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Avatar f tn The risk of rhabdomyolysis by the use of any statin is .044% and deaths from rhabdomyolysis occur in 1 prescription out of every 20 MILLION prescriptions.From the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); "Average incidence per 10 000 person-years for monotherapy with atorvastatin, pravastatin, or simvastatin was 0.44%" Here's the link;
179856 tn?1333550962 After 36 weeks of treatment, the cumulative proportion of patients who reached the primary safety endpoint was lower in the pravastatin group than in the placebo group (8% vs 13%; 95% confidence interval [CI], −11.6 to 1.6; P = .1379). In fact, the mean ALT values declined from baseline in the pravastatin group, whereas the mean ALT and AST were increased from baseline in the placebo group. None of the subjects in either treatment group had an elevation of total bilirubin >2 times the ULN.
Avatar m tn For what it's worth, from a recent study done in Japan; A 6-month prospective observational study was conducted with 84 CAD patients receiving pravastatin treatment in order to evaluate the relationship between lifestyle modification, in particular aerobic exercise, and plaque volume as assessed by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Lifestyle during the study period was assessed by the-lifestyle modification score. A significant decrease in plaque volume by 12.
Avatar f tn Has anyone read how horrific the side effects really are to some of these statins and realized that either they or their loved ones had these very symtoms and becames seriously ill to the point that they ended up in ICU not knowing who they were, where they were, in so much pain they could not bear to be touched and had regressed to near infancy before anyone figured out that it was zocor or lipitor or another statin they were on that was causing these bizarre illnessess ?
Avatar m tn They found that among HCV positive individuals, use of statins was associated with a higher rate of mild-to-moderate liver biochemistry elevations compared with those not on statins (23% vs 13%, respectively), but a lower incidence of severe liver enzyme elevations (1% vs 7%). Among patients started on statins, the rates of mild-to-moderate elevations were similar in subjects with and without HCV (23% vs 16%, respectively).
Avatar n tn I don't let my heart rate go above 150. Have you considered that vs checking bp? No heavy weight lifting for me. I guess that would be anything that causes me to strain.