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Avatar m tn After a month of different type of antibiotics for pnuemonia, I finally got the right one (Levaquin) which cleared my lungs and got permission to begin exercising (slowly) last Monday. Has anyone experienced recovery from pneumonia and what I can expect during the recovery period? I have an anxiety problem and I can't tell if my current symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, weakness are normal recovery symptoms or are they a product of my anxiety?
Avatar m tn Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that can accompany pneumonia. It does cause pain and naproxen is fine for this. However, if what you are experiencing continues without getting better, it should be checked out further to be sure that is the cause of what you are experiencing and the “nodule” on the x-ray, as there are other possible causes for these symptoms and findings, as well.
Avatar n tn Probably in some part due to the difficultly with the breathing post-op he has now contracted pneumonia. Pneumonia is usually quite easy to treat but in an elderly person who has just undergone major surgery it can be quite difficult to cure and may even be deadly. The percentage of individuals dying would depend on the person's overall health and what type of bacteria was present in the lungs but could be upwards of 5%.
Avatar n tn The follow-up chest x-ray that you had done is helpful to show that the pneumonia has completely gone away, but it will not show inflammation that is still in your lungs. This is most likely the cause of your lingering symptoms. It is difficult to tell you exactly when you will return to full strength. Generally it will take you at least as long as the pneumonia has caused you to be less active.
Avatar m tn I was in the hospital for double pneumonia in both lungs and severe sepsis. I was sent to the ICU for almost 7 days with a breathing tube. It has been over a month since I've been out of the hospital as well. I was in the hospital for two weeks. They also found out that I had a heart condition in which I had a birth. I'm also still dealing with shortness of breath sometimes and get tired very easy.
Avatar n tn What you describe is not the normal or most common course, 6 months after recovery from acute pneumonia. That is pneumonia occurring in a person with previously completely healthy lungs. There may be a problem with your lungs, for example chronic bronchitis or a condition called bronchiectasis, or an inherited abnormality such as cystic fibrosis (CF) or alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency or that you had an atypical pneumonia, one prone to cause tissue destruction.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia due to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection of the lungs can be life-threatening, especially in the elderly, but recovery is possible, especially if your mother has never smoked and heretofore, had healthy lungs. Assuming that she is receiving intravenous antibiotics, either at the rehab center or the hospital, whether she is to recover or not should soon be evident by clearing or worsening of pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Instead of atelectasis/fibrosis in the lungs could I have had pneumonia, wouldn't that fit the picture a little better?? Im a 29 year old otherwise healthy, non-smoking woman.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia due to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection of the lungs can be life-threatening, especially in the elderly, but recovery is possible, especially if your mother has never smoked and heretofore, had healthy lungs. Assuming that she is receiving intravenous antibiotics, either at the rehab center or the hospital, whether she is to recover or not should soon be evident by clearing or worsening of pneumonia.
620048 tn?1358021835 My pneumonia has returned, i am not quite sure what I am asking but I know the asperation pneumonia is from the MS and just wondering if I can get more information from someone.... possibly someone else has this issue..
186606 tn?1263513790 Having had pneumonia twice, maybe 3 times in my life, once w/ pleurisy as well (remember that one well), I know it's no picnic, God's speed to getting rid of it soon, and feeling much, much better!
Avatar n tn My Dr asked me to get another chest X-RAY done after a month to make sure Pneumonia is gone completely. I found on internet recovery of Pneumonia can takes 30 – 90days. I am still not sure that all my problem are because of Pneumonia or acid reflux or something else..... If I will find anything helpful for you (or me) I will defiantly post it.
Avatar n tn y 62 yr old sister-in-law had 6 bypasses two months ago. While in recovery she had a light stroke. Next her lungs or chest cavity begin to fill with fluid. Its been two months and her husband is still draining her twice daily. Is this because her heart is weak from all the bypasses?
Avatar m tn Hello all, (i posted this question a second time here) I'm sixteen, turned it august 4, and I'm actually skinny for my age. Well, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia sometime last month, July. I can't remember the date sorry. And everything was going well until one night i woke up dizzy and had a very bad case of the chills so i went to the ER and they gave me IV and took another X-Ray and they told me that the pnemonia was gone from the look of those those X-Rays.
