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Avatar n tn The bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae (M pneumoniae) can cause throat infections and lung infections such as pneumonia. Many people develop wheezing and coughing with these fairly common respiratory infections. M pneumoniae is contagious when it causes these infections. It can spread quickly through a family or other closely-knit group. In most cases, treatment with an antibiotic will keep the infection from spreading.
Avatar n tn Generally healthy people do not fall ill to pneumonia. Many viruses and bacteria can cause infectious pneumonia. When certain germs cause pneumonia, it can be very contagious. An example of this is when it is caused by the bacteria streptococcus pneumonia. This is often seen as an outbreak in young healthy military recruits living in the same barracks. Pneumonia caused by a fungus or an opportunistic infection, which effects people with AIDS, it is not contagious.
Avatar n tn I need to know who has heard of abscedeus pneumonia and what it is??
Avatar n tn The first step should be a lung biopsy to establish the cause of your pneumonia. Churg-Strauss has been described as occurring with ulcerative colitis (UC). The pneumonia could be: • allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) related to your asthma; • a non-infectious pneumonia, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis; or • a reflection of collagen-vascular disease. There is said to be an association between UC and asthma.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia is inflammation of the lung. Most commonly it is due to an infection. This inflammation or irritation may lead to a cough that persists for 6 to 8 weeks after the actual infection clears. Pneumonia may begin with a fever. Other symptoms may include chills, headache, a dry cough, a general feeling of discomfort and body aches. Preventative measures include frequent hand washing or the use of alcohol-based hand rubs.
1232362 tn?1333135406 My cats have upper respiratory infections (being spread amongst themselves by violent sneezing despite my best efforts) and I'm wondering if I can pick this up from them. I have asthma and am prone to these infections myself and have had both walking and regular pneumonia a few times. I'm taking all the regular precautions: washing my hands, etc.
Avatar n tn My father is 80 year old with lung cancer in left lung. The cancer is still there but has not grown any larger thank god. Last month he had a cat scan of lungs and found he had emphysema in right lung. Doctor put him on o2 and albuturol. For three weeks he was very week coughing a lot and not breathing very well. He went back to doctor and he thought that cancer had started to grow again and had moved to right lung and bronchial tube. So he sent him for another cat scan.
7900821 tn?1395192104 Lung cancer can predispose one to pneumonia but in that case the pneumonia would recur in the same place in your lung each time. In addition it is quite unlikely that the radiologist would mistake lung cancer for pneumonia. That still leaves the question of why you should have recurrent pneumonia, unanswered and that is a question that will require further investigation.
Avatar f tn During the chest scan, they later noticed a couple spots on his lung, small. He is 49 overweight by 40 lbs and has close family history of lung cancer. His dad and his grandpa were both gone in 2 months after being diagnosed. He is a non smoker but tobacco chewer (recently quit) He had pneumonia as a very young child and worked as an auto body man for 20 years. No protection. Could the spots be something other than cancer and if so what.
Avatar m tn ” If localized to the same area of your lung as was the pneumonia, it might, in reality, not be fibrosis. If the description of “mild fibrosis” refers instead to shadows consistent with fibrosis, throughout both lungs, that is another matter; one that might eventually require a CT Scan to further delineate what it is that these “fibrosis” markings represent.
Avatar n tn There is decreased lung volume. There is questionable increased opacity within the right lung base is residual atelectasis and/or early infiltrate cnnot be totally excluded. Correlate clinically. Costophrenic angles are sharp. The rest of the soft tissue and bony structures are unremarkable. Impression: Decreased lung volume. Increase opacity within the posterior segment right lower lobe possibility of pneumonia could be possible.
Avatar n tn Took Buddy to a different vet. Turns out it's not pneumonia. He has lung cancer.
Avatar n tn my father just got over a severe case of pneumonia and they also found that he has emphysema (which I know can't be cured) he is on a ventilator now and they say he has severe lung damage.
Avatar n tn // Here's another article to consider in your care.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia is inflammation of the lung. This is most commonly due to an infection. Usually there is coughing, fever, and discolored sputum. Some children may continue with their usual activity level without their parents being aware that they have pneumonia. It is possible to have pneumonia without having any severe symptoms. Generally this happens in the early stages. This is called walking pneumonia. It is best diagnosed by chest x-ray in addition to a thorough examination.
178345 tn?1242536246 But in November I developed a cold which turned out to be pneumonia well i was on the antibiotics for 14 days..In December I went to the Dr and again I had pneumonia in the other lung. Again I was placed on 2 antibiotic treatments..My Docotor didnt like that I developed it 2 different times and is having me see a pulmonologist. Well I am concerned and was wondering if this could be from being weakend after so long?
