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Avatar f tn What should it be a rest for someone with Copd with empasima and is recovering from pneumonia He is on 4 liters of oxygen. When it is removed for any length of time it will drop as low as 67 Being in the hospital makes him very agitated. Also he is prescribed Oxycodin will this bring his stats down as well. Will lower the level of oxygen bring it down if it is on 3.5 liters will it go up? Is he getting to much Carbon Dioxide?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to need oxygen , and feel week after pneumonia? I'm a 55 year old woman with borderline high blood pressure. Is it realy safe to take the oxygen off at night? I feel traumatized by the Pneumonia. I was once a busy active woman.
Avatar n tn I will add physicians will not give 100 percent oxygen to COPD patients because there is a chance that when the carotid sensors reflect high concentrations of oxygen the breathing may stop. This is true fors mokers, but you are NOT a smoker.T hey probably have you on a nasal cannula. The organisms are probably anaerobic which means oxygen kills them.
Avatar n tn As the evening and next afternoon slipped by we came to find out that my mothers blood oxygen levels were only reaching 80%, but she has no symptoms, no shortness of breath, no blue lips or fingers & no lose of memory. Today is Wednesday and we brought her home to a house filled with oxygen tanks because there doesn't seem to be anyone that can diagnose the problem. She has had well over 20 test performed on her anywhere from blood work to a heart cath.
Avatar n tn The doctor diagnosed pneumonia, but said it might also be congestive heart failure. Her oxygen saturation levels hovered around 85 percent, and dropped quickly when the oxygen mask, which she resisted, was removed. She died very quickly when the mask was taken off. How long could she have lived if she had worn the oxygen mask? Sometimes I wish I had threatened to sue the doctor and the hospital for not having admitted her to a room.
Avatar f tn What have the doctor's been telling you regarding your mother's low oxygen levels? I would start there...ask the doctor for a family conference so that he or she can address all of your concerns. She is a complex case, having endured many problems...stroke, pulmonary embolisms, broken hip etc.... Have the doctors checked for pneumonia or other lung infections? I am just wondering....Because your mother has had a stroke, perhaps it has affected how she swallows.
Avatar n tn I feel normal with the current oxygen levels and don't feel extra fatigue. I will appreciate any suggestions.
Avatar f tn Did heart cath and it showed everything fine but oxygen levels a little low on right side. I have a low stress life - that said, I am feeling pretty stupid since they can't find anything - is this a panic attack? It is constant. They put me on Zanax? and I still had problems catching my breath. Blood oxygen level was always good though.
Avatar f tn When sleeping my oxygen levels fell to 88% for 3 minutes and 89% for 6 minutes. I was put on oxygen to sleep by my primary pulmonary doctor. Upon going to the University of Michigan for my 6 months follow up visit with a specialist there he suggested I did not need oxygen to sleep and suggested it could do me more harm than good at this point in my disease. The diagnosis of HP rather than UIP was determined by a team of patholigist and pulmonary specialist at the University of Michigan.
93831 tn?1205427109 He is on antibiotics, but 5 days later is still having spikes in fevers and today has vomited twice. His oxygen levels have been hanging around 95. We returned to the ER, but were told we should expect fevers for a few more days. I am just curious how long should he should be spiking fevers?
Avatar n tn At that point you might benefit from the administration of supplemental oxygen. With lower levels than the upper 80%, your doctor should be checking to see if you have pneumonia or if your lungs are not fully expanded. Good luck.
Avatar f tn but a couple of days later he once again was admiitted to the hospital with the same symptoms but only on a lesser note. His blood oxygen levels during his sleep is continously at 89 to 90. but the hospital insists that he should have atleast 93%. We find him perfectly ok and active. Can anyone let us know if this is normal in such children please give some advice or hints regarding this.
Avatar n tn My 62 year old mother has had COPD for about seven years with oxygen levels around 80%. About four days ago she caught a cold or viral infection and by the time we found her, her oxygen levels were in the 40's. We don't know for how long but at least several hours. She is on Bipap in the telemetry ward at the hospital but seems extremely confused. She recognizes people and is aware of her surroundings, times and dates.
356929 tn?1246393356 Hi, After having pneumonia 6 mos.ago, I have been using oxygen at night .During the day the levels are in the 90s, but the last overnight oximeter test showed a sudden drop to the mid to low 70s on two occasions. 4AM and 6AM .. I don't know how long this lasted (I have the graph, but can't tell) .. I'm seeing my primary this week. What should I be asking aside from what this may be caused from. I would think a sleep study would be in order.?? Ideas?
Avatar n tn old sister was recently hospitalized for six days with pneumonia (first bout in over 10+ years). They sent her home with oxygen and we have been checking her oxygen levels at home and they have been in the 93-94 region. She is 20 yrs. post bypass and stents and is also diabetic. She has never had pulmonary trouble in the past so has never had her oxygen level checked. Now she went for a follow up with the respiratory physician that she saw in the hospital.