178345 tn?1242539846 Just letting eveyone know that I went to the Pulmonary Doctor and he said my lungs seem clear but wants me to follow up with an xray...he said that it takes a good 6-8 weeks to get over the tiredness alone from the pnemonia. He also said that from the 3 surgeries it takes a good year to even get back to at least that is some positive news..i will keep you posted and again thank you all for your good wishes and advise :) wishing you all well!
Avatar m tn During major surgery the body becomes very weak and a small infection in the lungs can simply go wild. The tiny sacs in the lungs where oxygen exchange takes place with the lungs become infected, they swell and often fill with fluid. The patient is unable to create enough pressure in the lungs to overcome this and the body gets too little oxygen, so a ventilator is used to supply that pressure.
Avatar m tn I am not a complete authority on Dermatomyositis, however, I am familiar with certain things to be aware of. Your concern about your father's severity of pneumonia is justified! Pneumonia and Dermatomyositis do not make good bed partners especially when the lungs are involved. I would suggest that your doctor and/or neurologist be seriously involved with your father's recovery. If your doctor and other staff are not knowledgeable about the disease then try and get information to them.
Avatar m tn I hope your sister is well or well on the road to recovery by the time you read this! A few years ago I had Pneumonia for nine weeks, although I was never as sick as your sister, I was very sick. At the end of nine weeks with nothing helping, my doctor gave me a cortizone shot! this did it for me I was well (totally well) within 24 hours. The cortizone shot they gave me was a clear liquid given in the upper hip with a needle so small there is NO PAIN!
Avatar n tn We had an xray done and they saw cloudy-ness all throughout his lungs, which led them to believe it was a bacterial pneumonia and not aspiration pneumonia. He is on two different antibiotics, zenequin and clavamox and has been for the last week and a half. We've also been inducing a cough 3-4 times a day to assist him in clearing his lungs. We are seeing slight improvement in his cough, which isn't as frequent and not as productive, but he is still very fatigued.
Avatar n tn Hi, my father recently had a heart surgery to remove a clot (i can't remember the exact name of the procedure) and now, they found his lungs are filling with fluids. Last week, his lungs filled with fluid without his knowledge and he felt great discomfort so he went to the hospital, and they immediately drained his lungs. Apparently, they're filling up again.
Avatar n tn Is this normal for recovery from pneumonia or as the pain is in both lungs now should it be investigated further. The xray done about 3 weeks ago was clear but then the doctor said early pneumonia does not always show in an xray.
Avatar n tn I have some nodules in my lungs which appeared after a bad bout with pneumonia in January. My pulmonologist is doing CT scans every three months to keep a tight check on them. There has been no change so far. She says they are quite common after pneumonia, and are too small to biopsy. They will be watched for two years, and if no change, then yearly after that. Hope this is of some help to you. I understand how worried you are as I have felt the same way.
Avatar m tn My Father was admitted in to hospital last week following a chest infection which led to pneumonia and heart failure. He has been in hospital for over 10 days and is recovering well. They are due to be sending him home tomorrow, the infection has cleared and virtually all the fluid in his lungs has disappeared, apart from the left lung for which they are going to give him medication.
Avatar m tn i know you cant get from french kissing but worried about Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia. i went to the doctor last week and they said i had pneumonia they put in the hospital for 4 days on antibotics. i got out and two later i went back and they gave me different antibotics and still feeling a little bad. i got worried and start to read that hiv person get pneumocystic jiroveci pneumonia and if this could be want wrong with me.i just have chest pain back pain and breathing problem. no fever.
Avatar m tn Hi, it could just be the recovery phase post pneumonia. Tuberculosis usually presents with loss of appetite and loss of weight with evening rise of temperatures. This is correlated with other clinical symptoms like cough, chest pain and blood tests, which will show a raised ESR and increased lymphocyte count, if it is an active infection. Your treating doctor will be able to identify a tuberculous clinical picture. So, don't worry and Take care. Regards.
Avatar n tn How could this be happening if i've been told that the second xray showed that my chest had cleared up. Could the pneumonia be getting worse. I'm reaaly worried. I'm 47 and never been seriously ill. I do have a tendency to suffer from sinus and a nasl drip. My doctor has told me in the past that i do tend to get acid reflux? My country does not enjoy high end medical facilities.
Avatar n tn She's told that antibiotics will not be strong enough and the medication she needs is too expensive. How does one get mold on their lungs? Can it be removed or treated? Is she contagious? (she lives with her daughter and infant) The inofrmation I keep finding online deals with mold in the home not the body. Please help if possible.