Avatar n tn Pneumonia is inflammation of the lung. This is most commonly due to an infection. Usually there is fever and discolored sputum. Some people may continue with their routine activities without being aware that they have pneumonia. It is possible to have pneumonia without having any symptoms. Generally this happens in the early stages. This is called walking pneumonia. It is best diagnosed by chest x-ray in addition to a thorough examination. Please read our Pneumonia MedFact at http://www.
Avatar m tn Can pneumonia mask a lung tumour on xray? Can radiologists 'see' through the pneumonia on a chest xray, if there's a tumour underneath? Can radiologists differentiate between pneumonia and a lung lesion by a simple chest xray?
Avatar m tn In Feb 2008 I went to the ER with major chest pain and shortness of breath. The CXR showed nothing, so the ordered a CT scan. The Doctor then said I had Pneumonia. I was just diagnosed with Pneumonia for a second time and It's in the same lung. Could the CT scan have been wrong? Does Pneumonia and Lung Cancer look the same on a CT scan?? I have looked on line at different images and they look the same to me, but I am not a doctor. COuld the CT scan have been wrong?
Avatar n tn i have a 9mos old son and he was hospitalized and we found out that he has a pneumonia,hes been in the hospital for 5 days and i thought that hes going to be okay,but his so worried about him coz he has taken a lot of antibiotics at his very young age,at has been a week since we got off the hospital and still he suffers with his cough,i dont even know what to do now..
Avatar n tn I just have bronchitis, even though the hospital took a chest x-ray that showed pneumonia infecting my left lung. The doctor told me to get off my pneumonia medications & gave me a bronchitis medication. After that was over my cough was still bad & I still had all the same symptoms as before, so he gave me a cough syrup, which still isn't working.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with pneumonia in the left lung. When they took a chest x-ray they found a nodule in my right lung. Could this be from the pneumonia? I am very nervous because I have know idea what this is. My doctor said he doesn't believe it is anything maybe calcium but I am still nervous. Could you please tell me anything you know about this? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I had pneumonia in my right lung for 3 months, 2 rounds of antibiotics. Now I have it in my left lung. Why? I am scared. Should I be hospitialized with stronger antibiotics?
Avatar m tn All I can suggest is it indicates further testing is needed to determine what the opacity is. I know lung nodules which can be seen with a CT scan, don't think an X-ray can do the job, that are stable over a period of time, two scans, are nothing to worry about, but if active by growth in size or number suggests a needle biopsy is needed to determine if the nodules are malignant. A cluster of nodules may show up as an opacity in an X-ray, just a guess.
Avatar m tn First, are your doctors certain that what was called pneumonia, was really pneumonia, and did they ever determine a cause of the pneumonia? If the pneumonia recurred each time in the same portion of lung that would suggest that you might have an obstruction (benign or malignant) of the bronchus (airway) that serves that portion of lung. A key question is, has the first nodule, discovered in January 2007 shown any change in physical characteristics, or has it been stable?
Avatar m tn I have all the symptoms of pneumonia. The xray came back as either pneumonia or lung cancer. Small mass found on lower left lung. Treating me for pneumonia. I will have repeat xray possible cat scan. Asking in advance. How often is this found? Can pneumonia look like lung cancer? Day two of medication and I do feel better and fever broke. I still have pains from my cough and still expereince the sweaty, hot and cold bouts but feel better despite general aches and pains.
5601163 tn?1370701672 Could be residual changes from the pneumonia -- many times the xray takes longer to completely resolve than the symptoms, even after a course of antibiotics. Sometimes, pneumonia develops in response to mild airway blockage from a mass or tumor, so if they saw something (even small or subtle), they probably just want a CT to make sure it's not something like that.
Avatar f tn Hi all new to all this. I went to a+e few weeks back with suspected blood clot on lung. Had ECG, blood work and chest xray. ECG and bloods were OK but chest xray showed up something. Returned following day and had ct scan done. Was diagnosed with pneumonia and have to return in 6 weeks for repeat chest xray to make sure pneumonia has cleared. But I'm freaking out could it be lung cancer and would they no the difference between pneumonia and lung cancer? Please help.
Avatar n tn She is maxed out on drugs. She also has RSV,walking pneumonia, and strip pneumonia in her nose. Which the are treating with a combination of two antibiotics. She was just released from the hospital tonight. Her PFT's show severely obstucted. How do you know when it is the right time to washout the lungs? She had a broncoscopy done two years ago and they washed them out then. Why do the lungs have to be washed out and does the GERD have anything to do with it?