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Avatar n tn How could this be happening if i've been told that the second xray showed that my chest had cleared up. Could the pneumonia be getting worse. I'm reaaly worried. I'm 47 and never been seriously ill. I do have a tendency to suffer from sinus and a nasl drip. My doctor has told me in the past that i do tend to get acid reflux? My country does not enjoy high end medical facilities.
Avatar m tn A dear friends daughter, 33 yrs old, is in hospital w/inflamed liver, pancreas, pneumonia and they are now saying heart valve issues. She is an alcoholic. It is my gut feeling that she's in end stages of the disease. Has anyone seen someone come back from this. She was told this A.M.that her daughter is the most critical patient they have.
Avatar n tn My GP did not prescribe anti-biotics, because he said that at that stage in the illness, they would be ineffective. I am a 21 year old, non-smoking, male who normally exercises 5 days a week. I began to feel better after 2.5 weeks of almost total bed-rest, and began to return to a normal schedule, which included moving back to College.
Avatar f tn Hello! I am a 58 year old female that was just diagnosed with stage four cirrhosis after a liver biopsy, numerous tests, being sick since having pneumonia in September, 2014, and being in and out of the hospital several times, the last time two weeks of sheer hell, kidney and liver failure. Long time wine drinker. Mainly they tell me what I don't have, but confirmed ITP platelet disorder and stage four cirrhosis I do have.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed just over a week ago with a pulmonary embolus and pneumonia. I am now home and feeling much better and pain is subsiding, just feeling easily fatigued which I understand is quite normal at this stage. I am a 26 year old female who was in the final stages of marathon training when this all happened, so it's all being quite a shock! The only risk factor the doctor thinks would make me susceptible is the birth control pill Yasmin.
365714 tn?1292202708 Your husband may still be at that place in his life (where physical recovery is possible). Grace is correct - go read some of her older posts and you'll get her whole story. I think the "one day at a time "motto has a lot of truth to it. It's tough to tell someone they have to quit drinking forever, because they don't want to hear it and a whole life of sobriety is too much to grasp. You could try telling him to take 3 months off to get his body back on track.
Avatar n tn It is so early in his recovery and you, your husband and your daughter have a lot to look forward to. Although your husband isn't a spring chicken he's not all that old, either, and that will help his recovery. You will be amazed at how he bounces back. My husband (56 at the time) had a stroke last July and he has problems with his eyes. He has developed double vision. He, at first, was paralyzed on his left side but all that came back. He's almost back to his old self.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering how paralysis recovery works? She has physio and Occupational therapy working her muscles but do people with paralysis get some motor function back and if so what type of time frame (3,6,12, months?)Is there any recent research or therapy to aid in the motor recovery process such as magnetic stimulation or emg that we should be considering or inquiring about? Any questions I should be asking the rehab or dr.'s to find out about my mother's prognosis for it....
Avatar m tn I am reading a lot of posts from people but not really understanding my brother-in-laws condition completely. He has Cirrhosis of the Liver. It is stage 4 and he has hep C. They said that his cirrhosis was not caused by his drinking but that his drinking has made it worse. This is what I know. He is in the hospital now, on a ventilator, he has pneumonia. His has vericose veins bad and one in his throat broke which may or may not have had blood go into his lungs.
Avatar n tn I am just concerned that he is so sleepy and is still on an oxygen mask. I know that it is a long process to recovery, but I am so worried that perhaps he shouldnt by like this.
Avatar n tn My mom had the same blank stare and blinking. My theory is, at that stage of the recovery, your husband (and my mom) are not in control of thier vision. He is trying to focus and look at you but the brain is still recovering so his eyes are not working. Slowly but surely they will start to work. My mom took several weeks to get her sight back and today it is still limited. She can see much much better on her right side and has limited peripheral vision on her left.
Avatar n tn Hiya i had a 10cm mass and my right ovary removed 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I went into hospital the night before for a pre op assesment and went down to theatre at 11am the last time i remember seing the clock was 11.20am and i came round at 2pm. The surgeon tried to do it thru the camera in my belly button but wasnt able to and had to cut me along my bikini line to remove them.
Avatar f tn He has been hospitalized countless yikes however in November he has pneumonia and heart failure and was in for a month before being released. His recovery shocke everyone. He is back in again with pneumonia however and went into severe respiratory distress on Friday and was placed on a ventilator. My question is regarding if any one has any experiences or knowledge regarding the success of end stage COPD patients being taken off the ventilator?
