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Avatar m tn I was treated with prednisolone for two weeks, but after discontinuing it, i have developed severe headaches, the symptoms resembles clusters, pain in left eye and left temple, sensitivity to light. pain in neck, and head is sometime there, but there is no ending to pain in eye and temple. I have taken paracetamol but it hasn't helped at all. what should i do?
Avatar f tn They have all told me that this is chronic and cannot be cured , and that the symptoms can be controlled with long-term prednisolone and methotrexate treatment. If I take the drugs, I can experience serious side effects and will never really be cured, from what I understand. I cannot stand to live this way, and I do not want to poison my body with toxic drugs. My GP says that the one guaranteed way to make this go away is a mastectomy. I am so desperate, that I will gladly have one ASAP!
Avatar m tn I think this article will help you understand Autoimmune Hepatitis and its treatment. Autoimmune Hepatitis Author: David C Wolf, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF; Chief Editor: Julian Katz, MD Initial Therapy for Adults Approximately 65% of patients respond to initial therapy and enter histological remission; however, 80% of these patients relapse after drug withdrawal.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, my head hurts really bad, I keep feeling dizzy and lightheaded and I am not fond of the way the Prednisolone makes me feel. Oh, yeah, he also had me cut way back on my salt intake for the duration of the steroid. I'm also a diabetic and have been trying to keep that in check as well. Is there anything else that I can do to relieve the pain and discomfort?
Avatar m tn Upon release I developed a post infection wheeze which was treated with 7 days of prednisolone. My O2 sats are 99 and blood pressure etc normal - x ray showed normal with no pneumonia. However, I am troubled with chest pain which is there all the time but worse through the night and when I wake in the morning. paracetamol does not seem to help much. Dr gave me a preventor and a reliever inhaller and said I may be asmatic now - the pain in my chest area is scary as it never really goes.
1102792 tn?1285928860 For about a week now i've been haviing constant sneeziing, (5-10 or deep sneezes in a row) which leaves me very hungry, itchy eyes which get very red when i try to scratch them wth my hands, sore feeling in my throat, not really a sore throat, smelly throat, if i put my finger down my throat and put it close to my nose the smell is very bad, and this smelly throat extends to my mouth as well, feeling sort of sore in my mouth and back of my throat, had a serious sudden asthma attack two weeks ago
Avatar m tn I have been put on some 80mg Sustained Release Propranolol Hydrochloride and 40mg of Prednisolone and after only 6 days I am feeling much much better and able to eat. The doctor tells me that the high level of T4 will drop and with time and I may become hypo for a while before hopefully making a full recovery. Many Thanks for your help, Tony.
Avatar m tn Background, She is asthmatic who suffers with allergies in general, she suffers with nasal polyps and has had three operations in recent years to remove them, her ears also suffer and grommets have been used in the past. Symptoms include loss of hearing, and severe sinus and nasal discomfort and blocked nose. She is also allergic to Aspirin.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
Avatar f tn now i realise what an idiot i have been these meds have given me a normal life for a good 6 years and now i havet got them i dont know how i will cope its for my bowels and always has been and now i cant get off the loo from the moment i wake up till i have 12 immodium and 2 calcium 600 with vit d and that takes up till 12 to get my stomach sorted............
Avatar m tn I would also like to mention that once we went to the TB specialist and he stopped the Rafinah 300 and put her on corticosteroids (prednisolone, 30 mg a day), her symptoms of weakness almost stopped right the next day. So I'm thinking either the corticosteroids worked really well.. or was her weakness and joint pain a side effect of Rafinah 300 and soon as she stopped taking it she kind of felt better? We dont exactly know the cause for anemia, but she has apparantly had it from her childhood.
530191 tn?1214166411 I was on that for seven years and finally got a sensitivity to it and it was no longer effective. With autoimmune urticaria vs. chronic idiopathic urticaria (which they said was what i had for eight of the ten years) I couldn't use antihistimines at all with effect, doxepin was the only one! Plaquenil is our next option. However using synthroid (synthetic thyroid) daily has done more for my hives than anything used thus far.
Avatar n tn With medication, I've been able to get it down to just taking Colchicine and a Prednisolone dose pack once a month and I'm doing much better. I have been learning how to take time out when I don't feel good and allow myself to rest instead of pushing myself until I get sick. I exercise, eat healthy, and take vitamins. It has gotten much better for me and I have been able to go back to work.
Avatar n tn They sent us home that night with antibiotics and said it was a virus. Since then, yes since then.. he has had a fever on and off. A week has not gone by without developing a fever in between the range of 100-105. Many times, he has no other sympton AT ALL. Now, it has been 7 weeks with recurring HIGH ( 101-104) FEVER. Every time we take him to the doctor, they say it is justa virus and to let it pass. I cannot take this "virus thing" as the answer anymore. Is it just me?
551343 tn?1506834118 I'm 42yrs old, mother of adult son, but have had undiagnosed symptoms off and on for years. From Joint pain and swelling to lymph node swelling and tenderness to now currently weakness (heavy feeling) and constant tiredness. I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with a dead gallbladder which was removed...and it was dead. But now my PCP is testing for Autoimune and Viral/baterial infections: Mono, Lyme, Celiac and Lupus. I won't get the test results for another 24hrs or so.