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Avatar n tn When the sputem in clear fo four days you have probably ended the infection. Be aware of the side effects of the antibiotics. Get the handout from your pharmacist provided by the manufacturer. NOT the abreviated version given by the drug stores. You have to evict Harvey.
Avatar m tn I think you need to have a serious discussion with your doctor, considering long term potential benefits and the seriousness of the side effects. Many people have trouble tolerating the treatment and if you feel it's too much to take, then by all means stop it. I'm not an advocate of ECT, but my point is simply that in the bigger picture you can't simply write it off as "bad.
Avatar n tn all show normal heart function, I've been on Nexium for over a month, sleep w/ my bed raised (in case it's related to reflux). Bottom line is the docs DONT KNOW why. Other uncommon side effects of taxotere- I've got or had them ie: nail loss, esophagitis, scarring of tear ducts, mouth sores and more. IF this is another albeit uncommon side effect of the taxotere, is there a cure or treatment? IF it is a result of scarring from radiation is there a cure/treatment?
955491 tn?1253939299 i had my last treatment of doxil my last ca 125 is now 15 -and has been for the last 3 tests (months)-now i have read about other side effects-i had not read about- ringworm-i just happened to search for ring worm and doxil-there are many sites that discuss this fungus in relationship to doxii as well as other side effect that maybe less known like the possbilities of blood related cancers several years down the line-thou those may be less information available about it- the skin blisters and
Avatar f tn Levaquin is a controversial drug that has many serious side effects. Many physicians are reluctant to give this medication for along periods. There are alternative antibiotics for lung infections that I would consider. They may have to be administered intravenously. This, of course is a decision for your treating physician. I am a staunch advocate of treatment for serious chronic diseases in a teaching hospital, rather than by an individual practicioner, no matter how well-regarded.
Avatar n tn I am searching for some other solution but am keeping in mind that I could bump up her clonidine and search instead for a solution to prevent the seizures (there was another medication available to prevent seizures but I do not know what new side effects that will have). I am trying to figure out if there is any food she is allergic to that will help resolve this problem.
1711722 tn?1356491154 1. I have pre-existing Tendonitis and (because of some bad computer habits) it has flaired up again. Still, I was told that Hep C tx can cause certain injuries to "wake up" again. Has anyone had this happen? They said it could even wake up broken bone pain. Ouch! 2. I recently noticed a long groove/indention on my thumbnail. Check your nails and let me know if you have experienced this. 3. Emotional numbness. The anti-depressant is working.
Avatar f tn Unless you have experienced the full brunt of side effects from statins, you can not state "just stick it out". The side effects are unbearable. I finally asked my doctor if it was really healthier that i went from someone who worked out at the gym 5 days a week to someone gobbling pain medicine and laying on the couch. I had no life on the meds and so, I opted to take the risk.
Avatar n tn I am sticking with the 11 pm or 3 am time because of the nasty side effects if I wait and take it in the morning. For me the side effects were WORSE with synthroid. I guess I am in the minority there. Anyone else have a story like mine? I am so new to this I want advice. I also have a cyst on the other side which they have to watch. My brother's cyst was malignant and he has no thyroid now. He has been on Syn for 18 years and has never complained. he gets up at 4:30 to take his.
Avatar n tn I just realized everyone says the food jags started after tx and I have yet to finish. Funny how the side effects of tx go away and you don't really notice, everything used to be tasteless. Horrors--I have been watching ALL the cooking shows, downloading the recipes and trying them out left and right. My mother told me it's a good thing I'm not pregnant with all the food around. I am in fear I will not be the next bow flex model but the new Kirstie Alley.......boohoo........
4043517 tn?1374010173 Although I was expecting something awful to happen to me, perhaps instant flu, the war has started tamely enough with no ill effects. The shot was surprisingly easy after the dire warnings from my nurse contact that I needed in person schooling. Honestly, it couldn't have been simpler. I know it takes two weeks to become fully loaded with the antiviral stew of medicines, but so far, so good. I'm excited that I can win this battle.
Avatar n tn i want the information of lipo side effects , i m going for lipo i want to know the side effects. after lipo suction.kindly guide me its dengous for my healths?
Avatar m tn side effects. It could be some time before probiotics are put into practice as hospital pneumonia fighters. A spokesman for the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy said, "This is a plausible idea. But we need much larger trials that focus on clinical outcomes to prove it is an effective and affordable treatment." If you ask me, it's a winner of an idea. Any step toward a more natural cure is a step in the right direction. Always raining knowledge on your head, Doctor D.
419309 tn?1326506891 I've gotten my seasonal flu shot and my H1N1 shot. I had worse side effects from the seasonal flu shot than I did with the H1N1 shot..., just to let anybody know that hasn't gotten H1N1 yet. I really found it to be no big deal. The only side effect that I had was a bit of a sore arm at the shot site for a few days. I had no fever w/the H1N1 shot. I did have fever with the seas.flu shot.