Avatar m tn she listened from the middle of my back then listened to my left lung and said I had very minimal wheezing and that the pneumonia was gone and that I was in the recovery stage that involves coughing up the mucus and my body absorbing the mucus in my lungs. I never had a chest X-ray so I can't say for sure that the pneumonia was in my right lung BUT the painful spot that the previous doc identified that made him concerned was on the right and this doctor only listened to my left lung.
Avatar f tn I'm a 47 year old male that had sepsis and multi-organ failure. I'm a trainer and am having a hard time with this slow recovery...I was in the ER Dec. 12 and out Dec 24, 2009. When I entered the ER, my bp was 60/40, hr 184 and a fever of 104.5. They thought that I wouldn't make it. So glad that I did! It is now Feb 16, 2010. Any idea what kind of recovery time I should expect? I feel that that I am 50 plus % of my old self right now...please advise. Thank you!
Avatar m tn When the end is near, will there be any signs or could there be none I’ve read many posts on the internet regarding Stage 4, people saying that a person had died after finding out 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 year, etc. I’m confused at what point did the clock start when the end came. I was told by my 82 year old father’s physician that he has Stage 4 lung cancer. He had smoked for many years and quit at 50.
Avatar f tn My mom is going to be without chemo for two months due to recovery from pneumonia. In early Jan, her cancer tumor markers were stable but white cell count very low (thus acquiring pneumonia). She's so weak and is still recovering but I"m worried things are advancing. With her being off of chemo for two months, what can we expect? The oncologist said it is unknown but seeing how advanced her cancer has been, remarkably treatable/stable for 6 years, I can't picture it being a good outcome.
Avatar n tn The very first one I had the report said one small sentence that I had a Stage I Malformation, but that was never repeated again. Since I didn't know what that mean, and my reg dr didn't know, we didn't think it meant anything. That was 8 years ago and since then I have not even heard the word Chiari at all. That is why I am praying this will be a positive diagonosis for me. I just had another MRI with contrast on Tues, so hopefully it will show up this time.
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Avatar f tn the doctor performed another chest x-ray after 3 weeks of his the report says tht everything is normal no sign of pnemonia but when i showd the x-ray 2 child specialist he told tht he can see a patch of pnemonia but its a resolving patch and there's no need for more antibiotics and it will disappear soon. and also there is no need for another chest x-ray.. Resolving patch !!wht does tht suppose 2 mean???
661823 tn?1293879553 she had bilateral hernia's repaired and also an ambilical hernia repair. she has not been awake yet she is still on the ventilator. she has an infection and pneumonia. her right lung is completely filled and the left is not much better. she is taking no breaths on her own, and they pulled her off the vent just to see if she would breath and she crashed and turned blue and took no breaths on her own. the dr told us he suspected this yesterday but didn't want to worry us.
649848 tn?1484935765 Anyway, turns out that she had showered, fell backward into the bathtub, cut the back of her head (3 staples) and has 3 compressed fractures in her vertabrae.........She has stage 4 osteoporosis, so at her age, they won't do surgery, but they did call in an orthopedic surgeon. They will fit her for a brace to keep her back straight and she will be in a rehab center for at least 8-10 weeks...........
Avatar n tn The surgery went as expected not complication while on the table however his recovery has not been so kind. He developed bi-lateral pneumonia and became septic after the infections passed; he was having difficulty with items passing from his stomach to his intestine from his J-Tube. Come to find out his pylorus was not allowing liquids to drain so a stent was put in. After about 2.5 weeks of the stent in, he started vomiting blood.
Avatar n tn In Feb. 2007 I had a TAH/BSO due to a complex ovarian cyst. Pathology determined that it was a "borderline" Stage 1A serous tumor arising in a serous cystadenofibroma, & that it was a "low malignancy potential." All other biopsies done during the staging were benign. The gyn. oncologist determined that no chemo was necessary, but I follow up with her every 3 months. A month before surgery my CA125 was 44; the week before surgery it had dropped to 22.5.
Avatar f tn At that stage, if my hospital is anything to go by, take food in for him to eat. The final stage will be physiotherapy but that won't take long when he starts to eat. Your Doctors and Nurses are doing a great job and I know these have been worrying times for you because I've recently been through it. Not long now.