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940391 tn?1255758976 I know I will eventually calm down, but it just scrares me so. My mother died from Breast cancer/lung cancer. She went through hell before she died. It had a huge impact on my life when I was in my mid 20's. I am not 44 and have a son about the same age as I was when my mom was diagnosed. I worry more about my loved ones than myself really. Here i go - convincing myslef i have cancer when it seems less that a 1% chance that i do. At least that is what i read.
Avatar m tn It maybe they are checking for TB but it maybe nothing and from pneumonia as that can leave scarring .When do you hear of results ?
Avatar m tn Does Pneumonia and Lung Cancer look the same on a CT scan?? I have looked on line at different images and they look the same to me, but I am not a doctor. COuld the CT scan have been wrong?
Avatar m tn I have all the symptoms of pneumonia. The xray came back as either pneumonia or lung cancer. Small mass found on lower left lung. Treating me for pneumonia. I will have repeat xray possible cat scan. Asking in advance. How often is this found? Can pneumonia look like lung cancer? Day two of medication and I do feel better and fever broke. I still have pains from my cough and still expereince the sweaty, hot and cold bouts but feel better despite general aches and pains.
Avatar m tn Dear dkerns9, Seizures, which it sounds like your dog actually has been having, are a disorder of episodic and inappropriate brain electrical activity. That said, the causes are numerous, thus seizures like cough should noit be looked at as a diagnosis, but rather a symptom, just as a cough can be a "cold" or lung cancer and every grade of seriousness in between.
163305 tn?1333672171 They have removed parts of his lymph nodes, inner parts of his mouth, and lung. He currently has cancer in his lung, liver, and rib bones. I have listened to his comments (I don't want to call them complaints) and noticed that his chemo treatments seem to produce symptoms that were very similar to my peg injections. (He does not know that I had hep c and treated for it.
Avatar m tn Recently I went to emergency room with pain in left lung when breathing. Assummed pneumonia since I had a vena cava filter installed after multiple PE found in 2010. Results of CT are as follows History: Chest pain, rule out pulmonary embolism Technique: Examination consist of pre-infusion scan obtained to localize the pulmonary artery. The postinfusion scan was performed injection of intravenous contrast. Post processed sagittal and coronal MIP reconstructed images were obtained.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how common it is to have CT scans done for pneumonia - or do they suspect cancer or something other than pneumonia? Thank you.
Avatar m tn My father has been having lung problems...According to the CT scan report: C.T. images reveal a mixed attenuation, heterogeneously enhancing mass measuring 8cmx9.4 cm.x8.1 cm in the posterior segment of the right upper lobe extending to the apical segment. Its borders are irregular and lobulated. It has a fairly large non-enhancing hypodense focus at its, core, likely due to necrosis. Right upper lobe pulmonary mass with obstructive pneumonia, as described above likely neoplastic.
Avatar f tn PET scans are mostly used in diagnosing cancer, especially lung cancer, colon and rectal cancer, head and neck cancers and lymphoma. However, they can also be used for heart disease, dementia and seizures.A computer constructs a three-dimensional image. Malignancies light up as "hot spots" in the image. A typical scan takes about two hours, including preparation."; Here is another link that gives you detailed information; http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn This is the report on it. Contigious images were obtained through the thorax utilizing 100 ml of isovue 370. No mediastinal or hilar mass lesions or pathologic adenopathy are demostrated . There is a solid mass lesion in the lower right lobe which extends from the region of the hilum to the pleural surface posterolaterally . There is multible other small nodular densities involving both lungs which are to small to characterize but may well repersent metastatic deposits . Conclusions : 1.
Avatar n tn The neck CT only has partial images of the lung (involving only the lung near the neck) hence a full CT would be better able to detect abnormalities as anything suspicious could be followed thorugh with contiguous plates or slices. Another explanation is that, there was only a temporary problem with your lung and it has resolved before the next CT was taken. Stay positive.
Avatar m tn last night,. i had 3-4 simultaneous stabbing pains that lasted 2-3 seconds in the sternum/heart area, VERY scary very uncomfortable. i do not know if this was GAS or if it was ACID REFLUX the docs always say either its ACID REFLUX or its "anxiety or stress" related. And yes when im full of gas, i am bloated , have a weird sensation in the body, a lil dizzy,. but once i release it, its like such a relief ! bloating goes away, i feel so good, but its hard to release it.
Avatar n tn • Additional cuts of the upper abdomen do not reveal any lesions in the liver or adrenal glands. Impression 1. Bibasal pneumonia 2. Multiple pulmonary nodules with fluid density and some with cavitation/ air within and right hilar lymphadenopathy Considerations are: a. Disseminated fungal/TB infection b. Necrotizing metastasis June 13, 2003 – Continued giving Fluconazole 200 mg IV OD and Tazolin IV was shifted to Meropenem 1 gm IV every 8 hours and Nexium was started.
