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Avatar f tn My husband developed pneumonia 2 weeks after Tricuspid valve replacement surgery. He agreed to be put on a ventilator when his breathing became difficult and asked to have it removed 2 days later knowing the risk. Once the ventilator was removed, he passed away in 30 minutes. They said the pneumonia was not restricted to a specific area but had fluffs all over the lungs. I am trying to understand all this better.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you sister is getting the best care possible. She is on the ventilator to help her body heal itself. Off the ventilator, her body would expend too much energy just trying to breath to get the extra oxygen in. This is a bacterial infection? Then hopefully the antibiotics will kick in to kill the infection. At that point, she will start her healing process. It will be a slow one.
Avatar n tn She awakens some for us, but will not much for him, but seemed in a rush. I know that there is a risk for pneumonia... The Neuro, Cardiac, and pulmonary doctors all differ on length days on ventilator, and breathing trials: Pulmonary Dr. says - A.S.A.P. Neuro Dr. says - 1-5 more days Another note: She has passed all breathing tests, blood tests, Oxygen level tests, with the ventilator turned-off or partially off. She makes gestures while asleep--like she wants it out of her mouth..
Avatar m tn However, he still can not breath by himself and rely on the ventilator although the doctor did tracheotomy. Everytime, the ventilator is taken out and replace with the oxygen, he start having difficulty to breath. The doctor has been trying to take out the ventilator a week ago but he still fails to breath by himself. Yesterday, he is able to stay about 3 hours only without ventilator. My question are: - will he be able to recover back and breath by himself ?
Avatar f tn Patient was on at one point Ketamine, Versed, Fentanyl, and Precedex to control breathing and maintain positive cooperation with ventilator. Day 10, medications are beginning to be reduced. Patient only on 200mg Fentanyl and 16mg versed. Patients eyes are open but not responsive to commands, will not squeeze will not blink on command. Patient is 63 YO female ~250 pounds 5’7. All organs functioning with no issues(except lungs). Hear CT is negative, lung CT negative.
Avatar n tn My aunt got bypass surgery and she was fine after a week she had breathing problems and now she is in critical condition she has pneumonia and bacteria. and for some reason the hospital say that they cant find where the bacteria is coming from. I mean whats happening is my aunt going to die?
Avatar m tn After two days his chest X-ray showed that he had pneumonia and he was started on antibiotics. He then developed severe hallucinations (from the antibiotics) and his pneumonia continued to worsen. He was moved to critical care and then to intensive care. His white blood cell count has gone from 800 when he went into the hospital to 14000 (as of today). Right now he is on an oxygen mask and they have been able to lower it from 50 to 45 and now to 35, but his pulse oxygen levels are only 92.
Avatar m tn My question is that my father was 79 years old and had a bypass surgery on his left main artery.Afterwards he aspirated on apple juice and developed pneumonia and was on the ventilator for 3 months after which he eventually passed away.He also developed A-Fib which the doctors were trying to control with medications.He had diabetes and was being fed through a tube.A few times they managed to wean him of the ventilator but never for long and he would go back on it.
Avatar n tn It was repaired two days later. She suffered aspiration pneumonia and a UTI fungal infection in the hospital. She was finally transferred to a rehabiliation center after being in the hospital for 4 weeks. In the rehab center, they told us she now has MRSA pneumonia. What are her chances of overcoming all of this? She is on a trach and at times seems very coherent. How much longer do we let her endure all of this? She never says she's in pain or uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to understand what is wrong with my sister...she has Asthma also Empysemia. She hasn't been well for a couple of weeks & her Dr daid she had a chest infection. Last week she was rushed into hospital, she could hardly breathe, put her on oxygen etc but it didn't help much. Had an xray, they said she didnt have a chest infection. Then a CT Scan, they said she did have infection.
Avatar m tn If the infection is in the lungs too, then this is more serious and if on ventilation is classed an pneumonia. The ventilator will help breathing a lot, but the key is to get the right anti-biotics into the system. They should suction the lungs and send a sample to the lab for culture growth and analysis. This can take a little while, so a common antibiotic is given in the interim.
Avatar n tn My wife was on a ventilator for about 3 weeks, and unconscious due to heavy sedation (she had pneumonia). I held her hand every day and spoke to her. It's amazing, she remembers so much of what I said to her and she said it really helped. I know praying is important, but talking to the patient with reassurance is also important. My wife suffered a large stroke while on ventilation, but two years on, she has got 99% of the problems resolved.
Avatar n tn They have people like on their stomachs to prevent the use of ventilators. If you are on a ventilator, it is doing the breathing for you, you are sedated to the point where you probably won't remember having been on one so it's unlikely at that point you'll be aware of anything. I just saw an interview with someone who spent 8 days on one and survived and can't remember a minute of it. It's pretty much an induced coma. So don't worry about this part of it.