Avatar n tn I took my treatment in 1997, and I am still suffering side effects. The treatment was not successful then. Now in addition to the side effects, now I have the symptoms of a much deteriorated liver, so of course life was better before the first treatment, but it is not only the side effects it is the condition of your liver that must be getting worse after so many years (unless you successfully cleared the virus then).
Avatar f tn I was just curious to see if any of you have already wrapped up your 12 weeks of Incivek. If so, did your side effects get any better? Since I have to treat 48 weeks I have been counting down the days until the Incivek is over and hoping that things will get a little easier once this part is over. Thanks!
2131202 tn?1339967703 Guess my question is, how bad is too bad? Is there a point at which symptoms are more than expected side effects? I don't have anything to measure this against, I think that's my problem. I find myself thinking, "This is bad, but is it worse than it should be?
Avatar f tn I've been online reading page after page after page about people who have taken this and the side effects at this dosage that they are reporting are scaring me to tears. Everything from hair thinning to huge weight gains (I'm somewhat overweight, so this is the last thing I need), sleeplessness, extreme exhaustion, depression, sweating, zero libido, worsened a-fib - it just goes on and on. Honestly, I'm so upset and frightened.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Levaquin is not the best antibiotic to treat pneumonia, and has many side effects. In any event, it is not unusual for there to be an increase in the severity and incidence of asthmatic attacks after a lung infection. Asthma attacks that only happen at night suggest a possible cardiac problem. Not necessarily. But a stree test is indicated. Asthmatic attacks are precipitated because of a super-sensitive immune system, so it is not surprising that some asthmatics also have allergy problems.
Avatar n tn Then the prednisone dose is decreased as soon as possible so that steroid side effects are lessened. Steroid side effects are less likely to happen with inhaled steroids, but are certainly possible. Be sure that your doctor knows of your problem. Check with your doctor to see what options would work for you. Also routine exercise may be recommended to prevent or decrease steroid myopathy. Please read our Corticosteroid MedFact at
Avatar n tn They have suspended my treatment for now due to pneumonia (finished 42/48). Can treatment be restarted after the pneumonia is dealt with? Been UND since week 8. Hope if I have to quit 5 weeks early it will not wipe out chance of SVR. Thanks and a blessed Hep free New Year to all!!
Avatar n tn by Melissa Palmer and it lists a lot of very serious side effects. His doctor said I have to take what I read in books or get on the internet with a grain of salt and said that the only real serious side effect was bone marrow depression. How do they monitor for bone marrow depression? Has anyone else experienced other bad side effects? thanks so much!
1372757 tn?1305920171 I am in the Lambda Phase IIB study and have a few side effects. Of the list of common side effects that are discussed on the forum, what are you opinions? Fever, body aches, muscle aches, headache, brain fog, loss of apatite, hungry, fatigue and or tired, insomnia, lack of motivation, itching, wanting to isolate, easily irritated, eyes dry and or burn. Please add others if you can think of them. My side effects include fatigue and tired, use to be insomnia.
Avatar m tn The only thing I can think of is the viral infection also got into heart muscle? Antibiotics can't help with a virus. It might just settle down slowly over time. If the muscle is OK, and blood flow is good, there isn't much they can do for it. If the heart is still pumping efficiently medical people won't pay much attention to it. Heart arrhythmia in an otherwise normal heart is a messed up thing, I've been through it and there is no treatment that I found to be effective.
Avatar f tn I would google what ever pain med it is that you have, and look at all the side effects and interactions. Things to watch for, they can be very helpful but for some dogs, they can have bad reactions too. And if it's an anti inflamatory, mixing aspirin can be very upsetting to the tummy and even dangerous.
168732 tn?1311715679 ( What a bummer! But it does happen sometimes with Hep C treatment. Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with when it comes to Hep C treatment, either. It can wind you up in a heap of trouble - quick, so try not to worry too much about a reduction if that happens because your lungs are truly what's the most important thing right now. They're going to be important when you resume Hep C tx, too. I've met a few on treatment who had some really tough times with recurring pneumonia. Rest for now.
Avatar m tn When I was admitted by my physician for pneumonia I had a fever of 104, my oxygen saturation was 73%, white blood count of 28,000 and I was suffering from confusion. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia and moderate sepsis. I am 56 yrs old and consider myself quite healthy. I speed walk and run an average of 10 miles a week. In fact, the evening before I was admitted, I ran a full 3 miles.
Avatar f tn The small size of the tumor makes it an ideal target for radiation treatment. With the radiation, we can expect a response of as high as 80%. Side effects of radiation can include pneumonitis (causing pneumonia like symptoms), coughing, and pain coming from the chest area. Make sure to report every symptom that you will develop to the oncologist. Regards.