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649848 tn?1484935765 Johns Hopkins Scientist Slams Flu Vaccine Read Latest Breaking News from News Max shared this article back in May – it is time to read it again, as there are more “Get your FLU Shot Now” signs coming out than ever before. It is GARBAGE, and we have been screaming that for 12 years.
182474 tn?1223954159 Does a yearly flu shot (influenza immunization) prevent me from getting pandemic flu? I know it's different but does a pneumonia shot (pneumococcal pneumonia immunization) give any additional help?
1211076 tn?1303523040 com/038420_flu_shots_toxins_chemical_preservatives.html I have never received the flu vaccine or the pneumonia vaccine. I have had a few colds that go away quickly through natural remedies and I have had pneumonia twice about 10 years ago when there was an outbreak. which was cured with antibiotics. there is a greater risk of getting Guillain-Barre Syndrome with vaccination. Not only that but vaccinations against the flu are still in the testing stages and humans are the guinea pigs .
478429 tn?1265247987 Well, after going back and forth and debating whether or not I should get this vaccine has really been tough on me. I recieved my flu shot yesterday and asked the PA what he thought of the H1N1 vaccine. He said to me "Honestly, you really need to get it being pregnant...The mortality rate for pregnant woman is now up to 50% and the vaccine may also protect your baby once born which is good b/c infants are too young to receive the flu vaccines...
1049530 tn?1259005959 I am 33 weeks pregnant and I don't know what negative side effects the vaccine can have on me and my son with it being a new vaccine and all. But I don't want to risk the chance of getting the swine flu either! I know the vaccine just became available in my state yesterday, but I was wondering if anyone has decided to get it yet or if they plan on getting it and why or why not??
Avatar n tn Here is the continuation of surfnsand247's original Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine.
Avatar f tn My husband was hospitalized for pneumonia and he has pulmonary fibrosiis and congestive heart failure .He is 85 years . They could have given him the flu shot . Is there any harm in getting the shot once more???
Avatar n tn Chronic airway problems make you more susceptible to lung infections. You would do well to have a yearly influenza vaccine and pneumonia vaccine every 5 years. There are inhalers you can use daily for airway management. I know it's hard to not worry but I'm more likely to think it's an infection rather than something more sinister. Keep us posted. Hope you get some answers and feel better soon.
242516 tn?1368227505 gov/node/5026 These were 3 test cases for 5,500 others against the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program claiming one of these means of causation: - measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine and thimerosal-containing vaccines can combine to cause autism; - thimerosal-containing vaccines alone can cause autism; and - MMR vaccine without thimerosal can cause autism. The U.S.
242516 tn?1368227505 Since essentially all flu currently circulating is still pandemic H1N1, lab testing is not helpful at this time. If you get pneumonia after an ILI (Influenza-like-illness) or those with risk factors you may ask your doctor to test you and treat you with Tamiflu. Testing options for include the rapid influenza test (only 40-70% able to rule it out) or the H1N1 PCR test (more accurate in ruling it in).
147426 tn?1317269232 A few examples of these more severe infections are Influenza, deep tissue bacterial infections like pneumonia, Hepatitis B, and Epstein Barr virus. The real influenza is a massive overrun of the body with billions of copies of a potent virus. It is spread through the respiratory system and is incredibly contagious. A lot of people refer to an illness involving vomiting and diarrhea as the flu or the tummy flu. This is inaccurate, but common.
179856 tn?1333550962 And since it takes about two weeks after getting a vaccine for the body to develop immunity, some of those bugs could be the flu. But the vaccine itself isn't causing disease. Myth 2: The flu is just a bad cold. While some people develop worse symptoms than others, flu symptoms tend to be much more severe than — and come on much more suddenly — than a cold.
Avatar f tn I have found in the past that those that tell me how bad the flu shot can be on your body are the same people that experimented with mind altering drugs in the 60's and 70's. In my case, I get the flu shot annually and a pneumonia shot every 5 years without any adverse reactions. I am on a beta blocker, ace inhibitor and calcium channel blocker along with 2 forms of nitrates and a fenofibrate.
1637739 tn?1371692306 Not the FluMist, but the inactivated particulate vaccine. It can not give you the flu. Flu kills people in the US every year and failing to get vaccinated reduces the "herd immunity.
Avatar n tn I was quite healthy up until the appendectomy, actually. (In addition to the cysts, I also got pneumonia and various other colds for 4 months straight). After the surgery, the pain in the lower right portion of the abdomen where the appendix is never went away. I thought they may have left something in there! The surgeon blew me off and said not to worry about it. When I got my yearly pap smear done a few months later, the OBGyn said I had a cyst which was causing my pain.
