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Avatar n tn Pneumonia and a heart attack have a number of symptoms in common: chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness, light-headedness, palpitation and cough. Some heart attacks are "silent"; i.e., without symptoms and could be precipitated by the stress of pneumonia. It is not very common to have both pneumonia and a heart attack together. A heart attack can result in lung congestion that could be mistaken for pneumonia.
Avatar n tn An enlarged heart can cause other symptoms, but it's really important not to jump to too many conclusions. A cardiologist will be able to help sort things out. Were the breathing test results normal? Was your heart checked at that time? Any swelling, dizziness, chest pain or discomfort? These symptoms can all be caused by heart problems, but can also be from anxiety, vascular, neurological and even gastro problems. When is your appointment?
Avatar n tn In November, he was again admitted with similar symptoms, which did develop into pneumonia, although this time he was not intubated and his lung continued to function on its own. Less than 2 weeks ago (Feb. 22), he was again admitted for with the same initial symptoms (pericarditis) which developed with greater complications: pericarditis with fluid build-up around the heart, aspiration pneumonia, septic shock, and kidney failure.
Avatar f tn For the last week I have had worsening fine crackles in right lung area when pain worsens. Symptoms worse on inspiration, hiccoughing, coughing. Have had a dry cough throughout. GP sent me to A&E twice in first week - ectopic pregnancy, PE, pneumothorax, inflammatory markers, liver and kidney bloods negative. Abdominal ultrasound for gall stones clear. I have been unable to lie on my back or right side throughout due to pain. I am now wondering if this could be mild pneumonia.
Avatar f tn btw,, I just looked at that list of side effects again, and realized two of the three meds you mentioned can cause cardiovascular changes and 'chest congestion' which would indicate to a non-medical professional like myself that this means it can cause a bit of back flow issue between the heart and lungs (congestive heart issues)..
Avatar m tn Hi, I have mycoplasma Pneumonia and it is considered to be another co-infection of Lyme. I am honestly surprised that your LLMD is not willing to say for sure it is Lyme. Are you willing to get another opinion? Most LLMD will treat based on symptoms especially when it comes to co-infections but if your LLMD won't even concede that you have Lyme, it worries me. Does she want you to have the igenex tests before treating?
Avatar n tn I'm going to assume you have been since you seem to know that you have rheumatic fever and not something else like bronchitis or pneumonia. If your symptoms are getting worse, check back in with your doctor. Once you're feeling better, ask your doctor about any lingering effects from having rheumatic fever. In some cases it can affect the heart.
Avatar n tn Sweating, dizziness, faint and disoriented can be symptoms of a heart attack. Sometimes the X-ray image is not very clear, and it is possible misread. My enlarged heart was seen by an x-ray.
670314 tn?1247879373 I have DCM but am coping with the symptoms reasonably well (when compared to how much worse it could be). My 7yo son has just been diagnosed with a viral pneumonia, and is very symptomatic.
Avatar n tn Not all heart attacks come on suddenly and stay at a certain level. Some people have no symptoms at all of a heart attack only to find out that they had one after all. My grandfather when I was 9, went to a hockey game with my dad and uncle. After he came home, from my understanding he had this same sort of thing going on, and kept saying he was fine. He was only 50. He passed away from a heart attack and could have gone to the hospital and maybe still been alive today. Maybe.
139068 tn?1288545318 he did my xray and told me that i have lobar pneumonia..... i went to him on 25 April 2014... he said its on my right lung and put me on injectable i.e Recophin 2 mg in morning 2 in night for 3 days then 1 mg in morn and 1 mg in night. I started feeling much better , shortness of breath , cough, and flu started getting better. then on my third visit he again did xray and told me that i am getting fine ,,,,,,, now i have spot left only.
1141182 tn?1261004597 usually it was just shortness of breath with cough and it always got better after a few minutes (i was not taking any medication) Recently, for about 5months now, the frequency and intensity have increased Now I have this heavy feeling in my chest, and its like my heart is beating too fast, i cant breathe well, im coughing and no matter how cool the environment, i start sweating sometimes, i feel dizzy and I even had a total blank out once.
Avatar n tn My reports reads "there is a subtle area of increased opacity adjacent to the cardiac apex in the frontal view only could represent a subtle infiltrate. The lungs are otherwise clear. No evidence for olueral effusion. Heart size, hila, mediastinum, peripheral vasculature normal". Potential lingular infiltrate. What does all that mean?
Avatar n tn I've been to the ER twice with no results other than my heartCongenital heart disease Cor pulmonale Coronary heart disease Cyanotic heart disease Depression and heart disease Heart attack Heart attack first aid Heart attack symptoms Heart bypass surgery Heart bypass surgery - series Heart disease has pvc's and slight anemiaAnemia Anemia of chronic disease Fanconi's anemia Folate-deficiency anemia Hemolytic anemia Idiopathic aplastic anemia Iron deficiency anemia Iron deficiency anemia - childre
Avatar n tn If I do not have asthmatic symptoms, I am not sure why he is requesting that test. Also, if I had Pneumonia and Pleurisy in the Right Lung, why or how did the left lung get damaged or have scarring? I am still having shortness of breath and rapid pulse rate (111 beats per min). My Pulmonologist doesn't seem very confident in what he is doing. I am very concerned.
