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Avatar n tn 3. The pneumonia should go away completely with treatment. 4. There is no special diet advised for pneumonia.
Avatar f tn According to the symptoms you describe, the cats need antibiotics. When there is heavy discharge, the best treatment is antibiotics, like Clavamox would be one. It could be they have feline herpesvirus or feline calicivirus. Feline chlamydia, a bacterial infection, can also result in upper respiratory tract infections. I am going through that with my own cats, sneezing being the only symptom. Clavamox works well at killing the bacteria that causes this type of URI.
Avatar f tn No diagnosis from nhs at all and no treatment from them. Even been to infectious disease in liverpool. Admitted to hospital twice, 2 brain scans. Scans and bloods normal. 23 gp appointments so i give up with them. I paid to have my blood sent to armin labs in germany.
2104591 tn?1334106686 Hi everyone, I am 54 and have just finished (almost 3 weeks) of 48 weeks of treatment. I had a lot of physical side effects but no real emotional ones accept getting a bit flat at times. My heamoglobin stayed low from about 6 weeks into the course, so I was breathless after little exercise even very short walks but I swam a lot which I loved and still walked a bit. My problem is that my Hb levels are still low (85), I feel terrible, quite emotional and no energy.
1560663 tn?1298050127 I was in treatment 8 years ago (non responder) and am currently in treatment BMS790052 Clinical...minimal side effects in both cases. I am undetected in after 12 weeks so it is worth looking at the new meds. Never felt better in many years. Grat advice from Ozgirl....
Avatar f tn yes-take to vet immediately- i almost lost my Bob because I didn't know that coughing is a bad sign in cats unless actually coughing up a hairball-it turned out he'd gotten pneumonia. Do NOT hesitate-get your kitty to vet stat-coughing is NOT NORMAL in cats.
Avatar n tn I don't want to put him on steroids. I suppose I can buy that apparatus that they put on a cats face for albuterol inhalation? I'm worried it will develop into something serious as he gets older.
Avatar f tn She decided she would rather spend the rest of her life living. She lived 2 months longer than their 3-6 months (estimated with treatment) without any treatment. For her going off chemo made all the difference, it didn't buy her any more time but she got to spend the rest of her time fishing, crabbing, and traveling with family. September she had to start slowing up a bit as the tumors in her liver were growing bigger and she took a nasty fall.
Avatar f tn Cats do NOT get colds like we do-we get cold viruses that eventually go away. Cats get respiratory infections that are caused by bacteria and need antibiotics. I am sorry to tell ya this, but this will not just go away-your cat needs antibiotics that are different from the ones that were used for your cat's ear infections. Will your vet take post-dated checks? Or, you can look into a special credit card for pet care only called Carecredit. I hope that you'll be able to work something out!
Avatar n tn Symptoms of psittacosis (ornithosis) for example, range from a flu-like illness to acute pneumonia. For proper diagnosis and treatment, your healthcare professional must be also aware of any potential sources of the infection. While there are many zoonotic diseases, This is only a partial list of zoonotic diseases. Some of the more obvious zoonotic diseases can be the result of being scratched or bitten by an animal or from milking.
Avatar n tn You should seriously consider moving to another home; one in which no cats or dogs or other animals have resided. Effective treatment of nasal polyps with a nasal steroid spray, along with the avoidance of aspirin and NSAIDs, is crucial to the management of aspirin-sensitive asthma. You may or may not need to use other inhalers to optimally control the asthma, but the answer to that will become readily apparent over time.
Avatar n tn It commonly leads to bacterial infections that require antibiotics to cure. Pneumonia is also a somewhat common complication. Most cats will stop eating when suffering this infection due to mouth pain. Adult cats usually aren't as affected as kittens are, but this is a tough infection for cats of every age and can be fatal if not managed. Hospitalization is needed from time to time if the cat will not eat.
Avatar n tn Hello, For the last couple of month our cat started to cough our vet initially thought it is a cat's hairball and he gave us a treatment for that, but the cough didn't stop but continue stronger our vet said that he never saw this kind of cough and doesn't know what to give him..
Avatar n tn She is 42, a smoker, is allergic to cats and dogs although we have had a 4 lb yorkie for 4.5 years with only mild and occasional reaction in my wife. We recently (6 months) ago added a Parrot to the household. Although she has not been formally treated for asthma Doctor's have discussed it and have given samples of different things to try when pet allergies kick in. The latest was an ADVAIR disc inhaler.
Avatar n tn It commonly leads to bacterial infections that require antibiotics to cure. Pneumonia is also a somewhat common complication. Most cats will stop eating when suffering this infection due to mouth pain. Adult cats usually aren't as affected as kittens are, but this is a tough infection for cats of every age and can be fatal if not managed. Hospitalization is needed from time to time if the cat will not eat.
