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Avatar n tn There is decreased lung volume. There is questionable increased opacity within the right lung base is residual atelectasis and/or early infiltrate cnnot be totally excluded. Correlate clinically. Costophrenic angles are sharp. The rest of the soft tissue and bony structures are unremarkable. Impression: Decreased lung volume. Increase opacity within the posterior segment right lower lobe possibility of pneumonia could be possible.
Avatar m tn All I can suggest is it indicates further testing is needed to determine what the opacity is. I know lung nodules which can be seen with a CT scan, don't think an X-ray can do the job, that are stable over a period of time, two scans, are nothing to worry about, but if active by growth in size or number suggests a needle biopsy is needed to determine if the nodules are malignant. A cluster of nodules may show up as an opacity in an X-ray, just a guess.
5601163 tn?1370705272 Could be residual changes from the pneumonia -- many times the xray takes longer to completely resolve than the symptoms, even after a course of antibiotics. Sometimes, pneumonia develops in response to mild airway blockage from a mass or tumor, so if they saw something (even small or subtle), they probably just want a CT to make sure it's not something like that.
Avatar f tn Greetings! In my recent Xray results, it states: Faint Opacity, Left Upper Lung Field. Suggest Lordotic View. What does it mean. Is this dangerous?
Avatar n tn My Scan report said the following "right lung midzone homogeneous parenchymal opacity". Is it a symptom for Tuber clousis or some other disorder.
Avatar n tn Hi, the opacity as it is in the apical portion of the lung, its likely to be due to tuberculosis, hence the apicolordotic view, means the ordinary X rays cannot visualize this area of the lung, so this is a special view from top. This could also be fibrous tissue from an old lesion. Also, the PPD could be positive due to an old infection.
4717778 tn?1358391709 A solitary or single nodule in lung area (sub-pleural) can be carcinoid syndrome, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, hematoma, hamartomas, chondromas, pneumonia, lymphoma or cancer. A well defined opacity in lung can be due to pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, a benign lung nodule, or due to an infarct. Less well defined or diffuse opacities are usually multiple in nature and often due to inflammation, tuberculosis (military type), asbestosis, silicosis, auto-immune diseases etc.
Avatar f tn Hello, My husband has just got over Bronchical Pneumonia but after the Pneumonia he had a chest Xray and it showed what the doctor called an Ill-shaped 1.5 cm opacity in the right lower lung. He is 46 and never smoked in his life. He has now been booked in for a CT scan but I am worried sick. The doctor did mention that he was quite sure this opacity wasn't there when he did a Chest X-Ray when he found the Pneumonia. Do you think it could just be a build up of mucus?
Avatar n tn may suggest a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis or a lung mass, depending on the characteristics of the opacity. An apicolordotic view was requested to verify if that opacity is really there or just an artifact when the original chest x-ray was taken.
Avatar f tn saying it was viral and it would take 4-6 weeks or longer .. The original X-ray said.. I likely had Pneumonia bc of the right middle lobe opacity ..It also stated that I had a retrotracial opacity which was seen on the lateral view. My Dr said he spoke with a mother radiologist who said that I had that opacity a couple years ago and there has been no change in size .. etc. Anyway.. My energy is almost back .. but I if I run up the step.. my heart beat goes up .. I have always been fit..
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? The opacity found in your chest x-ray result may be caused by previous infection such as your pneumonia last June. If you are experiencing pulmonary symptoms at present, have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. It is best that you discuss the results of your chest x-ray also with your attending physician. Factors such as your medical history, symptoms and physical examination results are also important considerations. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Usually a hazy undefined opacity in a setting of recurrent cough and cold is due to anemia and prolonged sickness can cause weight loss due to poor appetite. However, in a setting of weight loss, anemia, recurrent illness, a lung opacity that does not resolve needs to be further investigated. It could be treatment resistance as develops in certain types of pneumonia or tuberculosis, but it can also be cancer (especially since you were a smoker until recently).
Avatar n tn Worsening of shortness of breath, with no typical infiltrate on x-ray and no fever does not sound like pneumonia. A “nodular density” is usually not considered to be a sign of acute pneumonia. The worsening shortness of breath, without an obvious explanation for it is worrisome. Despite the negative scan, again raises the question of blood clots to the lung, also called pulmonary emboli, which can occur without any sign of clot formation in the deep veins of the legs.
Avatar m tn A well defined opacity in lung can be due to pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, a benign lung nodule, or due to an infarct. Less well defined or diffuse opacities can be due to inflammation, tuberculosis (military type), asbestosis, silicosis, auto-immune diseases etc. Usually most lung nodules that are not calcified are benign if they are less than 10 mm in size.
Avatar f tn 6cm nodule on left lung, 7cm nodule on right lung and lesions on both lungs. I did have a severe asthma attack which I haven't had for 27 years. I'm 48 years old today and otherwise seem to be in good health???? my doctor wants me to get another chest x-ray in 4 weeks to see if the lesions are healing. does this sound right? and could someone please explain to me what nodules and lesions are and what causes them? I did smoke for 30 years and had just quit 2 months ago.