710085 tn?1238023364 I had bilateral pneumonia in late July, so bad I was in ICU. Healed completely, no scars by August 15. By September 14, I had bilateral pneumonia again, was admitted, and sent home two days later. Ten days after that, I was flown to a level 1 hospital to be put on a respirator (ventilator?). An open lung biopsy was done to see what the cause was. May Clinic thought it might be BOOP. A few rare cases have been linked to Neurontin, which the octor in July put me on for neck pain from a bad fall.
Avatar f tn I have a very close friend in the hospital w PCP pneumonia and he is not doing well at all. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and just recently found out HIV pos. Can anyone tell me what to expect, will he make it through this? He is unconsious and not eating. Can someone give me some input please. i am also a nurse however i have limited experience in this field.
Avatar m tn Pallyfan, I'm not a doctor but I'm a father who has been down your Dad's path. Since I was essentially in a blackout for 20 days what I know about my behavior before and after open heart surgery is second hand, but what I've been told bears resemblence to what you've observed. I was 54 then, fairly mild mannered but I behaved bizarrely and aggressively - throwing hospital trays, trying to call a cab to escape. Calling nurses ******.
5545162 tn?1369615944 Diagnosis is obtained through complete physical examination as well as diagnostic tests such as MRI, electromyography and nerve conduction. A definitive diagnosis is important because treatment usually requires powerful immune-suppressive drugs. Talk to her attending physician and discuss the management plan. Seeking another neurologist's opinion may also help. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn He has had COPD for years and incredibly high BP. He is 58 years old. He caught streptococchus which turned into pneumonia, lung failure, kidney failure and his heart has failed 4 times since he's been in ITU. They have stabilised him but he is producing minimal amounts of urine and not clearing any waste from his blood. He is on hemofiltration, a ventilator which the docs are trying to wean him off and his heart is in AF for the last 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn got stitches,and had to push out placenta... An hour later they came back and told me my baby was on a ventilator,and they needed to do a few procedures to see what is wrong with her. They had to do an umbilical catheter, which is tubes sewed in through her umbilical cord straight to arteries vso they could do blood work, and give her needed fluids.. They left and at 4:30pm I was able to go look at her but couldn't touch couldn't do anything ..
Avatar n tn If you have a virus that resulted in pneumonia, while allopathic medicine has little in the way of anti-virals, there are plants that have anti-viral properties. Olive leaf and elderberry are two examples. Herb Pharm makes a tincture that helps with virus control. That being said, though, and assuming this is viral in nature, once you have pneumonia you have progressed significantly through the viral process already and the more important thing is clearing the lungs.
Avatar n tn Doctors immediately resumed medical treatment. Dunlap opened his eyes after five days, and was taken off a ventilator two days later. The following week Dunlap began responding to his neurosurgeon and spoke his first words to his parents. Dunlap’s mother, Pam, said, “He looked around, and he said, ‘I love you’.” He began taking steps later that day. Dunlap’s trauma surgeon said he had no medical explanation for his recovery, and said all procedures were followed.
Avatar f tn What the RT may be saying is that they have gone as far as they can in their facility in terms of his treatment program and what may need to happen is that the doc may need to send your pop back to an acute care facility until he/she makes the decision in tightening up the sternum. Especially if he is prone to falls that is a big no no and make sure you tell the doc that.....but relax a little the RT does not have the power to discharge your dad out...
Avatar n tn While I’m commenting I might as well add that although this pneumonia treatment doesn’t seem to work for covid - the only method I have heard works (according to a survivor) is inhaling from a chopped onion. A survivor wrapped the chopped onion in a cloth and kept it on her chest which she says helped her recover from what were life-threatening symptoms.
Avatar f tn She stayed in ICU on a ventilator for 11 days. During that time she had a chest tube put into her left lung for a hole that showed up and fluid retention. She had congestive heart failure with fluid retention in arma and legs and both lungs. She had pneumonia, rsv and mersa in her kidneys and lungs. She was malnurioushed and the diabetes was acting up. She ended up with a thorancentesis on her right lung which removed 2 ltrs of fluid. Now we are on day 23 and she is in ltac.
Avatar f tn 2 days post op he developed respiratory failure and was ventilated on critical care for 5 days, whilst on the ventilator he developed pneumonia and then leaks internally from the surgery. Since the surgery which is now 9 months ago has never had a day without abdominal pain sometime so severe he can't move and is unable to get out of bed for days. He started 26 courses of chemotherapy which was stopped half way through while they tried to find out the cause of the pain.
Avatar n tn A blood gas revealed very low oxygen (even though the finger sensor was reading 98%). She was put onto a ventilator. This was due to a lung infection which turned into pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Went to ER, given atavan, and got better. The next day he had one so bad he stopped breathing and was put on a ventilator. He's been in the hospital 3 times during the past month and on ventilator 3 times. It starts with tightening in chest, like a belt tightening. Then his fingers start to draw up, and he feels like he's breathing thru a straw. Arms draw to body, neck draws down to right. His chest tightens so much he stops breathing.