Avatar f tn I have been hospitilised 5 times over the past 4 months. When my pneumonia cleared up, I developed an irregular heart rhythmn which caused me to collapse and I was again hospitalised. This has carried on up until the present day, and I collapse about 5 times a week, usually becoming unconcious and my nose bleeds. I have to have someone with me 24/7 incase I collapse, Ive even collapsed in the shower and had terrible attacks of tachycardia in the night.
Avatar n tn in her lung near her heart. The family physician began treating her for pneumonia and set her up for an appointment for a biopsy of the mass. My mother believes she has pneumonia but I have never heard of pneumonia being described as "a mass" or doing a biopsy of pneumonia. Her symptoms were shortness of breath, wheezing, severe coughing episodes,tachycardia and several episodes of almost fainting. Am I correct to be concerned about this?
476834 tn?1228402309 today this morning I looked at the bottom of the page and it says 1234 etc,,,,, HELLO,, Yea i know i'm a little slow lol anyway what I meant is if you get pneumonia does it make your signs and symptoms worse?? because mine are threw the roof. I'm so weak and the numbness and tingling is back FULL FORSE. also I have pneumonia twice last year and now here I am again. anyway that's what I meant.
Avatar n tn I've been sick for 7 weeks it started as a sore throat and runny nose. Then when I was in Arizona I started the following symptoms. I've been to the ER twice with no results other than my heart has pvc's and slight anemia I've been to the pulmenologist 4 times. I've had numerous tests, blood,ekg,ecg, prostate, and a cat scan. I have short breath, chest and throat pain (not when swallowing) dizzy and light headed. My blood test says pneumonia and the doc says chlamydian pneumonic.
Avatar f tn I had an elevated D-dimer but all other labs were ok so had CT scan which showed rll pneumonia. I had not symptoms at all. No fever, no cough, no abnormal labs (except the elevated d-dimer). I had a zpack and then another CT scan after 2 weeks. The pneumonia was still there and then there was also a small nodule. Then in June I started having expiratory rales that I could hear and more shortness of breath on exertion. I was given Pro Air and another zpack.
Avatar m tn If that is correct, the course of your illness is consistent with what is called, Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP -- pneumonia acquired when not hospitalized). There are many causes of pneumonia (bacteria, fungi, viruses, chemical or organic irritants) and, even with extensive bacteriologic testing the specific cause is often not determined. The information you have provided, including the imaging studies (X-ray and CT) provides no clues as to the cause of your pneumonia.
211940 tn?1267884866 Definition Aspiration pneumonia is inflammation of the lungs and airways to the lungs (bronchial tubes) from breathing in foreign material. Aspiration pneumonia occurs when foreign materials (usually food, liquids, vomit, or fluids from the mouth) are breathed into the lungs or airways leading to the lungs. I, myself, have lots of problems with swallowing issues.
Avatar n tn The rales could be a residual of pneumonia and of no consequence. Your lack of symptoms is a very good sign. This is evidence against congestive heart failure (CHF) being a problem. The presence of rales without other typical findings is not enough to say that you have congestive heart failure. For starters, you should have a chest x-ray to check your heart size. If the heart was not enlarged on your recent CT scan, that would suffice.
764912 tn?1322715443 I have had pneumonia since oct. It seems to be cleared up, according to the xray and dr can no longer hear it in my lungs. However, I am still short of breath, since they don't hear asthma on my exhaling I'm at my wits end. When I was younger I had Valley Fever and it feels the same, and I have many of the symptoms. My Rheum. shows I have osteoarthritis, maybe RA, and Degenerative Disc disease. My family has a huge heart attack and stroke history, I have had one small stroke already....
Avatar n tn A high white blood count does not always indicate an infectious pneumonia. Now that the pneumonia has cleared, the white blood count should have returned to normal. If not, other causes of the high count, including leukemia, should be investigated.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Until recently my asthma attacks only consisted of coughing and a some S.O.B. Last fall I had Walking Pneumonia after an upper resp. infection. Last month I had a cold that ended up turning into pneumonia, which was treated with Levaquin. I started having Asthma attacks with this, which I thought was from being allergic to the Levaquin, but it has been over two weeks since I have been off the antibiotic and I am still having the Asthma attacks.
Avatar m tn rhinorrhea, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite, etc.; and the burning in my throat was beginning to wane as the other symptoms increased. And, upon waking the subsequent day, I had noticed that the cold symptoms were clearing up somewhat, and that the burning in my throat was gone completely. However, as I rose from my slumber, I noticed a sharp, stabbing pain in my chest. Initially, I thought it was my heart, and then concluded that it must be my lungs.
Avatar n tn 50 yr. old Female diagnosed with pneumonia in right lung when stuggled to breathe sitting in chair(Chest XRay, blood tests, physical exam at ER) on 03/05/05, put on Levaquin for 10 day course(caused sleeplessness) and prednisone 50mg. for 5 days and given albuterolinhaler to help breathing(nebulizer treatment in ER). Pulse Ox was 92-95(by blood gas and pulse oximeter). Low BP. Temperature went no higher than 100.5 for about 2 weeks but had almost constant shivering.