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Avatar n tn hello, You should be aware that there are no physicians answering questions in this forum, it is mostly hep c related members sharing their experience and knowledge of hep c and its treatment. You should direct your questions to your hepatologist and make sure his/her answers are clear to you. Nothing online should substitute for a consult with a medical professional. you can check the website for lots of information about hep c to enhance your growing knowledge of hcv.
4043517 tn?1374010173 At 8pm 2/16/14 I started my quest to kill this insidious virus that has been running free since 1974-75 busily turning my health blood infused liver into a solid chunk of overdried pemmican where blood flow is suppressed and fibrous bridges and walls impede the journey of cleansing toxins from my body.
Avatar m tn Probiotics can battle pneumonia Color me completely unsurprised by a new Swedish study, which reveals that humble probiotics could be put to use in hospitals to help defend critically ill patients from developing deadly cases of pneumonia. Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria, and they can help assist the body in combating gastrointestinal infections by helping re-establish what are known as gut flora - the microorganisms that live in your digestive tract.
Avatar f tn I got better for 2 days, then spiked a fever and got sick all over again with pneumonia (confirmed with chest xray). I was given a breathing treatment and put on doxycycline, which made me very sick to my stomach. I was switched to Omnicef and Symbicort and take Zofran as needed for nausea, and tolerate those fine. I've been on antibiotics since last Weds 10/28. I started feeling a little better and my fever went down on Fri. Sunday night it started creeping up and remains up today (99.
Avatar m tn When I was admitted by my physician for pneumonia I had a fever of 104, my oxygen saturation was 73%, white blood count of 28,000 and I was suffering from confusion. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumonia and moderate sepsis. I am 56 yrs old and consider myself quite healthy. I speed walk and run an average of 10 miles a week. In fact, the evening before I was admitted, I ran a full 3 miles.
Avatar n tn zofran (sublingual) for nausea/vomiting....... ginger (bought at grocery store near spices) suck on several pieces..... these did not help my husband, but you may want to try them. If you are interested I found an esophageal cancer online community at ****.*** I just now signed up so I am hopeful at this point. I wish you and your husband the best of life.
Avatar f tn I have read conflicting information -- some that said treatment is hard on the bones, and other reports that said treatment can help bones. I don't know, but judging from how many folks have major teeth problems after tx, I think tx is hard on bones. Therefore, I was glad to have been put on it before txing. I had a bone density test shortly after tx was over and my bone density had improved.
Avatar n tn I had the chest X-Ray done that day and the doctor left me a message on the 17th stating that the x-ray results indicated normal and the pneumonia cleared up. I completed the Levaquin treatment. So, in all, I had about 15 days of antibiotics--10 days of avelox and 5 days of levaquin. On December 23, I went into ER because I seemed to be having trouble with dehydration again. I was urinating frequently, it was very cloudy, and had some lower back pain. My family convinced me to go to ER.
Avatar f tn You don't say which treatment your mom is on. However, regardless of which treatment she is on, if your mom completes the recommended treatment for her Genotype, and IF she attains what is called Sustained Viral Response (SVR), then she is cured. If she attains SVR/cure, then the virus is gone. She would no longer have the virus in her body. Therefore, the disease would not be in remission, it would be gone and she would be cured.
12773 tn?1328916786 I have not posted in a long time, as I did try to get on with my life after treatment. I am 2. 5 years post treatment for 48 wks, geno type 1 a. And am still Clear, but seem to have other health issues going on right now, and wondering how much of it is attributed to the drugs, the riba pills. I now have inflammation of my esophagus, stomach and colon, found 2 precancerous polyps, and bleeding ulcers. Now just got a call from my female doctor, and and they found lumps on my mammagram.
Avatar n tn it is increasing evrey month when I take new test. It starteted 1.5 year ago. I got very dizzy with low blood preasure. 3 months later i got pneumonia. i was treated and have no problem with my lungs now. Because of stomack pain started 8 months ago, doctor has treated me for possible helicobacter with (Imacillin , klacid and somack) for 10 days. did not help. 15 days Zantac, did not help. I took somack and zyrtec for 50 days did not help. Over time my situation is getting worst.
1084115 tn?1385232189 about being a sissy Even the last 2 rounds I did of the double dose stuff left me feeling like this too but that is the nature of this treatment. Please try and get a hold on the nausea and try and continue on this treatment ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!
2059648 tn?1439770265 What was your treatment drugs? How long since treatment ended? Has Hepatitis C treatment improved your life and how?
Avatar n tn I'm looking for the name of the drug that was prescribed for anti-nausea in pregnancy in the 70's and 80's that was subsequently banned because of problems it would cause female children. Also any information about the effects to the child (22)attempting pregnancy.
