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Avatar f tn It takes a month or more to get over the cough and being tired but those are the usual symptoms. It doesn't sound like regular pneumonia. That is usually caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae and causes a very high fever and lots of mucus on the lungs and so forth. It makes it hard to breath. You usually don't get walking pneumonia unless you are run down from the flu or something else. But since others have it you might have contracted it from them. Try to say away from the flu if you can.
Avatar f tn I've never had pneumonia and am worried since I'm not coughing or when I do cough (loads of sinus drainage), it's dry. Drinking LOADS of water and tea. I'm surprised the CT showed something and 10 days later I'm not much worse, or maybe the antibiotics started at 7 days knocked it down???? The CT scan was a bi-yearly screen since I had colon cancer a number of years ago, not for symptoms. Age 64 and can go 8 years without a head cold. Do have sinus congestion often.
146191 tn?1236881412 he has no fever and no other symptoms but it is not like a dry cough, it sounds like there's some mucus there and everytime he does cough, it seems like it bothers him. like maybe his throat is hurting or scrtachy? i am taking him to the dr. tomorrow anyway for his 10 month checkup but i just wanted to know if theres anything i should/could be doing in the meantime.
Avatar n tn hello im 29 yrs old and i've had a dry cough for nearly 9 months now and sadly none of the doctors are able to diagnose what it is!! started severely-took linctus as prescribed and nothing hapenned. doc precribed 2 different set of antibiotics but still nothing happenned. had a asthma pump but still no differencex-ray all clear after 4weeks of waiting for a hospital appointment 8 weeks away. cough is mainly from throat-no sickness of mucus discharges at all..
Avatar n tn After taking ZPack for 5 days and several days later I did not see any effect. I had a dry cough along with a wheezy/whistling exhale. Sometimes my cough is so severe that I vomit and feel like stomach acid is coming up. My cough is more consistent throughout the night and the morning when I wake up. There is very little phlegm that comes up with my cough every now and then. I have taken tussin to help with the cough but it only suppresses it very minimally.
Avatar n tn I've had a dry cough for almost 4 weeks. Breathing tickles a seemingly specific area in my throat/upper lungs (hard to determine but it is always the same spot) and causes me to cough. Sometimes violently. Sometimes the 'tickle' is satisfied... for a while. Sometimes it is not. In the beginning, I had flu-like symptoms of general aches but they passed quickly. Only the cough remains, day and night, no better, no worse.
Avatar n tn I never cough while asleep, or while I lie on my back. When I cough, it is a strictly dry cough. the left part of my chest (under my breast) is sore when i press on it, and it hurts when i cough sometimes. the right part of my chest at the top is not as sore, and doesnt hurt as much when i cough. I am a 22 year old man and have never smoked, nor do my parents or anyone at home.
434278 tn?1324709825 ) B12 deficiency has been associated with many symptoms, but pertinent to your husband's case is the cough and asthma-like symptoms. The coughing worsens when the H.Pylori numbers are increased and weight gain is just another common H.Pylori infection symptom (it decreases T4 to T3 conversion leading to low thyroid function). I'm not sure if this applies to the other members who posted earlier, as there are other possibilities and variables, specially if H. Pylori has been ruled out.
Avatar f tn Hi, I need some advice please. 3 weeks ago for 1 week I had excruciating constant severe right upper abdominal pain with referred pain anteriorly behind my ribs at level of right breast and at anterior shoulder (not tip, corocoid process sort of area). This has calmed down to constant but ignorable pain in the same areas, becoming severe about 3 x a day. For the last week I have had worsening fine crackles in right lung area when pain worsens.
Avatar n tn Hello My husband has been suffering from high evening fever and sweats with dry cough since one month. Few days back he got admitted in hospital. In his chest x-ray linear opacity is there radiating from right hilum into the right upper zone. CT scan also showed some complications like early cavitation,early fibrobronchectatic changes with multiple small rounded nodules with irregular margin throughout right upper lobe. Doctors started with antibiotics injections with an assumption of pneumonia.
Avatar n tn I also have a persistent cough ranging from phlegmy to dry. Last year, 2006 in January, my doctor said I had mycoplasma pneumonia and prescribed Biaxcin for a month. The flushing and sweats continued. In September 2007, after blood testing, he said I had mycoplasma pneumonia and this time prescribed Doxycycline Hyclat for a month, 2 x's a day. I am in the 3rd week of taking antibiotics. While the cough has lessened, I still have the low grade fever.
175861 tn?1428186013 My appetite is also not totally normal. Is this maybe b/c of the antibiotic I was on? (Levaquin) I've also heard of people getting over it and then getting it again. How likely is that? And should I take it easy now? Should I exercise at all? Go to work? What have your experiences been w/this? Should I be worried? I think I initially got the flu from my boss and it turned to pneumonia (lucky me). Anything I should take to keep my immune system up?
353348 tn?1209699037 I think almost everyone here experiences some sort of Lung problems while on TX. A dry hacking cough --- without pain... Some folks get lots of mucous... and others dry out - and sometimes those develop into BACTERIAL infections. Highly unlikely TXers get VIRAL infections... But it does happen. Some of those problems become serious medical issues. Please do get it checked.