544292 tn?1268886268 I have to rest and prevent it from going into pneumonia. So no work this week. Which means no income. Which means money going out, no money coming in. A couple nights ago I stood and PRAYED ... "Just show me and send me what I need." So apparently HP needs me to rest, and not work and whatever the effects of that; I am still clean! I am still NOT on Tramadol! I said it before. Nothing is more important to me than being clean of this ****. I am weak like a kitten.
Avatar f tn What strikes me as unusual, is that both your cats are sick and both cats aren't responding to antibiotics. This has me thinking that maybe the cats were exposed to something poisonous or they're dealing w/ some sort of virus. I pray that it's a virus, so that it will just run its course. If it's some sort of toxin, think about what the cats may have been exposed to. Any new meds, new treatments like OTC flea products. Or, any new household cleaning products?
Avatar m tn The aim of this study was to determine whether 24-hour oropharyngeal pH monitoring was associated with higher rates of treatment compliance and symptom improvement compared with empirical treatment for LPR. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective, case-control study. SETTING: Tertiary care center. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Charts were reviewed from 170 consecutive adult patients diagnosed with LPR from January 2008 to March 2010.
Avatar f tn For the past couple of years I have been having many upper respiratory infections.. I first had bronchitis, almost turned into walking pneumonia, then H1N1. And then from there repeated about every 3-5 months another resp. virus. Doctors initially thought I was never getting over this repeated cold. But I think its something more. I have had inhalers off and on for the last 2 years, just ventair basically, been prescribed albuteral nebulizer treatments to do at home as needed.
Avatar f tn This sounds like pneumonia or asthma, and yes, cats do get asthma. The vet will probably do an x-ray and put him on antibiotics. You must know that this will NOT go away on its own, but it could get worse. Cats don't just get a cold like we do. Their's does not clear up. An x-ray is not expensive, and with some meds he'll be as good as new!! Please keep us posted.
255722 tn?1452550141 My doc did mention that if I turn up with it or with chlamidia pneumonia my treatment will take longer.
1003132 tn?1250171847 There is still so much unknown about the virus, and there are so many weaknesses in response to the outbreak that include the understanding of symptoms, vaccine shortages, and proper medical treatment. Has the risk of Swine Flu exposure been addressed by your family? What personal precautions do you take? Have you been vaccinated?
Avatar n tn 5 mm ground glass nodule and was told to get a pneumovac (pneumonia) shot as well as getting another CT in December, which is now within 3 months of last CT. I have another one on my right 2nd rib that is 8mm and ground glass also with multiple smaller ones in both lungs. I just don't feel like I am getting any answers and also feel like I should have a biopsy.
1763947 tn?1334058919 It was totally unexpected since my September blood work was perfect. I have fluid in my lungs plus a fever, they were going between pneumonia and heart problems. Sad and confused.
Avatar n tn I have been doing a lot of research on Sho-saiko-to after Thanbey posted the information on the clinical trial. This seems like it may be a "serious" alternative to the current treatment - NOT in terms of eliminating the virus, but in terms of reducing fibrosis and decreasing risk of liver cancer.
142452 tn?1262036275 I have a history of frequent bronchitis and I had pneumonia 2 years ago. I am allergic to a wide array of pollens, molds, and the usual dust mites. And I've been having breathing problems for 4 months. At the beginning of December (4 months ago), a bunch of kids at my son's preschool were sick, 2 supposedly with pneumonia. Sure enough my son developed a croup-like cough and a couple days later so did I. And then my husband got it.
Avatar f tn As with Dr. Goldman, I'd like to post some general thoughts for public information. This is from my post at Vets, especially at emergency clinics, occasionally see dogs who ate marijuana. Of course, the owner rarely brags about it. They typically pretend they don't know what's wrong with their pet, which makes it more difficult to treat appropriately! A trick vets can use: look at the client straight into the eyes... to see if their pupils are dilated!
544292 tn?1268886268 But I am just doing everything I can to try and make it so that I won't say, Get Bronchitis and then Pneumonia. DH came home and saw me making soup. He asked why I was home so early and I replied, "I'm sick." He asked, "Is it the Tramadol? It gives you flu like symptoms, right?" (Someone has been doing research! And I replied, "Um, no this time I think it is the Tramadol causing an immune crash ... so same kinda thing. I just don't wanna get pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Just think of how many cats owe their now happy existences to you. I believe there's a special place for those who do as you.
Avatar n tn We are in the UK and do not live near the countryside, however, she loves cats and has often stopped to pet a cat in the street, I wondered if she could get a tick bite from a cat? She's terrified that she might have a tumor because her neuro symptoms are worsening for her, but she does have severe anxiety too.