468452 tn?1225968488 I have suffered from psychosomatic pain since I was 21 when all of a sudden I had this horrible headache after bashing my head that lasted months and months and month until it, or should I say I, turned it into a brain tumour. At the age of 23 I suffered severe heart problem which was going to kill me. The truth is there was no heart problem, it was chest pain and a host of other symptoms that I had experienced through stress.
Avatar m tn Shunting can also occur within the lungs on the basis of anatomical shunts or shunting of blood through lung tissue damaged by the emboli, the lymphoma and/or the chemotherapy. In that regard, it would be important to check for recurrent emboli that can often be clinically “silent.” I assume that you have no sign of liver disease as that too can be associated with hypoxemia.
524608 tn?1244421761 Mom said we will be having a buffet style dinner as there isn't enough room to seat every one at once. This will be my Grammys last Thanksgiving as she has lung cancer and emphazema. Her chemo was canceled last week as her blood O2 was below 90, in the 70's and 80's. There is nothing more that can be done for her. I am 45 years old...I don't remember a holiday without her. When I was little I would stay at her house during the summer when school was out and swim in her pool.
Avatar f tn She was totally sedated for the first 3 weeks while she had a collapsed lung, MRSA pneumonia, kidney and liver failure. She pulled through and went to pulmonary rehab. Everyone said she would be fine, but she knew different. She knew she was dying and didn't tell us becasue she didn't want us to worry. Just like a mom, huh? I miss her so much, she is my best friend. I have been strong, but today is a really bad day! I just can't believe that she is gone at 61 years old!
Avatar m tn As you can see by the hundreds of comments, the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush works extremely well for chronic bacterial infections of the upper sinuses, replacing antibiotics and surgery in most instances. For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk.
Avatar m tn Nothing seems to help. I've read that this could be Laryngopharyngeal reflux and could be treated with Medrol or Budesonide. Could this be true? This discussion is related to Excessive Thick Mucous in Throat-- HELP!!!.
192055 tn?1263559137 Also I have an endescopy on March 4th to look down my throat. Not a nice procedure but I've been terrified this is lung or throat cancer so it will be good to confirm or deny it. Good luck people.
Avatar n tn If you have lost a friend or close relative to liver failure and cirhosis, please share with me the amount of time they had in "end stage". We are trying to get some idea of what to expect....I have posted on the liver forum...but decided to ask here as well. Thank you all for your time!
Avatar f tn Average density within the lesion measures approximately 10-11 Hounsfield units which is considered borderline for a high lipid adenoma (typically 10 Hounsfield units or less) Following administration of contrast images were obtained in addition to 10 minute delayed enhanced images. There is greater than 50 percent washout which also favors a benign adenoma. No other significant findings are noted. Impression 1. 4 cm adrenal mass. Imaging characteristics favor a benign adenoma.
443434 tn?1255894833 My floaters appeared after I was given Cipro. This all started April 2006. I was given Cipro for a simple UTI, I was 36 years old.
Avatar n tn No history of any breast related cancer or any other cancer for that matter in the immediate family. A couple of days after the mammogram, I started experiencing a burning sensation on the opposite side of where the lump is as well as some burning sensation on the other breast (no lumps in the left breast). The burning sensation has not gone away and it's been about 7 days since the testing. I don't know what to think at this point.
Avatar n tn I have been stressed even more lately especially considering that I just lost my grandmother to lung cancer. She passed away August 2, 2010. I was very close to her and I feel a lot of sadness because she is gone. I often wonder if that sadness has intensified my pain. I feel crazy because I think I am causing my own pain a lot of the times. I hope it is nothing serious. I am my own worse enemy because I cause my own illness. I can't help but to stress about the pain because it is painful.
181575 tn?1250202386 3d. Finally, patients who require cancer chemotherapy or treatment with an anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha agent and who have detectable HBsAg, whether they are inactive carriers or have chronic hepatitis B that has not been treated, should receive an oral antiviral agent as prophylaxis against reactivation of HBV infection.
Avatar n tn They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away. Usually not for more than a couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn The theory was that the hyoid bone never fused together into a solid bone and a cough or sneeze or yawn or laugh or any sudden pressure in my throad caused a part that was not attached to the rest of the bone to "pop" out. My doctor was just amazed at my x-rays showing that my hyoid did not move in unison. In fact, the radiologist that was doing the x-rays started saying, "oh my God!" "I've never seen anything like that before." "That is so strange.