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Avatar f tn I was surprised I wasn't coughing like my husband does when he gets pneumonia but he has asthma and COPD. I have no health concerns. The scan showed 'mild pneumonia or resolving infection'. Onc and rad said possibly walking pneumonia. I went to my primary for treatment. I'm taking the med and have 5 1/2 more days worth plus have an inhaler. Only minor coughing and the stuff I cough up is not green, rusty, etc. Headache is gone as of today.
Avatar f tn Primary gave me an antibiotic immediately and it's been 2 1/2 days on meds. Still no real cough. Had a slight need to cough late yesterday and chest feels funny, but no cough, no fever. I do have some weakness and headache. Primary couldn't hear anything in my chest, just went on the CT scan. I've never had pneumonia and am worried since I'm not coughing or when I do cough (loads of sinus drainage), it's dry. Drinking LOADS of water and tea.
146191 tn?1236881412 edward has had a cough the last couple of days. he has no fever and no other symptoms but it is not like a dry cough, it sounds like there's some mucus there and everytime he does cough, it seems like it bothers him. like maybe his throat is hurting or scrtachy? i am taking him to the dr. tomorrow anyway for his 10 month checkup but i just wanted to know if theres anything i should/could be doing in the meantime.
Avatar n tn chronic postnasal drip; gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is the back flow of stomach contents into the esophagus or food tube, if not into the voice box or lungs; asthma; and of course smoking or chronic exposure to second hand smoke. The cough and the pneumonia may not be unrelated. If your doctors can say with reasonable certainty that none of the above are causally related to your cough, you should ask to have genetic testing for CF, with or without bronchiectasis.
Avatar n tn Would carinii pneumonia present itself with just a minor cough and congestion and no fever, no rash or other symptoms. In other words is this type of pneumonia something that is more severe? I have not had an exposure to someone with HIV, but I have allowed myself to receive oral sex on occasion from guys that I did not know their HIV status.
Avatar f tn Now my chest is starting to hurt. What are the symptoms of pneumonia? Would a normal PFT rule out pneumonia? Would I have a fever? I hear noises and feel something in my chest when I breath.
Avatar n tn He has had NO other symptoms. No fever, no runny nose, no sore throat, no lethargy, perfect appetite, sleeping well, full of energy, his normal busy bustling self. Took him to the doctor yesterday and she listened to his lungs, said they sounded fine and clear (no need for X-ray or anything), O2 sat was 100%, normal BP etc, though she said she saw something in the back of his throat that might indicate a postnasal drip (however, he hasn't complained of a sore throat).
Avatar m tn Symptoms began Nov.
175861 tn?1428186013 My appetite is also not totally normal. Is this maybe b/c of the antibiotic I was on? (Levaquin) I've also heard of people getting over it and then getting it again. How likely is that? And should I take it easy now? Should I exercise at all? Go to work? What have your experiences been w/this? Should I be worried? I think I initially got the flu from my boss and it turned to pneumonia (lucky me). Anything I should take to keep my immune system up?
Avatar n tn you had no EXPOSURE four months ago. if you are having health concerns...see your doctor. it's NOT hiv related.
994239 tn?1321207220 I can feel pain pretty bad especially when I breathe in. I have had high fevers, chills, and all but NO cough and NO phlegm whatsoever. The Pneumonia was diagnosed on a chest xray. Does it mean anything if I simply do not cough and have no desire to? Doesn't that infection have to come out somehow? Or can it just be that the pneumonia is only causing inflammation with no phlegm?
Avatar f tn In the past year, I have been treated for pneumonia like symptoms with chronic cough. Recently, I have a rash and the pharmacist thinks both these conditions are caused by my Sotalol. My doctor has stopped the Sotalol and put me on Varapamil until I can see my cardiologist. The cough is improving but still a very liquid raspy cough. Do you think this would be caused by Sotalol and what are the long term effects.
Avatar n tn Hello & welcome to the forum......Since the Antibiotics don't seem to be effective, I'm thinking this sounds more like "Kennel Cough" Or "Canine Influenza" which are both Viruses.....They have a lot of the same symptoms, but Kennel cough is the one most commonly diagnosed..... Each of these viruses can last up to anywhere from 2-4 weeks..... A Month is Common.....Both of these can also turn into Pneumonia....COUGH SUPPRESSANTS are always the first line of defense.....