195469 tn?1388326488 While no damage to the reproductive system or the fetus has been observed, these drugs are not recommended if a woman is pregnant or considering pregnancy during her treatment period. Male patients considering certain long-term treatments should discuss options for family planning with their doctor. Other treatments are sometimes used to try to slow MS disease progression when other therapies have been ineffective.
Avatar n tn I had intense treatment with antibiotics for pneumonia, and developed crippling stomach pains afterwards... but don't worry, if you take probiotics it will get better. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut as well as the bad therefore you can't digest things causing inflammation and pain.
725059 tn?1238481193 my friend just had to stop treatment after four weeks due to nodes growing on her lungs - has anyone had this happen or heard of this happening? (they weren't there before treatment) nodules is the term the doctors used. she sees a hepatologist in paris and her treatment was not a trial. this was her first attempt at treatment. any insights?
10805050 tn?1420939120 It is one pill a day and for treatment naive patients your treatment could be as short as 8 weeks. Look around the site and read some posts I am sure you will learn a lot that way. A link was started about what treatment people did and their results an unscientific survey but still interesting here is the link to that post http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I mention all of those factors because they do affect how I look at treatment and if I think treatment is worth it. Other factors I consider are as follows: I have already had problems from Hep C, and serious problems (systemic vasculitis). I know Hep C is not benign, even if the liver is not yet destroyed. I know Hep C can affect other organs and other body systems. The virus is not just kicking back reading or listening to music.
Avatar m tn I read diagnostic manuals, research papers, textbook sections, treatment manuals and came away convinced this hypothesis would bear out. I'm not sure this is a great way to present it now, but I don't really feel I have time to alter it otherwise at the moment.
Avatar m tn I went on this website because I am scheduled to begin treatment on 1-8-2009. I am a trial lawyer and have blocked out every Friday for the next 6 months so I can take the shot of Pegays Thursday night and then the pills 2 times a day. I have read some of the threads on this site and am now both terrified and confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was diagnosed in 1994 during insurance physical.
Avatar m tn The ongoing study evaluates boceprevir in 28-week and 48-week treatment regimens. In a 28-week treatment regimen in which patients received 4 weeks of PEGINTRON(TM) (peginterferon alfa-2b) and REBETOL(R) (ribavirin, USP) prior to the addition of boceprevir (800 mg TID), the rate of sustained virological response at 12 weeks after the end of treatment (SVR 12) was 57 percent (ITT).
645390 tn?1338558977 So today is 2nd day of solumedrol, plus about 3 other IV meds, for migranes and nausea. Tomorrow is my last day, and it will b 6 hours. As I am in the middle of the infusion, my PCP calls, and tells me my chest xray from yesterday shows pnemonia. Ok, so solumedrol with pnemonia.. I am no doc, but pretty sure that is not a good mix. I started with this chest infection about 5 days ago. Always something. I need to sleep, that might help.
Avatar n tn The fever could be viral or due to pneumonia or it could also be hepatitis as there is such a severe nausea. See if there is any yellowing of eye and urine. Please consult your PCP for primary examination and treatment. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn For my second treatment I told the medical staff of the nausea and they then gave me Zofran thru my IV. This time it didn't help. It is now Sunday and I am still feeling nauseous. I am taking Zofran every 4 hours but it is not helping. Is this a result of the ECT or might there be an underlying cause? I was recently released from the hospital after being treated for Pneumonia and I know that treatment kills all bacteria, even good bacteria. After a month, could this still be a factor?
676071 tn?1266879285 I have had Pneumonia for five weeks and a serious kidney infection in my nephrostomy! Well I have back and forth to a PCP and Mercy Hospital. The PCP has been prescribing me dilaudid for two years. The PCP has now denied me my pain medication and I have Pneumonia and it may be BOOP. I have a lesion on my right lung I have had nebulizer treatments, all of the Mycin antibiotics,Tussinex, and Bensonatate Cough medication.
5585502 tn?1370385925 difficile spores that are not killed and remain in your colon after treatment. You may take symptomatic treatment like over the counter antacids. See a physician for detailed examination. You will need a clinical examination and work up like ultrasound abdomen, endoscopy etc.Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn My 12 year old daughter suffers greatly from Dizziness, nausea, acute abdominal pains, has happened immediate after eating, no diarreha, Has already had gallbladder out a year ago. We are seeing a gastroenterologist for this and have not got any answers yet. She is going in to be scoped soon, this is the second time. But we have been going threw this for a few years now and I am getting very frustrated.
Avatar f tn As many of you know I was diagnosed with pneumonia after my second treatment. Dr said I am now at a stage 3, due to all of the hurry up and wait that has been going on with my immune system. The pneumonia is just about cleared up, but now have pleurisy (ouch) The gyn/onc is recommending IP chemo. What is this and are the side effects atrocious. Would this help to keep from developing these off the wall infections?