Avatar f tn A focal nodular opacity is seen at the left lung base adjacent to the descending aorta. cardiomediastinal silhouette is nml. 1. Bibasilar opacities, atelectasis versus early consolidation. 2. Focal nodular opacity at the left lung base, possibly due to atelectasis or confluence of vessels, 06/18/2010-PFT=Abnormal- FVC;2.43, FEV1=1.92, RATIO=76%, tlc=70%, dlco=80%. There is mild restrictive ventilatory defect with normal DLCO. ABG's= pH7.46H, o2 sat=99.1H, COHB%=1.
940391 tn?1255758976 Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign. I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........
Avatar n tn The diagnosis of a lung nodule depends on the symptoms you have, the size of the nodule, number of nodules and their shape and borders. A well defined solid opacity in lung can be due to pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, a benign lung nodule, or due to an infarct. Less well defined or diffuse opacities are usually multiple in nature and often due to inflammation, tuberculosis (military type with multiple lesions), asbestosis, silicosis, auto-immune diseases etc.
670271 tn?1225774348 Minimal FIBROTIC OPACITY in inferior lingular segment of left lung. Bilateral minimal pleural thickening along posterior aspect. SERUM REPORT SERUM IgG 965 (Reference Range 751-1560), SERUM IgA 170 (Reference Range 82-453) SERUM IgM 72 (Reference Range 46-304), SERUM IgE 126 (Reference Range 0-100) Anti TB IgA POSITIVE (Reference Range – Negative), Anti TB IgM Doubtful Weak (Reference Range – Negative) I need expert opinion as what shall I do now?
Avatar n tn So how typical is it for a 43 yr old, male, non smoker, eats well, isn’t overweight, doesn’t drink, to develop cancer in the lung? Can a lesion that may be caused by pneumonia get bigger over time with recurring chest colds, bronchitis? Due to my long use of steroids I have a lower immune system and as such get more frequent chest colds etc.If I had a lesion from pneumonia in 02, and I had a flare up of bronchitis/pneumonia in June, could it have scarred the same place again?
Avatar n tn I have checked my Lungs X-Ray and the doctor has given me these results. Calcific plague like opacity is seen in mid zone and lower zone, blunting of left costophrenic angle is seen with lamellar opacity and the left lateral cheat wall. The Impression" left pleural effusion/thickening with calcified left pleural plagues. Can you suggest me anything by just reading the above ??
Avatar m tn I am 38 years old female non smoker. I live with a smoker though. Hospital told me either lung cancer or pneumonia. Treating me for pneumonia. Next xray is scheduled for next friday. I am on the five day antibotic treatment, I have one more pill to take. The Er also gave me a shot of something in my bottom, they said it was a strong antiboditic. Since Wednesday mid day, I have not had a fever. My blood counts show a slight elevation but not real high or anything to cause alarm.
Avatar f tn Seeking direction for my father, as care is fragmented between physicians. Lung/liver lesions of particular concern. 65 YO caucasian male- 71” w/ shortness of breath and extreme fatigue - constant, consistent (not dependent on exertion), worsening with time (onset: winter ‘10) 12/09 – Failed stress test. Stent placed for blocked LAD. Gallbladder removed 1/11 –chest x-ray: Interstitial prominence at the lung bases, nonspecific, likely representing a degree of pulmonary fibrosis.
Avatar n tn Bone windows demonstrate no significant abnormalities. IMPRESSION Right middle lobe pneumonia with nonspecific 10x6mm nodular opacity in the left lower lobe..follow-up recommended o assess for resolution. Do you think this nodule could be cancer or infection from pneumonia...I have just completed z-pack 250 mg...I am really scared.
Avatar n tn A subsequent CT (on 23rd July) showed a small focal infiltrate (homogeneous opacity) in the left lung. It was not a mass. All meds were stopped. A bronchoscopy with bronchial washing and lavage was non diagnostic of any kind of abnormality, including bacteria or malignancy. A subsequent CT after 3 weeks showed the infiltrate moving a little down the lobe, and clearing on the initial position. The blood was less in the sputum, however it was periodical.
4952266 tn?1361473530 I have been having chest pains for 3 weeks. Started out of the blue. I have not been sick or even feel sick. I just have chest and moderate back pain under my right shoulder blade. I have seen 5 doctors.
Avatar m tn There was a 4 mm nodular opacity in the right lower lung. A ct scan of 10/06 showed linear scarring in both lungs but no mention of nodules. A chest xray in 4/2007 showed a round density in the right perihilar region. I became ill in November of this year with shortness of breath and a chest xray revealed 2 x 1 cm nodule right middle lobe/ patchy consolidation both lower lobes and perihilar nodule right lower lobe.
182884 tn?1259316506 Hi, I am a 62 year old female, who quit smoking in 1979, hospitalized for over a month with aspiration pneumonia. Had acute bronchitis for many years, another episode pneumonia three years after this one. I recently started a new job and for three months was constantly sick with fever, productive cough and general illness.
Avatar n tn Hi, The presence of blood in the sputum may be attributed to a variety of conditions, diseases, and medical tests such as infection, blood clot in the lung, pulmonary aspiration, bronchitis, vasculitis, injury to the arteries of the lungs, irritation of the throat from violent coughing, bronchoscopy, malignancy, pneumonia or tuberculosis.