Avatar f tn This seemed to help a little, but still very miserable. By the end of that day a cough began. Sometimes it was a harsh cough that hurt my throat, with no phlegm. Sometimes it was it was a very rough moist cough that felt like my bronchs, trachea, and my upper lungs were being torn out of me. It would hurt for a long while after these coughing fits. Day four (today): woke up, blew my nose and out came more green/grey stuff. First cough of the day and a large wad of green/grey phlegm came up.
Avatar n tn In April I developed a feeling of one side of my chest rattling, the doctor took an xray and diagnosed mild pneumonia in the left lung. I was not at all unwell, no fever and the cough was only moderately worse than usual. I took oral antibiotics and the follow up xray showed complete resolution and concluded clear lungs.
Avatar m tn My symptoms never fully went away so I went back to the doctor today and I tested positive for walking pneumonia. Doc prescribed me cough syrup and Levofloxacin. My question is, Should i really take the Levofloxacin, is it impereitive? I've read up about it and it seems like some heavy duty stuff, I also hate taking antibiotics anyway and I was JUST on azithromycin that had me in constant diarrhea. I'd rather let my immune system run its course.
139068 tn?1288545318 but now i have a good control over my anxiety. i never had long lasting flu/cough in my life but i started having flu and cough from December 2013... i went to doctor and took antibiotics and got fine. But after that i had several episodes of flu. recurring flu . cough.... in april i had severe fever upto 104 and running nose and cough. doctor put me on antibiotic again.... but after 7 days i couldne get better so they asked be to consult a specialist.. i went to the specialist ...
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 29 year old female, healthy weight, never smoked and beside this issue no other medical history. I have had a chronic cough and throat clearing for three years that brings up small amounts of clear sputum.
Avatar n tn It develops into sinus infection along with bronchial cough and then pneumonia. In the past 7 years I have had 3 bouts with this nasty threatening disease. I do have severe deviated septum and ENT advised me to have it corrected to allow the nasal mucous to drain better. ENT also states she thinks salty mucuous build up and dripping down the back of the throat could be caused by improper gerd med or improper dosage. I get a very salty tasting fluid build up in saliva.
496587 tn?1209686061 at a client's house that included a burning sensation around her breast and back. The coughing gets usually worse at night. There seems to be no other symptoms but there is phlegm but she can not seem to "bring it up to expel it". What does it sound like to you. I thought about pneumonia or walking pneumonia. What do you all think?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia about 2 months ago, but the symptoms showed up a month or two prior to seeing a doctor. I went on a month of antibiotics, but never really improved. I have a cough, but the largest struggle has been my headaches. I have taken good care of myself avoiding alcohol and getting plenty of rest, but the problems persist. I currently have a headache that is tender to touch right at the top of my head.
Avatar n tn My 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia after having a cough for about 2 months. She is now infection-free but the cough persists. Both her pediatrician and allergist say the cough is simply a habit. However, she complains of feeling as if there's something in her throat that she's unable to cough up. Meanwhile, her ribs ache, she has no appetite due to stomach pain (taking prevacid for possible acid reflux), and irritation in her throat b/c of the barking, dry cough.
Avatar n tn the doctor pin pointed it right away, she said that several people had been coming in with it. its pneumonia, and you can have no other symptoms. I didnt have any other symptoms. Im on antibiotics but in a lot of pain. Ibuprofin works though. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283338'>Sharp Upper Back pain</a>.
459853 tn?1283144114 Dry cough, nothing comes up when coughing Sore throat Hoarsness Feelings of a rattle in both lower lungs Pain on right side in ribs, worsens when breathing in Stuffy nose, clear to yellow sputum Fever, up to 102F Fatigue Loss of appetite Taste distortion, everything taste like card board Clogged ears Swollen left gland This all stared back in February/March of this year. I stopped smoking around that time and haven't picked up one since! When I was a smoker, I RARELY was ever sick!