being dispensed for cats with similar problems. My vet seems to be afraid of liver toxicity. My understanding is that if that should happen it would be a distant event and the cat may not have long to go.
Avatar m tn I don't know the weight of your kitty? for a 11 lb. cat..(6kg) for instance the dosage can be 1 mg per kg. therefore up to 6mgs. but of course all that depends on what the treatment is for and health of your kitty. what are you treating???? please consult with your Vet...
443004 tn?1205270224 i was prescribed a 'science diet' variety for one of my cats. you can also try baby food or a high calorie food supplement that you can probably find at your pet supply store. but, I'd ask your vet about a prescription for some of the high calorie food.
683476 tn?1226756373 It is extremely common for cats to get aural hematoma's over and over again if the inciting problem is not controlled. Inciting problems can be food or environmental allergies causing susceptibility to yeast or bacterial ear infections, ear mites, and less commonly, ear foreign bodies. If the inciting cause cannot be determined it would be best to stop the itching and pain using Prednisolone or other steroids antihistamines, topical ear medication.
Avatar n tn She should be put on Prednisolone in a tapering dose schedule, and Atopica (immune-modulator for food and other allergies) simultaneously. Atopica takes one month to kick in. She may need Atopica long term to prevent recurrence. 8. She should be concurrently treated with oral antibiotics and either an oral anti-fungal medication, or medicated anti-fungal shampoo. She may need these medications for one month or more. 9.
Avatar m tn images and copies of lab reports would be helpful. I also find great success in using probiotics for cats with chronic diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Doxycycline is one of them as well as azithromycin. Also, prednisolone is usually prescribed for cats with cancer to help reduce the inflammation the tumor causes. You can read about the antibiotic studies on google. Here is one study: Very interesting! As a side note, if you use Doxy, do not use cod liver oil or any Vit A supplements as this can increase the risk for severe reactions.
Avatar f tn Wysolone is a cousin to Prednisolone and helps to reduce your liver inflamation [swelling]. It's also used to treat animal [dogs and cats] problems. The bad thing is it's classified as steroid. The more you take, the higher it will raise your glucose levels. The longer you take it, the higher the risk of constant elevated glucose. Depending on how well your post OP recovery goes, you probably will be weaned off of Prednisolone.
Avatar m tn If you are using plastic bowls for the food or water please switch to ceramic or stainless steel. Dry food is no longer considered the optimal type of food for cats. In the wild, the best food for a cat is a few mice, or fish or birds per day. Since cats originated as desert animals they derived all their liquid from their prey. It has been recently noted that cats still do not drink enough water to support an all dry diet. Additionally, cats bodies have no requirement for grains.
Avatar m tn prednisone is a steroid as you know, it is used to reduce inflammation and is often used to treat tumors, but it does have its side effects too. a better choice for cats is PREDNISOLONE I will send you some info on that the last line states "data indicates oral prednisolone is a superior choice for cats" this too is a steroid and has side effects....diabetes being one.
72351 tn?1281996142 I have 4 cats ages 3 and 4 years old. 8 months ago, one came down with inflamed gums/tongue and the rest soon followed. The first one has never been outdoors. All 4 of the cats mothers were tested for FIV shortly after giving birth to them when I went to have them spayed, and the tests returned negative. I tried using Amoxicillan to no avail on them. I wrote in to you and you suggested to try Clindamycin or another drug. I took two of them into the vet to get the Clindamycin.
Avatar n tn Our kitty wears a collar all the time now (consistent wear for 1 + month at this point). When we removed it, he licked both areas to bloody. Our vet has quoted us $2000 for a biopsy to ascertain the nature of the lesion, which we can't afford. $500 worth of blood lab work reveals no abnormality. Urinalysis shows crystals. The vet took a guess that the lesions may be eosinophillic granuloma complex and treated the kitty with oral prednisolone, tapering dose. Unfortunately, the lesions persist.
Avatar n tn And only prednisolone has worked perfectly but like others it just doesnt work for long enough the redness comes back because it has to stop. erm ive been told by 2 experts at moorfields eye hospital in london its Allergic conjunctivitus and i dont want to doubt them but then i saw episcleritus and scleritis on here and got scared a little because they affect vision?