Avatar n tn Hi, just wanna ask if there is this possibility of having a pneumonia as a symptom of AIDS after 4 mths of exposure.i have dry cough, and sometimes difficulty in breathing and also slight pain in swallowing which suggests infection of the swallowing tube (esophagus). however, my appetite is still good and no evidence of weight loss. slight fatigue though.
Avatar n tn I've now been having this cough for over 5 weeks, it was initially dry in nature and now begins wet but not enough phlegm to actually get out. I've been on all kinds of medications and nothing seems to help. I have 40 to 50 bouts of coughing per day and stops only when i'm sleeping. All the meds i've taken have done nothing to decrease the intensity of the cough though it has come down from the initial 70 - 80 bouts per day.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 12 now and at age 6 we went through months of problems with a chronic dry cough. To keep a long story short, I researched on the internet and requested my pediatrician to eliminate the 7 or 8 possible causes I had found. Start ELIMINATING. We had the pulmonologist, gastrointologist, Allergist, and more on the list. We start the eliminating. Tests at the Pediatricians (blood, xrays) showed NO allergies or asthma.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia may begin with a fever. Other symptoms may include chills, headache, a dry cough, a general feeling of discomfort and body aches. It is generally best diagnosed by chest x-ray in addition to a thorough examination. You will need to see your doctor to know for sure if you have pneumonia and what treatment would be best for you.
Avatar f tn I have had this cough for 4 months now. The dr has changed my diagnosis everytime I go (which is frequent). The cough starts with a tickle in my throat, which makes me cough this loud obnoxious cough that feels and sounds "dry" but produces this sometimes thin, sometimes thick white/clear mucus. This happens all the time, day night whatever.
Avatar n tn My 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia after having a cough for about 2 months. She is now infection-free but the cough persists. Both her pediatrician and allergist say the cough is simply a habit. However, she complains of feeling as if there's something in her throat that she's unable to cough up. Meanwhile, her ribs ache, she has no appetite due to stomach pain (taking prevacid for possible acid reflux), and irritation in her throat b/c of the barking, dry cough.
670314 tn?1247879373 As I already experience SOB with minimal exertion, fatigue, frequent nausea and other common symptoms with this condition, (and a dry cough from my meds), I am worried that I might miss something and this new virus take hold before I recognise it for what it is. I am guessing to get help if I develop a fever - but anything else that anyone knows of?
Avatar m tn Can same please let me know if this may be a common side effect called , Viral irritation after a virus has run its course , We all stated out with the Same symptoms a dry cough , which gradually progressed to either H1N1 , or Possible walking Pneumonia , a few Friends and family had gotten better fairly Quickly after being prescribed azithromycin , I waited over a week before I seen a doctor , and was prescribed 250mg of azithromycin , I started feeling better after day 3 , Day 3 ,I woke up in
459853 tn?1283144114 Dry cough, nothing comes up when coughing Sore throat Hoarsness Feelings of a rattle in both lower lungs Pain on right side in ribs, worsens when breathing in Stuffy nose, clear to yellow sputum Fever, up to 102F Fatigue Loss of appetite Taste distortion, everything taste like card board Clogged ears Swollen left gland This all stared back in February/March of this year. I stopped smoking around that time and haven't picked up one since! When I was a smoker, I RARELY was ever sick!
Avatar n tn This cough is now interferring with my life/sleep. Sinus drips, dry patch on throat, horrid tickle, cough 'til I wretch. The only thing that calms it down at all is Thayer's slippery elm lozenges- I go through a box of 24 in a 24 hour period. Water doesn't help, and the Flonase isn't helping, either. OTC allergy meds no help. How can I put an end to this- it's gross.
Avatar n tn so my question is does any of this sound familiar to anyone, where there child has a dry half cough that is constant all day long? if so did you have any luck remedying it? we have been to regular doctor, ent & allergist. so far all i have gotten is get rid of the cat and wipe my whole house down, even the walls. which i am working on doing, but in the mean time she has no relief and neither do my nerves!! HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY MIRACLE DRUG ADVICE IN THE MEAN TIME.
Avatar n tn I've had no phelgm just a dry cough raspy throat, and stuffy nose. Any suggestions...
Avatar m tn Tuberculosis usually presents with loss of appetite and loss of weight with evening rise of temperatures. This is correlated with other clinical symptoms like cough, chest pain and blood tests, which will show a raised ESR and increased lymphocyte count, if it is an active infection. Your treating doctor will be able to identify a tuberculous clinical picture. So, don't worry and Take care. Regards.
Avatar f tn shortness of breath and dry cough. A part of the lung may be surgically removed if the cancer is confined to one area. However, in most cases, the cancer has spread itself throughout the lung and is more effectively treated by chemotherapy or other anticancer drugs. A decreased immunity can make a person susceptible to infections. It is essential to differentiate whether it is pneumonia or pulmonary edema or pulmonary embolism or secondaries in the lung.