Avatar f tn Pro, here. I'm going in next week for mine. I get the pneumonia vaccine also.
147426 tn?1317269232 There is not evidence for this. Beings that, before the era of immunizations, millions of people died yearly from polio, tetanus, diptheria, pertussis, measles, rubella, mumps, HIB, chicken pox, lets all presume Dr. Shaw and Jenny McCarthey are right and we stop immunizing. If we did, the epidemics of all these diseases would return within a couple years and we would look back on the era of immunizations with longing. These diseases are not erradicated.
535822 tn?1443980380 (a poor term as although it is widespread it is not dangerous enough to use such a term) there were half a million cases which is a large amount. However, unlike the yearly strain of flu the number of fatalities was rather low as well as the number of people who developed complications. I believe it makes common sense for every person who is eligible to be vaccinated.
931415 tn?1244681111 Unfortunately, a frequent topic on SBM has been the anti-vaccine movement, personified these days by celebrity spokesmodel for Generation Rescue Jenny McCarthy and her boyfriend comedian and actor Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, it is a topic that is unlikely to go away.
Avatar m tn I used to faithfully get a flu-shot every year and I always ended up getting a horrible sinus infection and congested lungs. (Since it happened every time it is hard to believe it was coincidence) The last two years I have not had the shot and have not been sick either. I'm not saying no one should get the shot but in my case it clearly was not beneficial.
Avatar f tn I have been SVR since June 2004 and have never had any sign of recurrence and I test yearly. Having said that, I would not be comfortable taking the very high dose of Solu-Medrol (methylprednisolone sodium succinate - basically prednisone for injection) that I was given in 2001 to counteract an episode of acute organ rejection. The dose was 1 gram injected intravenously within about 1/2 hour. That essentially flattened my immune system/response.
168348 tn?1379360675 I think one positive thing in all this is that we are in the end of our yearly flu season. I wonder if that pneumonia shot I got is any good with this thing? They said closing the borders would cause major collateral damage because we get things like ventilators and other stuff that we need to survive on a daily basis and that closing the border is like closing the barn door after the animals get out.
1260255 tn?1288658164 I have MS and in the last 10 years have had no colds and one short bout of influenza. I get yearly flu shots. As a pediatrician I had my share of colds, but I had daily intimate contact with lots of sick kids. I did not wear a mask or gloves with children. Statistically, people with MS have fewer colds and bouts of the flu - basically fewer viral illnesses. This has been noted for the last several decades.
Avatar n tn I know there have been some recent reports that a batch of the GSK H1N1 vaccine has resulted in unusual side effects in some people, resulting in that particular batch of vaccine being recalled. I really do hope that your doctor cab find a solution to your discomfort and things work out well for you and others suffering pain.
Avatar n tn We are currently sitting in children's hospital in Birmingham getting treated for pneumonia and metapneumovirus. This is 5th pneumonia since December. We are also scared, frustrated, and looking for options. I am a 20 year veteran ER nurse and my daughter a nursing student. Having my hands tied is very frustrating. Her pulmonologist suggest prophylactic antibiotics but her immunologist cautions about super infections and resistant bacteria with long term antibiotics.
Avatar f tn htm#prevention What is the hepatitis B vaccine series? The hepatitis B vaccine series is a sequence of shots that stimulate a person’s natural immune system to protect against HBV. After the vaccine is given, the body makes antibodies that protect a person against the virus. An antibody is a substance found in the blood that is produced in response to a virus invading the body.
Avatar f tn I have been on Rituximab 6 years & 8 months. I was originaly prescribed this for my RA but thankfully it helps my MS as well. I would not like to be without my Rituximab because from the first few months of treatment all those years ago I felt different for the first time. I knew it was working & after trying every other DMD available to me at that time it was certainly a blessing.
Avatar f tn If you have cirrhosis have you received a pneumonia vaccine (normally wouldn't need till 65) Have you been vaccinated against Hep A and Hep B? Also you shouild be getting the annual flu shot. I was hep c undetectable at the end of treatment in June but from what I hear everyone become undetectable on treatment. The big test is 12 weeks post treatment that is when the treatment failures are found.
10425965 tn?1456089096 If you haven't already get vaccinated against hep a and b and we should also get the pneumonia vaccine and get our flu shots every year. If you haven't already been checked you should also have an upper endoscopy to check for esophageal varicies.