Avatar n tn She was just admitted to the hospital again today only this time her oxygen levels where at 90%. They put her on a BiPap machine and after a hour and a half the oxygen level still hadn't improved. I am wondering how long should it take for the BiPap machine to start raising the O2 level? She has depression and axiety also. I don't know, how many times someone can bounce back from Pneumonia when they have COPD?
Avatar f tn This happened once while he was not on the oxygen and once while he was on the oxygen. When we tested his oxygen level (while he was on the oxygen) it was at 62. These episodes last about an hour or longer and he doesn't seem to remember much. He doesn't have a doctor appointment until January but, I think he needs to go immediately. He has been in the hospital with pneumonia about 2 years ago and was given oral antibiotics and sent home with a v-pack.
Avatar n tn I am in the process of writing a blog post on low oxygen levels. It should be posted to the free online community, Heart Failure Solutions, by tomorrow. Your best bet is to educated yourself in how to build the health of your heart and lungs. That is what our online community is all about! Come join us! I would also strongly advise that you ask to have your oxygen level checked while you are walking and doing normal daily activities as well.
Avatar m tn because they retain so much CO2 (as they can't fully empty their lungs), their brain's signal to breathe is low levels of oxygen (rather than high CO2). This can be problematic when supplementing oxygen therapy as it can have the opposite effect. I can see that causing arguments between a doctor and someone who desperately needs oxygen!
1141182 tn?1261004597 Your doctor will look at the whole picture to decide on your diagnosis. Your heart is compensating for the lower oxygen levels in your blood by trying to increase the flow rate to vital organs, such as your lungs. I tend to get black outs too when my asthma is not doing well. Keep working with your doctor and you should soon start to feel better once you are on the right treatment plan for your lungs.
Avatar m tn I had mycoplasma pneumonia and was treated in hospital with iv antibiotics and oxygen after christmas til new year. Upon release I developed a post infection wheeze which was treated with 7 days of prednisolone. My O2 sats are 99 and blood pressure etc normal - x ray showed normal with no pneumonia. However, I am troubled with chest pain which is there all the time but worse through the night and when I wake in the morning. paracetamol does not seem to help much.
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old and I also developed tachycardia after pneumonia. In Feb of 08 I was diagnosed with pneumonia but it was a bit too late. I was hospitalized for 4 days. I went to see my dr because I thought I had a cold that just wasn't getting better, turned out to be pneumonia most likely caused by untreated bronchitis. After I left the office I went to Target to pick up the prescritions she had prescribed, an antibiotic and an inhaler.
Avatar f tn If in addition if the cerebral vessels are narrowed, this could further compromise the blood supply and oxygen levels. So, based on the cause her memory may improve if the causative factors are corrected. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn They can also modify the oxygen concentration in the mixture. What I don't understand is, they must have seen his oxygen levels dropping when the ventilator was removed, so why didn't they warn you of the consequences and reinsert the breathing tube down his windpipe? I really am sorry to hear of your loss.
Avatar n tn At that point you might benefit from the administration of supplemental oxygen. With lower levels than the upper 80%, your doctor should be checking to see if you have pneumonia or if your lungs are not fully expanded. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My husband and I lost our 4 1/2 month old daughter to RSV complicated by Bacterial Pneumonia. She was born healthy with no problems or complications. She had a cough since the first of October 2002. We took her to the doctor 3 times, Oct. 7th, Oct. 28 and & Dec. 26th. The doctor didn't treat her at all for any of the problems that we had advised him that she had been having. Her last visit was Dec . 26th. She had fever Christmas night and we took her the very next day.
Avatar m tn E missed it and i have congestion particularly in my right lung which he believes to be pneumonia. He said he wouldn't admit me to hospital as my oxygen levels were normal and my blood pressure wasn't rapidly decreasing. He's given me antibiotics and an inhaler to use. However my sputum is now a cloudy color with what i can only describe as green/greyish 'mold like' bits in it which i'm really worried about. What is this?
Avatar n tn Over the past 2 months he has had double pneumonia and is currently in hospital recovering from another lung infection. My question is regarding his low levels of oxygen. Since he was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago his O2 levels have been dipping. He is now on an oxygen mask continuously receiving full strength O2. His levels are dipping up and down but he is showing no improvement. Any ideas what could be at the root?
Avatar m tn Right now he is on an oxygen mask and they have been able to lower it from 50 to 45 and now to 35, but his pulse oxygen levels are only 92. Without the oxygen it drops into the 20s within a minute or two. He has been in the hospital since 4/10 (almost 2 weeks). As of now he has not had to be put onto a ventilator. Our family and his oncology doctors agree that he should be tested for pnuemocystis pneumonia (PCP), but the pulmonologist says that there is no need and won't budge.